The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

Chapter 4 - Dual Training in Magic and Battle Aura (1)

Chapter 4: Dual Training in Magic and Battle Aura (1)

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“This is a Seven Star Moon Seal, and it sealed all of your powers with seven layers of the seal, thus reducing you to trash that is ridiculed by everyone else. If you’re willing to assist me, then I’ll help you to undo the seals.”

As she looked at the imperceptible mark on her arm, Shen Yanxiao pondered over the reliability of that ‘devil’s’ words. Her lips then curled and revealed a wicked smile.

“Before we continue discussing the content of our deal, shouldn’t you show me some sincerity so that I can understand how our future collaboration would look like? Also, how did you get inside my body?”

In all the lands under the heavens, there were probably only a few that would dare to act like Shen Yanxiao did to haggle with the ‘devil’ who co-existed with her in the body that she reincarnated into!

After a moment of silence, the bone-chilling voice verbalized once again.

“With your current strength, you are not worthy of knowing my name. So, for the time being, you can call me Xiu. As for why I’m residing within your body, I will eventually tell you the reason after you’ve undone the seven layers of the seal. Right now, you’re too insignificant, and it’ll bring you impending calamity if you know too much.”

Shen Yanxiao chuckled. Other than the devil’s incomplete name, she did not manage to obtain any additional useful information.

“With your current attitude, it doesn’t seem like you’re negotiating. How can I be sure that you won’t eliminate me after I’ve assisted your return to the human world?” Strength was something useful and also very important in her situation. However, it was necessary to clear her doubts as she did not wish to set any hidden dangers for herself in the future.

As a first-rate thief goddess, she would plan for any potential dangers. After she resolved all the predicted threats, she would then be able to successfully obtain her objective in the last strike.

Xiu went silent for a moment before he continued to speak.

“Killing you would mean killing myself.”

“Right now, I am residing in your body, and if you meet your end, then my soul will also disperse and scatter.”

That piece of information was pretty useful! Shen Yanxiao beamed and continued to acquire more intel.

“After you’ve obtained your freedom, will you be able to eliminate me with ease?”

“I will never kill you.”

“Oh? Why is that so?” Shen Yanxiao asked in a cheerful tone, but the sharpness in her eyes was inconsistent with the innocent smile on her face.

“The moment I decided to reside in your body, I’ve signed a soul contract with you. Killing you will cause me to lose nine-tenths of my soul.” Xiu’s voice was serene and without any fluctuations.

To lose nine-tenths of his soul! Shen Yanxiao wanted to applaud and cheer when she heard that news. Even though she did not know why Xiu resided in her body, she was confident that Xiu would never harm her in any situation. It was like what he had said, if he killed her, then that would mean he signed his own death certificate as well!

“Right now, I’ll undo the first layer of your seal, and you’ll repossess the ability to train in battle aura and magic. This is my first present to you, my dear partner-in-crime.” As soon as he said those words, Shen Yanxiao’s suddenly felt an unbearable pain on her right arm.

Like a colossal tide, the acute pain overwhelmed her. Before she could ask for more information, she had lost consciousness once again.

When Shen Yanxiao regained awareness, she saw an aged but kind-looking face in front of her.

“Seventh Miss, you’re awake,” the old man said as he smiled amiably.

Shen Yanxiao furrowed her brows. As she searched through her memories, she found out that the old man before her was the Vermilion Bird Family’s physician, Shen Qiu.

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