The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 910 - Is Jing Lu Dead?

Chapter 910: 910: Is Jing Lu Dead?

The only possible explanation for it was that the Bai family worked for the Zhan family.

This would all make sense.

The Bai family worked for the Zhan family. Jinqian wanted revenge, so she got Bai Tu to get close to Jing Lu.

Therefore, Bai Tu was able to send him here without their consent.

He has thought it through. Perhaps his condition was considered better, since Jing Lu’s condition might be worse than his own.

She was married to Bai Tu, so she was closest to Bai Tu.

This was why he was excited to see Cheng Shuyu.

If Cheng Shuyu came with Jing Lu, he wouldn’t expect the both of them to save him, but now that it was only Cheng Shuyu…

“Jing Lu… She is dead?”

Cheng Shuyu was initially looking at Jing Xuean with eyes filled with guilt, but after hearing what he said, Cheng Shuyu widened her eyes in shock.


“How… did you know?” Cheng Shuyu asked.

As expected.

There was a cold look in his eyes.

Jing Lu was the daughter that he loved more than anyone else. For her, he had been torturing the poor girl who was brought into their family.

Yet, what did Jing Lu do in return?

He protected her and disowned his son. He gave her the best when they had nothing, but she worked with her mother and husband when they decided to send him into this horrible, bloodsucking, torturous hell.


She deserved to be dead.

“When Bai Tu sent me here without discussing it with the both of you, I had already guessed what happened to her. If Bai Tu really loved her, why would he send her father here? Bai Tu doesn’t respect Jing Lu. He is destroying her. The two of you desperately wanted to be a part of a rich family, which is why you never realized what was happening.”

Jing Xue had a stroke previously and now had trouble speaking, which was why he took a long time to finish speaking.

Di Anran’s assistant was getting impatient as she reminded Cheng Shuyu, “Hurry up. Don’t waste my time.”

Jing Xuean thought that she was a staff member working at the centre, since she was also wearing a gas mask.

He had no expectations for Cheng Shuyu and Jing Lu. He even thought that Jing Lu deserved to be punished and tortured.

He was a useless man now. As he lay in this bed, he was thoroughly tortured, which made it impossible for him to recover, since he couldn’t even feel half of his body.

“Get me out of here. Jing Lu is dead now and your dreams of marrying into a rich family are over. Our son might not be the brightest, but he is still a filial one. With his connections to Jinqian, the company will still be running. Jinqian hates you, so you have to bring me out of here so that I can help you run the company. Once I stabilize the company, you will be able to run it on your own.”

After hearing what Jing Xuean said, Cheng Shuyu did not answer him.

Instead, she took out a document from her bag and said to him, “Xuean, I am terribly sorry. I am heartbroken as well to see you in this state. You’re right. Bai Tu did not love Xiao Lu. The only reason they got married was because he wanted to torture her, but Bai Tu doesn’t work for Zhan Lichuan. He works for the Di family, the richest family in the Imperial City.”

As Jing Xuean was looking confused, Cheng Shuyu continued, “I have never told you this, but 20 years ago, I had a daughter with my ex- husband. When my daughter was born, he swapped our child with Jinqian. In other words, Jinqian is the young miss of the Di family.”

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