The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

Chapter 2387 - 2387 Go on, Do As You Wish (4)

Chapter 2387 - 2387 Go on, Do As You Wish (4)

2387 Go on, Do As You Wish (4)

Due to various wrong judgments, Vermilion Bird and the others had missed the best opportunity to save Shen Yanxiao. By accident, Shen Yanxiao had caused a lot of trouble for herself.

Right now, Shen Yanxiao could only resolve her own sins.

Satan’s entry into the merfolk capital brought great panic to the merfolks there. Countless merfolks swam away from their shell houses to get as far away as possible from the man who radiated danger from head to toe.

All the merfolks were running towards the same direction.


And in that direction was a beautiful palace!

In front of the palace, a strong merfolk with a white beard led a group of merfolk guards to stand in front of the palace. He wore a crown representing his status as a king and held a dark blue trident in his hand.

“Who are you? Why are you disturbing the peace of the merfolks?” Bo Er was the leader of this generation of the merfolks. He lived in the palace and protected his people from harm, but the drastic changes in the ocean just now made him aware of the danger coming. He led his guards out of the palace and saw countless frightened people pouring into the palace.

Behind them, an unfamiliar man dressed in black was slowly walking over with a petite girl in his arms.

When Bo Er saw those purple eyes, he trembled.

“Devil… It’s the devils…” Bo Er would never forget the violet eyes of devils; those nightmares would always hang over Bo Er’s heart.

“Devil race? No, you should call me Devil God.” Satan slowly curled his lips and looked at the frightened Bo Er.

“Devil God Satan…” Bo Er widened his eyes in disbelief. He could not imagine that what appeared in front of him was the Devil God Satan.

No devil dared to impersonate the Devil God!

“Everyone, enter the palace quickly!” Bo Er shouted.

All the merfolks swam into the palace at once.

Satan raised his eyebrows and looked at Bo Er as if he were looking at a dying soul.

“We are the children of the sea, may Neptune bless us!!!” Bo Er suddenly chanted loudly and fiercely pushed his trident into the stone slab in front of the palace. The next second, a layer of light blue light spread from the trident and enveloped the whole palace.

Satan looked at the trident with a cruel smile on his lips.

“Neptune’s trident? I didn’t expect it to be picked up by you merfolks after that guy died. What? Do you still want that guy to protect you?”

Bo Er’s face turned deathly pale in an instant. In the last war between gods and devils, Neptune, the Sea God, had died in Satan’s hands. If the War God had not arrived in time, the merfolk army standing behind Neptune at that time would have been doomed. After the War God fought Satan, the merfolks retrieved Neptune’s trident from Neptune’s corpse. This divine weapon had also become a keepsake for the rulers of the merfolks of the past. On the trident, the power of Neptune was preserved to protect the merfolks.

Right now, Bo Er could only pray that Neptune would continue to protect them, the people of the ocean.

Satan held Shen Yanxiao and walked step by step towards Neptune’s barrier. With every step he took, Neptune’s barrier would tremble slightly, looking as if it might collapse at any time.

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