The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

Chapter 29 - Qilin Auction House (2)

Chapter 29: Qilin Auction House (2)

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The idiom ‘to change something rotten into something magical’ perfectly described the way Qi Xia managed the family business. It was because of Qi Xia’s capabilities that the Family Head of Qilin Family stood his ground against everyone else as he made an exception and appointed Qi Xia as his successor in advance.

Since he was the future Family Head, Qi Meng did not dare to be negligent. He knew that his petty tricks were simply a child’s play to Qi Xia.

Qi Xia quirked the corner of his lips, and a lazy smile blossomed on his face like he was a noble cat.

“You’ve barely passed, to have thought of contacting the people from Fengqi City.” As he had no intention to make things difficult for Qi Meng, he waved his hand and told him to go.

Among the auction houses there, the Qilin Auction House owned the largest share in the market. Other than the Qilin Family’s prestige, much more of it was because of the unique items that they always seemed to have on auction, as those items rarely appeared in other auction houses. Within the Longxuan Empire, everyone knew that the best place to auction their items would be at the Qilin Auction House. Their commissions were not only comparatively lower, but they also had a vast network. That was why the items on auction could always fetch a price that significantly exceeded the seller’s expectations.

“Thank you for your praise, third young master.” Qi Meng gulped. Even though the man in front of him was only sixteen-years-old, but the pressure that Qi Xia had on him was not inferior to the Family Head of the Qilin Family.

Fortunately, a knock on the door interrupted the pressure that nearly suffocated Qi Meng.

“Enter,” Qi Xia said.

The door opened, and an attendant of the auction house walked in and spoke deferentially. “Reporting to the third young master, a little customer came to us to say that he has a batch of items that he would like us to auction off.”

“A little customer?” Qi Xia quirked his eyebrows slightly and smiled. “Since it’s a customer, bring him in.”

“Third young master…” Qi Meng was shocked. Could the third young master intend to receive the customer personally?

Qi Xia shot him a glance, and he dared not utter another word.

Shen Yanxiao stood at the entrance of the Qilin Auction House. As the attendant walked away, she subconsciously touched her face that was disguised beyond anyone’s recognition.

The effects of the low-grade disguise potion that she bought were pretty good. Even though the duration was slightly shorter than what she would have preferred, it was still perfect for her needs. Three hours was more than enough for her to commission her items, and if the duration was longer, she honestly did not know how she was to return to the Vermilion Bird Family in that disguise.

The disguise was slightly better than her face. Not only was she fairer, but her facial features also had a considerable change. Even though she didn’t look gorgeous, at least she was more delicate and pretty. She had also intentionally to wore men’s clothing so that she would look like a young master. However, to perfect her disguise, she added a piece of ‘insole’ in her boots to increase her height. It was something that was invented back in her more civilized world, and it proved to be very useful in that situation.

A few moments later, the attendant came back and invited her to the back hall to discuss the business that she went there for.

Shen Yanxiao followed the attendant to the back hall, and her eyes continued to survey the other attendants as they passed by them. Her gaze twinkled as she looked at the items that were sent to the front hall to be auctioned off.

Due to the occupational disease of a thief, Shen Yanxiao’s hands itched to steal those valuable items. Alas, she could only look but not take.

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