The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 824 - Signature

Chapter 824 824: Signature

Cheng Shuyu felt her mind spin. Her entire world was spinning.

At this moment, she finally understood why the Di family hadn’t come after her.

For mightly people like them, it was a total waste of time trying to torture her.

They would definitely come for revenge, but they wouldn’t do it through screaming and fighting, like what she has been doing. They only had to give commands, and they would be able to easily ruin her daughter’s life.

Jing Lu did not have any energy left. She was in pain and exhausted as she crawled to the table.

“Xiao Lu, how are you?! Are you hurt?”

Jing Lu was reminded of the terrible life that she was living and started crying, completely ignoring Cheng Shuyu.

Bai Tu must have been satisfied, which was why he left Jing Lu in the living room and went up to his room.

He didn’t even set a limit as to how long they were allowed to talk.

“Ma’am Bai, Xiao Lu is my daughter after all. There are things that we would like to speak about privately. Could you please leave us alone?”

Ma’am Bai was cooperative as she said, “Isn’t there an empty room over there? Help yourself.”

Cheng Shuyu held onto Jing Lu as they walked into the other room. She was about to open her mouth when Jing Lu glared at her, warning her about something.

Cheng Shuyu immediately understood what she meant and checked the entire room for any security cameras.

It was an empty room. There was only a table and a queen-size bed inside the room. After making sure that there wasn’t anything recording inside the room, Jing Lu was the one who spoke first.

“Mum! You have to save me! Bai Tu is a pervert! I will end up dead in his arms. Huhuhuhu…..” Jing Lu started crying before she could finish her sentence.

“I will! Don’t worry. I will get you out of here. He mentioned that the pills that you are taking are extremely rare and we can’t find them here in Country Z. Do you know what you’re taking? You have to let me know so that your sister can help us find it.”

When Jing Lu heard about Di Anran, there was hatred and rage in her eyes, but since they still needed her for help, she decided to control her anger.

“I don’t know. Just get her to look for footage at a bar called U2 that I went to with Bai Tu that night, or you can try looking for Zhang Jingye. He might only be a gangster, but he would still know what I took.”

Cheng Shuyu quickly nodded her head and said, “Sure! I will immediately ask your sister for help. Don’t worry, Xiao Lu. Your sister is extremely powerful, and she is your biological sister. She will definitely help you with this.”

Seeing how Jing Lu remained quiet after that, Cheng Shuyu assumed that she was just exhausted. She had no idea that Jing Lu hated Di Anran, so she decided to get to the main topic.

“Xiao Lu, I went to the registration department earlier to get these forms. You only need to sign here and let me take a video of you so that your sister would be able to develop it.”

Jing Lu listened to Cheng Shuyu who was immersed in her imagination of how they would be developing the land after passing it to Di Anran. She said that with just the both of them, they would only be able to sell it, and the most that they would get was a couple million. They would still have to give a huge part of it to the loan sharks.

Since it was harder for them to trick Jingian now, they wouldn’t be able to maximize this land by themselves. The only thing that they could do now was to pass it to Di Anran so that she could develop this piece of land. Once the houses were built, the land’s worth would double and so would the houses. They would be earning buckets then.

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