The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

Chapter 6 - Dual Training in Magic and Battle Aura (3)

Chapter 6: Dual Training in Magic and Battle Aura (3)

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A scarlet red mark had appeared on the palm-sized mark of the seal on her right arm. Even though the mark was only one-fourth the size of a pinkie nail, it was a representation of the first undone seal.

“So, I suppose I can train in battle aura or magic now? Xiu didn’t make it clear.” Even though she did not know anything about Xiu’s origins, Shen Yanxiao was aware of that ‘devil’s’ strength. Unfortunately, she also did not know a single thing about that world, let alone the training in battle aura or magic.

“If you prefer, you can train in both.” The cold voice that belonged to Xiu echoed once again in her mind.

“….” Shen Yanxiao raised her brow as she thought about what his words meant.

Could it be…

What Xiu had said previously did not mean she could train in either of the two paths but instead, she could train in both.

That… was that not extremely cool!?

From the memories of her new body, Shen Yanxiao vaguely knew that the people in that world were divided into two categories. Those in the first category had a strong physique with tough tendons, and their dantian could condense battle aura. So, those people were suitable candidates to train in battle aura. As for the people in the second category, they had average physiques but powerful mental energy. They could also utilize their mental energy to control different elements and thus, were the perfect candidates to learn magic.

Heavens was impartial and fair. If a person had a strong physique, then they would lack any powerful mental energy. That was why, in hundreds of years, no one in the entire Brilliance Continent had the capability to be well-versed in both magic and battle aura. Regardless of battle aura or magic, they still had to train arduously to reach a certain level and to expend time and energy to improve. Aside from the fact that a person who possessed both talents was a heaven-defying existence, just the thought of training in both paths together was simply a pipe dream

“You mean, I can train in both magic and battle aura? But I’m already fourteen years old, and I know nothing about either of those paths. For me, training in both is a pipe dream.” Shen Yanxiao felt depressed. In the Brilliance Continent, everyone would have chosen their path not long after they were cognitively aware, and that meant she was already ten years slower than everyone else. It was considered too late for her to start her training in either path, and it was simply a big joke if she thought she could specialize in both.

“You can do it.” Xiu’s voice was ice-cold and yet firm.

“Your physique differs from normal people. In addition to that, you have me to assist you, so all those problems aren’t really a problem at all.”

Shen Yanxiao’s face brightened. How could she have forgotten that Xiu was an enigmatic ‘devil’? A devil that survived for dozens of years with its soul in someone else’s body was definitely not an ordinary character.

With the devil’s help, all of Shen Yanxiao’s previous problems were resolved. She knew that she did not have any support from anyone. If she could not increase her strength quickly, then she would have to continue to act like an idiotic ‘trash,’ and that was not something that she wished to do.

“Will you teach me battle aura and magic?” Shen Yanxiao asked with a smile.

“As long as you have the ability, I will empty my pockets and teach you everything that I know. This will be my second present for you.” Xiu’s voice was filled with unlimited possibilities. Even though he spoke with a bone-chilling voice, what he had said had caused her heart to burn with fervor.

“In that case, I’ll offer my best wishes in advance, for a happy partnership with you.” Shen Yanxiao’s smile was similar to the cat that ate the canary. With the help of the mysterious Xiu and her abilities, she doubted the labels of ‘idiot’ and ‘trash’ would stick with her for long.

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