The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2442 – The Rising Sun City (1)

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The bustling scene everywhere in The Rising Sun City had brought infinite vitality to the city.

A handsome and extraordinary young man came out of the City Lord Residence with a pile of files in his arms. The handsome face of the young man was like a perfect work of heaven. His delicate facial features were impeccable, it was just that the chill in his eyes made people flinch.

"Li! Wait for me!" Behind the handsome young man, a vigorous figure quickly caught up. It was an equally outstanding young man, but unlike the previous one, his face was always full of a youthful smile. The bright smile on his face seemed to melt the ice and snow in winter; all the negative emotions between heaven and earth had not left any trace in his clear eyes.

The young man's call did not receive any response. The cold teenager walking in front still kept moving forward at a constant speed.

The one following behind had to pick up his pace.

"Feihuan, can your short legs keep up with Lan Fengli's speed? Don't force yourself." A teasing voice came from one side. There stood a tall man, looking amusedly at the guy trying to catch up, and the smaller figure of a girl timidly nestled beside him, her purple eyes full of a bashful smile.

"Vicious Wolf, if you have nothing to do, go to the underground city and look at things there. Don't think that now that your Little Tiny's evolution is over, everything's all fine. There are more demons to evolve. What you're doing is called laziness. Do you know that?" Su Feihuan wrinkled his nose and glared at Vicious Wolf, who seemed to be watching a show.

The purple-eyed girl's face turned slightly crimson; she sheepishly buried her little head in Vicious Wolf's arms as her small body twisted shyly.

"Haha! That's called envy, do you know that! What about my Little Tiny? My Little Tiny was the first to evolve from a lower demon to a higher demon. What about my girl? Unlike some small short-legged guy that has been chasing our master Lan Fengli for more than two years and still cannot catch up with him. I suggest you go to Qin Ge to find out how to increase your height; lengthen your two short legs a little first, and then go after him, which will save you some trouble. " Vicious Wolf was not affected by Su Feihuan's jabbing at all. On the contrary, he stretched out his hand with great generosity and hid the little demon who was about to die of embarrassment in his arms, unscrupulously showing off their love.

In the past two years, many demons in the Barren Land had shown signs of evolution. Little Tiny, as the first demon to undergo an evolutionary reaction, experiencing the process of evolving from a lower demon to a middle demon, had become the first demon to undergo a second evolution and become the second female higher demon in the Barren Land.

Unlike Yao Ji's bold temperament, Little Tiny was very shy. Even after she became a higher demon, she always looked bashful and followed Vicious Wolf all day long, becoming Vicious Wolf's little tail.

Vicious Wolf had made Little Tiny his future life partner, showing her love in public on a regular basis.

"You guys of Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, each and every one of you have no moral integrity, you seduce even demons!!! You are shameless!!!" Su Feihuan had completely blown his top. In the past two years, all the teenagers of his age had grown taller as though they were eating hormones. Only he had the same height as two years ago.

Seeing that Lan Fengli was one and a half a head taller than he was, Su Feihuan's little heart really suffered a big blow.

Why on earth were the heavens not letting him grow any taller!!!

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