The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Eating One’s Own Bitter Fruit Part 3

However, at this very moment, that Shen Yanxiao that she had ridiculed as well as bullied on for a long time was actually standing in front of her and was overlooking at her who was miserably shrieking inside that bonfire.

Within that pair of eyes of hers, that mudleheadedness of hers in the former days had long changed from that of ignorance and confusion all along into an unfamiliar yet dreadful look looking down onto Shen Jiayi.

Shen Yanxiao quietly stood in front of the bonfire and looked at the miserable look of Shen Jiayi being engulfed by the flame. Shen Yanxiao was very clear that this kind of a flame would simply be not enough burn Shen Jiayi who had cultivated magical powers to death and it would only made her suffer some superficial wounds. Therefore, Shen Yanxiao did not have to worry about whether Shen Jiayi would have died or not. Shen Yanxiao merely had to stand at her original place and quietly enjoy that face of Shen Jiayi twisting in pain.

The moment when Shen Jiawei who was guarding at the outside of the door had heard that miserable shrieks, he had somehow felt that it was fishy. After all along with that familiar voice that had produced out more and more miserable and mournful shrieks, he had only came to realise that there was some problem. With that bumping sound, he knocked open the door of the room.

In that split second when the door was opened, the scene that was drawn into the eyesight of hers as Shen Jiayi was struggling inside the flame. As for what that had made Shen Jiawei astonished was actually that one person who was standing beside that flame which was Shen Yanxiao where she was wearing a smile.

“Jiawei! Save me!” Shen Jiayi could only beg for help from her younger brother as she simply had no way in getting out of the jammed destroyed burnt wooden table where the flame was mercilessly burning and roasting her body.

Only then did Shen Jiawei’s soul returned back to his body in a flurry. He did not have the time to ponder on that unfamiliar and very sinister smile that was on Shen Yanxiao’s face as he hurriedly ran out of the room to call for help.

After a short period of time, Shen Yue had then brought a group people and hurried to Shen Yanxiao’s room. After a few buckets of clear water, the intensity of the fire had finally subsided.

As for Shen Jiayi who had been tormented by the flame for ages, she had already passed out long ago due to the fright as well as the lack of endurance of her physical strength.

Around a quarter of an hour before evening, those people that had came to be inquired as well as Shen Feng and Shen Siyu had looked at the room which was in a mess. After they had looked at the room, their complexion were unsightly.

Shen Feng who was standing in front of the door was frowning as he looked at Shen Yue’s face which was filled with anger as he held Shen Jiayi. Before, Shen Feng had yet had the time to open his mouth, Shen Siyu who was at his side had already first walked till Shen Yanxiao’s side. He then pulled her to one side and inspected on every part of her body to see whether she was injured or not.

“Shen Yanxiao. You have fairly done well!” Shen Yue distressingly looked at the daughter of his which was still at the bosom. If it was not for the fact that Shen Feng was here at this moment, it was very likely that he would have already long ago pounced Shen Yanxiao and ripped her apart into fragments.

As Shen Siyu had Shen Yanxiao protected behind his back, he looked at Shen Yue and said, “Second uncle, why do say such a thing? Just what had this matter got to do with Yanxiao?”

“How could it be that she is unrelated to this matter? Jiayi was injured in her room and it is very clear that it is this vile spawn that has harbour this evil intention tin wanting to injure Jiayi!” No matter how Shen Feng was to think about it, Shen Yue had always from the beginning just would not be convinced that Shen Yanxiao being this kind of trash would have been one of the blood relations of the Vermillion Bird clan.

Raising this kind of trash was precisely a disgrace to the Vermillion Bird clan and yet, nowadays she was rushing into disaster in quick succession. As of now, she had injured his daughter and how could he possibly tolerate her.

The usually gentle Shen Siyu squinted his eyes and a smear of dangerousness flashed past his eyes.

“All of you, just shut up!” Shen Feng shouted loudly in a low voice. In a glance, he glared at Shen Yue who was rambling.

“I will say it one more time. She is Shen Yu’s child. If there is anyone who had dared to carelessly reproach again, then that person had better rolled out!”

Shen Yue could only clenched his teeth and pushed down that anger in his heart as he said, “Dad, Jiayi is indeed your biological granddaughter and as of now, she was actually unexpectedly being injured by this trash. Could it be that you are not going to care about this matter!”

Family relationship. If Shen Jiayi was Shen Feng’s granddaughter, then how was Shen Yanxiao not one? Shen Yanxiao sneered in her heart as she stood behind Shen Siyu.

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