The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: 020: Hands in gloves

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Qin Yi’s heart shook when he heard the chilling tone from the other end of the phone—it was so cold and she’d even started swearing at him. He immediately blurted out, “Two million! I only borrowed two million yuan! It definitely wasn’t fifty million. Qianqian, this happened only two months ago. How could you forget? Did something happen to you?”

Qin Yi had no idea what had happened to her and was worried that she might be recording the call, so he decided to lie about the amount.

“Although I fell from the stairs today and lost my memory, I’m pretty sure you borrowed more than two million. How much was it? I’m giving you one last chance.”

So, she had lost her memory…

Qin Yi and the woman beside him looked at each other. Both of them instantly relaxed and let out a sigh of relief.

Qin Yi immediately comforted her. “Are you okay? Why did you fall down the stairs? Are you injured? How bad was it? How many memories did you lose? Are you feeling better now? Which memories have you lost? Will they come back?”

“Stop changing the topic. I’m asking you one more time, how much money did you borrow from me?”

“It’s true! I only borrowed two million yuan! If you don’t believe me, you can ask Xiao Lu. When you were giving me the money, Xiao Lu was there as well. Why don’t you ask her? If…. If you remember me, you should remember Xiao Lu as well, right?”

“I do.”

Wasn’t she that fake, white lotus** sister of hers?

The previous owner had given her everything she wanted since she was young. Therefore, that sister of hers assumed that everything belonging to the previous owner was also hers.

From this, she could assume that the previous owner’s sister liked Qin Yi as well. Even if she didn’t, she would take him as if Qin Yi belonged to her as well.

The woman next to Qin Yi at the moment was likely Xiao Lu.

As she thought about it, Jing Qian raised her brows in interest and decided that tonight…… nevermind. She’d help the previous owner confirm her assumptions tomorrow.

From the moment she made the decision, her head started hurting and an inexplicable consciousness suddenly resented the decision.

As she vigorously massaged her temples, Jing Qian was even more convinced that she has to get it done tomorrow morning!

The shooting pain was then washed away by her overruling thought.

Jing Qian, who was a little unhappy from the earlier pain, continued speaking in a calm tone, but this time with her unique, amorous drawl.

“But what she says doesn’t count.”

“Why not?” Qin Yi unconsciously asked.

“The two of you are a hand in gloves. If she’s your witness, what’s the difference between that and getting a dog to be your witness?”

Qin Yi was shocked, but the woman next to him was even more so.

He saw the face of the woman in front of him turn from frightened, helpless, and enraged to immensely sad. It even got to the point that she was covering her chest with her hands while panting. Her lips had turned pale and she looked incredibly pitiful. Qin Yi couldn’t help but ask, “Qianqian, what’s wrong with you? You’re acting really strange tonight. Did you lose your memory from a car accident, or have you somehow misunderstood things between me and Xiao Lu?”

The other party replied in a kind, soft voice, “Why? Is there anything going on between the two of you that could cause unnecessary misunderstanding?”

Both Qin Yi and the woman’s scalps turned numb. Qin Yi angrily denied her words, “Of course not! I, Qin Yi, only have you, Jing Qian, as my girlfriend. Even though you’re a part of the Zhan family now, I’m still upholding the promise between us.”

“What promise? Which line?”

** TL note: White lotus b*tch — another interesting term to describe certain traits of a woman who usually pretends to be innocent and weak when they are actually not.

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