The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 1891 – It’s Not Easy To Watch a Show (3)

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A group of purebred undead teenagers were shocked by someone's gorgeous archery.

Little did they know, this person who was currently entangled with the Mole Beast had the urge to die at this moment.

If Shen Yanxiao knew the thoughts of those undead teenagers, she would give them a big slap!

What gorgeous archery? What toying around? Your mother! Those things were not important, alright?

God knew that she had no experience of singling out a high undead creature. This fella was so huge and its strength was very ferocious. Once this fella touched her, she could go see God directly!

In order to save her life, it could be said that Shen Yanxiao had tried her best to figure out a solution. With her abilities as a thief, battle skills that she had honed during this period, and her few archery skills, she was able to avoid being slapped to death by the Mole Beast. She did not dare to stay in place at all because the speed of a high undead creature was really very fast. Once Shen Yanxiao was caught by it, she would only have one end: death.

Therefore, she could only keep jumping back and forth in midair with the help of the trees around, and seize every opportunity to attack the eyes of the Mole Beast.

This wasn't performance art, this was survival!

She totally didn't care about how elegant her jumping movements were, or how amazing her archery posture was. She just wanted to live!

Shen Yanxiao cursed the eighteen generations of ancestors of those silly purebred undead in her heart, and while she was at it, she also scorned this idiot Mole Beast severely inside.

At least, you are a high undead creature, ah; can you have a little brain? Are you blind?

That group of idiots standing over there are your targets. Why are you going for me, a mere onlooker?

Helpless, Shen Yanxiao could only keep on saving her life and despise those purebred undead idiots at the same time.

Are the heads of the undead really not so good? Mingye is stupid, fine. But why are these purebred undead so outrageously stupid as well?

Your mother! Are you okay with not helping, ah? What's the matter with you all just standing there and watching the show?

Is there any public morality in this world in the end? Who doesn't know that you are the ones who have provoked this fellow!

Shen Yanxiao was very depressed, but the Mole Beast was still tenaciously trying to bite her to death.

This was Shen Yanxiao's first battle against a high undead creature. Even though she did not have much confidence in herself, her long-standing experience had made her notice the key to victory. The Mole Beast was huge and fast, but because of its huge size, its movements through such a dense forest would be greatly restricted.

Hence, Shen Yanxiao constantly used the trees around her as cover, attacking the Mole Beast's eyes from a long distance.

The group of purebred undead teenagers had been completely awed by Shen Yanxiao's gorgeous archery. They even forgot to run away and forgot to save their own lives. They just stood there, enthralled, watching the fierce battle between Shen Yanxiao and the Mole Beast.

Two hours later the Mole Beast, whose eyes had been filled with arrows, realized that it could not catch the cunning undead; it had even lost sight of her. It roared angrily, turned its body and moved back into the depths of the dense forest while waving its tail.

The Mole Beast could not understand how those undead, so fragile on ordinary days, could become so ferocious all of a sudden. Not only had that low undead toyed with it, she even shot out its eyes; and what made it even more depressed: it was not able to touch the other party at all!

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