The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 1809

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Just as Shen Yanxiao had settled down, Sal came to see her in person.

"Your Highness, the opportunity to strengthen the force of us undead is at hand. I have already reached an agreement with Long Yan. Later, Long Yan will come to see Your Highness and discuss the resurrection of the dragon skeletons in the Dragon Cemetery." Sal respectfully opened his mouth. It was very difficult to have Long Yan hand over the Dragon Cemetery, so they must seize this opportunity. It was better for them to carry this out as soon as possible, rather than have sleepless nights or long dreams.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Sal and did not speak. She knew what Sal was thinking.

A swift resurrection of the dragons in the Dragon Cemetery would certainly enhance the force of the undead, and then it would be time for the dragons in the north to suffer.

There were countless high-level dragon skeletons in the Dragon Cemetery. Once the corpses of these dragons were resurrected, the number of high-level dragons in the hands of the undead was likely to exceed the number of high-level dragons in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Coupled with Long Yan's dragons and hundreds of thousands of undead, Shen Yanxiao could imagine what a terrible force it would be.

Would she be happy to see that happen?

Of course not!

What was more? Shen Yanxiao indeed had the ability to turn her appearance into an undead with the help of appearance-changing potions, but after all, she was not undead; to resurrect a corpse or whatnot...

She really could not do it, ah!!!

Once she entered the stage of resurrection, her true identity would immediately be exposed.

No matter how much of a loser Mingye was, as a high undead, he had an innate ability to resurrect corpses, and Shen Yanxiao could really not imitate this.

If possible, Shen Yanxiao wished she could also have such a body and resurrect all the skeletons of the high-level dragons to become her own ferocious troops, but she did not have that ability right now!

Shen Yanxiao silently made complaints in her heart.

Speaking of her body, it seemed as if there were some blood of the undead, but...

This thing hadn't awoken yet!

She must not let Sal get what he wanted!

Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath and looked at Sal.

"Very well, ask him to come and see me."

When Sal saw Shen Yanxiao without any big reaction, he simply retreated and ran to Long Yan to discuss things without saying any nonsense.

If Sal knew what Shen Yanxiao was thinking, he would never be so happy.

Ye Dou had been standing aside, looking at Shen Yanxiao with great admiration.

His Highness was actually very reasonable. He knew what was more important and was not arrogant at all. He was truly quick-witted!

The hours that had dragged on before must have been His Highness's test for General Sal!

His Highness was so wise!

The news that Sal would bring Long Yan to discuss the matter of the Dragon Cemetery with "Mingye" spread to the group of royal relatives in an instant.

How could they be absent at such a critical moment? As such, a group of high undead could not wait to flock to Shen Yanxiao's room.

When Sal came to Shen Yanxiao's room with Long Yan and opened the door, he immediately saw the group of high undead inside the room. Sal was stunned.

Long Yan slightly raised his eyebrow, and his expression was cloudy and uncertain.

Sal told him that he was going to discuss things with the prince of the undead, but he didn't say that there would be so many undead spectators.

"This is His Highness Mingye. His Highness, this is Long Yan, the one I mentioned to you before." Sal struggled to contain his shock. He wondered what the Lord of the undead was thinking, to let His Highness be surrounded by such a group of idiots with negative IQs.

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