The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2336 – The Power of Elements (2)

The damage caused by the explosion instantly blew up the people in black, and clusters of flames spread quickly on them, constantly devouring them.

Mournful cries broke out from the mouths of those black-clad men, and under the severe pain they could only wrap their dragon wings around their bodies and constantly beat the flames.

The effect of this attack of the fire elemental spirit was more ferocious than that of Vermillion Bird.

Vermillion Bird could only cause minor injuries to these experimental bodies, but the flames that came out of the fire elemental spirit directly burned the people in black into a state of injury.

If they did not have the blood of the dragons, allowing them to resist some of the damage, this one blow would have been enough to burn them to ashes; there would not even be a chance to use the undead blood to heal themselves.

The attack of the fire elemental spirit was indeed more terrifying than anyone had expected; even Mo Yuxun's cold face couldn't help but reveal a trace of solemnity.

Shen Yanxiao, who was running towards the stands, was also stunned to see this.

Xiu had reminded her countless times that fire elemental spirit was very powerful, it was just that Shen Yanxiao could only use a fire elemental spirit to perform alchemy. She really didn't expect that the fire elemental spirit would be so… formidable!

The black-clad men who had been burned by the fire elemental spirit lay motionless on the ground; they were scorched black, and though they had not yet died completely, they had only half a breath left. Even if they wanted to rely on the undead's ability to recover, it was feared that they would not be able to do it in a short time. At least, they would no longer be able to join the battle today.

Inflicting such a serious injury on these experimental subjects was something even the Dragon God could not achieve.

The fire elemental spirit had finally proved the transcendent status of the elemental spirits in this world.

What was more, it was just an elemental spirit that had just been born into the world, which could only be regarded as a child at best. Once it reached adulthood...

Shen Yanxiao could not keep from swallowing her saliva: no wonder even the gods and devils did not dare to provoke them.

Shen Yanxiao, who was still worried about whether the situation in the stands could be handled, was now completely relieved. Not to mention Mo Yuxun, even if Satan himself came to personally fight the fire elemental spirit, he would also have a certain degree of difficulty.

"Are you still going to continue?" The fire elemental spirit squinted its eyes at the people in black. Regardless of right and wrong, it only knew that it should do what Shen Yanxiao told it to do.

It was basically the second Lan Fengli!

Mo Yuxun took a deep breath. The appearance of the fire elemental spirit was completely unexpected.

For now, they could only wait for Satan to get over here as soon as possible to deal with this mysterious guy.

Mo Yuxun's judgment was very correct. On their side, only Satan had the ability to suppress the fire elemental spirit. As for him, wanting to defeat the fire elemental spirit would only lead to their collective death.

Mo Yuxun immediately took the black-clad people out of the stands and rushed into the square.

On the chaotic battlefield, Mo Yuxun suddenly locked onto Shen Yanxiao's figure. The real purpose of Satan's visit was to capture Shen Yanxiao. If they could catch her, then everything else was no longer a problem.

There was a hint of hesitation in Mo Yuxun's expression, but reason soon took over his mind, and he rushed towards Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao gasped and looked at Mo Yuxun, who was approaching her with lightning speed, and her heart fell to the bottom of a cliff.

Not to mention that most of her power was sealed up right now, even if she were still at her peak, she was not the opponent of Mo Yuxun. If she wanted to fight him, Shen Yanxiao had to unravel the blood of at least two more races!

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