The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: 023: There’s something wrong with the room

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As Butler Xu left, Jiang Qian looked at the floor, where a total of 12 rats had been separated into three cages.

She took them to the balcony and placed them in three different spots.

As she walked back to her room, she took out dozens of perfumes, essential oils, and alcohol from the cupboard. Then, she went back to the table and started working on the things that she had harvested from the garden.

After a while, she looked through her silk nightgown and took out a bottle that was filled with water. Then, she poured everything into the small bottle and added a few droplets of the perfume that she liked into it.

About an hour later, there were 15 bottles on the table, all of which had a wonderful yet unique fragrance. Jing Qian happily shook the fluid that was in the bottle, placing one of them inside her bag. Then, she took the remaining ones and placed them back into the cupboard.

After taking a shower, it was already one in the morning by the time Jing Qian went to bed.

However, she didn’t go to sleep right away. Instead, she sat cross-legged with both hands on her thigh, closing her eyes and keeping her back straight.

This was a habit that she had kept for several years, always meditating for two hours before going to bed.

When Jing Qian tried using the familiar method to circulate her inner Qi, however, she was forced to suddenly open her eyes.

Sh*t! There was no Qi! She did not have any inner Qi!!!

Jing Qian was devastated.

Still, even though she no longer had any inner Qi, most of the skills she had remained with her even after the rebirth. Plus, she no longer suffered from depression. As she thought about this, she immediately felt much better.

Well, she could still start all over again.

As she convinced herself that her situation wasn’t too bad, she closed her eyes once again and tried to guide Qi from the environment into her body.

Just as she was about to introduce it into her body, she felt that there was a layer blocking it from the inside of her body.

Even her meridians were not connected!

If the meridians weren’t connected, it was a waste of time to meditate.

She gave up and immediately fell asleep after lying down for less than a minute.

After a while, the person who was fast asleep on the bed suddenly opened her eyes.

Those seductive, blossom eyes now had a vigorous look in them.

She flipped around and looked at the control board next to her bed.

It was currently three thirty in the morning and the temperature was 24°.

Before going to bed, she clearly remembered that the indoor temperature had been 26°.

An enchanting smile appeared across her beautiful face as she realized what was going on.

Although she knew that under these conditions, the other person would temporarily be unconscious, she still decided to take a bottle out of the cupboard, open it, and place it by the connecting door, allowing it to slowly diffuse into the other room.

Then, after a while, she opened the connecting doors between their rooms.

There were video cameras inside Zhan Lichuan’s room but there were technically useless.

She didn’t even need a laptop. She took out her phone, swiped across it and the image where she was supposed to be was no longer there on the screen.

She walked towards Zhan Lichuan’s bed and looked at him. Even though he was now a quadriplegic, he still looked very attractive, his appearance one of the best that she had ever seen. At this moment, Zhan Lichuan was unconscious, droplets of sweat forming on his forehead.

The discomfort in his body was still affecting him, even when he wasn’t conscious.

Jing Qian walked towards the door where the bedroom and the balcony intersected, shutting it close before returning back to Zhan Lichuan.

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