The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: 013: Saka’s death


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Master Zhan looked at Zhan Lichuan expectantly, hoping to see a spark of hope in his eyes.


There wasn’t any.

“Lichuan, what grandfather said is true. When I found out about Saka, I immediately sent someone to River Delta and sought her help. If she agrees, I’m sure you’ll recover in no time.”

Zhan Lichuan did not say anything. Although it looked like he wasn’t doing anything, the screen that was diagonally placed above him lit up as if it were commanded by something, and numbers filled the screen.

The numbers rapidly moved across the screen. Then, the huge LED screen placed in front of the bed turned on.

Zhan Lichuan finally said, “This was the biggest piece of news this evening.”

The screen displayed a beautiful scene of the beach. On the cliff next to it, there was a villa that was made up of some kind of special material.

The transparent villa hung at the edge of the cliff, where the waves hit it from below. It looked extremely dangerous, but any expert would know that the material used to make the villa was so strong that even a bomb couldn’t break it apart.

However, this building that was as strong as a metal box was now in ruins. There was only one small part left hanging on the cliff. As for the rest, including the cliff next to it, it had been completely destroyed.

There were countless helicopters and rescue boats searching on the sea. A reporter was reporting about the news on one of the helicopters.

“At 4 AM, a major explosion occurred on S island, located on 62.2° north latitude, 152.9° west longitude. There was only one villa found on the island, and the centre of the explosion was also at this same villa.

“From what we know now, this villa was one of the properties that belonged to the mysterious Master of the Tang Sect, Saka. Before this, one of our reporters confirmed with Saka’s sister, Miss Dong Yuetong, that when the explosion happened, Master Saka was at this exact villa. This seems to have been a deliberate murder, and the police force of Country M has intervened to investigate this matter.”

Master Zhan stared at the news that was being broadcasted on the screen. He couldn’t believe that the hope that had just been ignited in him was now broken into pieces.

“Master Saka was a legend. Her short but stunning life had been controversial. She was the 177th descendant of the Tang Sect, which was originally an ancient medical clan that came from Country Z. As their descendant, Saka had the skills to bring a dead man back to life and was a genius in both medicine and poison. She owned countless hospitals, biotechnology companies, real estate, gambling, and jewelry industries. Her net worth was immeasurable.

“However, Saka was a peculiar person. Although she was an expert in the medical field, there were many times where she refused to save the ones in need. It was a common occurrence for her to ask for a fortune in order for her help, and she lacked medical ethics. Hence, she offended a lot of people in her past. Regarding this explosion, her sister, Miss Dong, suspects that this was done by someone whom Saka must have offended and is now seeking revenge. Further investigation is needed, however, to find out who is behind this murder.

“Saka’s name came from the word Manjusaka, also known as Lycoris. It’s said that this flower means the calling from hell, the guide of the dead. Perhaps Saka saw this coming when she named herself after the flower?

“Saka was the Master of the Tang Sect, so will her death cause an uproar in the Tang Sect? Are there any other descendants of the Tang Sect after her? We have interviewed Miss Dong Yuetong, the younger sister of Saka, regarding this matter.”

The scene switched to a beautiful woman who had an alluring figure. Her eyes were swollen, and her face was filled with grief and anger.

As she looked into the camera, she spoke in a firm voice.

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