The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2243 – Mumu Fan’s Invitation (1)

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Over a hundred million gold coins, this had exceeded the price anticipated by Shen Yanxiao!

When Lala Duo packed up the ten bottles of potions worth over a hundred million gold coins and wobbled towards Mumu Fan to hand the potions over, his expression was in a drifting-away state.

He was the kind of man who stayed in the High Clouds Auction House every day, but despite being the person responsible for looking at the precious potions, he was also unable to accept the transaction price of these potions...

"Master Mumu Fan, here are your potions." Lala Duo had never felt his hands so heavy like this before. What he was holding right now wasn't a potion at all! It was a mountain of gold! Lala Duo's current mood could be said to be extremely complicated. When he recalled that he was not willing to accept this batch of potions before, he really wanted to die. This was a batch of potions that had made history, alright!

If it were not for Mumu Fan's presence, Lala Duo would have gone and knelt down in front of Shen Yanxiao already!

"Thank you." Mumu Fan smiled and nodded his head before carefully taking the bottles of potion and carefully put them into the storage ring.

Gege Lu had already been fulminating with anger at an earlier time. He was wondering if he was dreaming for there to be such an expensive potion at the end of the day.

Mimi Si came over at this time and witnessed Mumu Fan as he put the potions into his storage ring, which made her finally able to put down the stone hanging in her heart.

"Mimi Si, your vision this time is really good. If it hadn't been for you, I would have missed these treasures." Mumu Fan was in a good mood. For a pharmacist, nothing fascinated him more than a precious potion.

"To let master find something you fancy, I am really glad." Mimi Si smilingly said.

"By the way, Mimi Si, do you know which pharmacist made these potions? I really want to see this person. These potions are many times more advanced than any I've ever seen; even in the history of pharmaceutics of the dwarves, there's never been such a good thing." Mumu Fan was a little excited. As the number one pharmacist in the Storm Continent, his own potions had become a learning target for all the dwarven pharmacists. On the other hand, he had nothing to learn from, which had been very frustrating for him to this day. When he saw the potions, he realized that in the Storm Continent, there might still be a pharmacist who was far more powerful than him, and the long silence of his thirst for knowledge made him eager to find the other party.

"I don't know, Lala Duo said the person asked him to keep their identity a secret." Mimi Si answered with some regret.

After hearing that, there was a hint of loss on Mumu Fan's face. He looked at Lala Duo and said, "Lala Duo, I know the rules of the High Clouds Auction House, but I'd like you to convey my message to the pharmacist master. If they are willing to come forward, they can come find me at my place. I will keep their identity a secret, I just want to learn something about pharmaceutics from them. There is no malice, no other intent."

"This..." Lala Duo looked at Mumu Fan. He felt a little awkward and bowed his head. Mumu Fan's status and character were very good. If Mumu Fan asked him for help any other time, he wouldn't refuse, it was just...

Lala Duo subconsciously looked in the direction of Shen Yanxiao.

The pharmacist Mumu Fan was looking for was just right next to him. Lala Duo wanted to tell Mumu Fan that he didn't have to ask him to convey his message at all, because the pharmacist he was looking for was right here, and she had completely heard what he was saying.

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