The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 906 - Don't Destroy Me

Chapter 906: 906: Don’t Destroy Me

Di Anran started laughing out of rage and asked, “You want me to ask the king of Country B to kill a small family in Country Z? If this gets out, the relationship between Country B and Country Z would be affected. Who is Jing Lu to them? Why would Country B take the risk to fight Country Z in order to avenge someone that they don’t even know? Please stop doing and saying such things! Use your brains before speaking, or you will end up destroying me as well!”

Cheng Shuyu was stunned.

“Didn’t… Didn’t you promise me that you would avenge your sister?”

“I did promise you, but why should I kill them? Do you not think before you talk? Although Jing Lu is dead, you didn’t get any evidence that the Bai family was the one who put her in that position. Even if I wanted to avenge her, the only thing that I could do is expose them in your name. This would totally sabotage their reputation. They are a small family in the Imperial City and only stand strong because of the Di family. Once the Bai family’s name gets ruined, the Di family will be affected as well.”

When she thought of what the Di family had done to her, Di Anran smiled.

“No! You can’t do that!” Cheng Shuyu quickly stopped her.

“Why not?”

“Because… I was there when Jing Lu died. She didn’t want to give her signature for the documents and I threatened her when she had an attack. Then… She suddenly had a heart attack and died.”

Di Anran was speechless.

How was it that Jinqian had such a smart woman as her mother? She had a great father but her mother was so stupid.


This woman wanted to follow her to Country B?


When everything was over, she wouldn’t need this woman anymore.

“Since you were the one who pushed her to her death, we won’t be able to fight the Bai family then. I’m sure they have a recording of you killing your own daughter.”

Cheng Shuyu felt devastated when she heard that even Di Anran wasn’t able to avenge Jing Lu for her.

She suddenly thought of how Jing Lu had always been the one who was by her side. She was always like a gentle lamb and slowly grew into a beautiful flower. She loved Jing Lu the most.

However, Jing Lu died in such a terrible manner and she had no way of avenging her own daughter.

When Di Anran heard Cheng Shuyu crying, Di Anran softened her tone and said, “Alright, mother. Stop crying. You still have me, right? I know that Jing Lu has been by your side all along and you are much closer to her, but she’s been very dumb. She had been testing Jinqian’s boundaries on multiple occasions. Even if she didn’t die now, she would have died of other causes. When she became enemies with Jinqian, her end had already been set. Who can you blame for Jinqian being the young miss of the Di family? Could you blame her for being lucky?”

“Huhuhu! No matter what, I was the one who raised her for the past 20 years. Without me, she would have died.”

“That’s enough!” Di Anran didn’t like what she was hearing. “Even if you didn’t raise her, she would have grown up in an orphanage and she would eventually have become an actor as well. Di Yunxiao would definitely have noticed her, and this is something that would definitely have happened. Father swapped the two of us and this is enough to piss off every single one of them. Plus, you have been nothing but mean towards Jinqian. Why should they have mercy on Jing Lu? Forget about Jing Lu, just stay with me. Wouldn’t that be better?”

After hearing what Di Anran said, she finally felt comforted.

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