The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 25

Chapter 25 The Godly Thief Makes Her Move Part 1

Certainly, she severely suspected that with just one or two low level crystallic nuclei it would simply be not enough to fill in the gap between the teeth for a certain great master.

Being sensible for the first time, Shen Yanxiao had ran into some financial issue.

“Let’s discuss, just roughly how many low level crystallic nuclei would you need to be able to restore your strength to the level where you can help me in undoing the second layer of seal?” Shen Yanxiao probed as she asked.

After being silent for a moment, Xiu spitted out a figure that would even make Shen Yanxiao spurt out blood.

‘30000 pieces.’

“30000 pieces…” Shen Yanxiao dumbfoundedly asked the heavens. There was no need to speak about 30000 pieces for she could not even afford 30 pieces of them as of now!

‘If it is the higher level ones, it will be best to have roughly about 2000 pieces and that will be good enough.’ Xiu who was seldom ‘considerate to others’ had spoken again.

So long as there was 2000 pieces, it would be good enough… would be good enough… would be!

Shen Yanxiao suddenly became stern. During that time when the few countries had acted together, the amount of high level demonic beast that were eliminated were slightly more than 10000. After those nuclei were distributed across few countries, as of now, it was reckoned that the total sum of high level crystallic nuclei within the Long Xuan Empire would only be about 3000 to 4000 pieces. As for this certain great master, he wanted 2000 pieces the moment he spoke…

Unless she was that person who was sitting on top of that golden-bright and dazzling throne and had that precious-stoned crown worn on her head, or else, even if she was extremely wealthy, she absolutely would be unable to take out that tremendous amount of money.

“Let’s talk about the inferior crystalic nuclei then…”

As for those high level crystallic nuclei, there was no need to think about it and Shen Yanxiao could only start with those inferior crystallic nuclei. After that one military campaign, with the amount of drops gained from killing the low level demonic beast, even if there were not amounted to millions, there would still be hundreds of thousands of them. 30000 crystallic nuclei were actually not an amount that would startle anyone. So long as there was enough money, all of the issues would no longer be one anymore.

The Vermillion Bird clan was very well-off. After all, the Vermillion Bird clan had a stable seat as one of the 5 influential clan in the Long Xuan Empire. Even if it was to be said that they did not have a wealth that was equivalent to the entire nation, they were still very rich.

If Shen Feng was to be in a good mood, buying those 30000 inferior crystallic nuclei was just like buying a tanghulu to him. However, the problem was that… Shen Yanxiao had to ask herself whether she had that kind of capability to do it or not and she did not have the bargaining chip that was capable in yielding Shen Feng to ‘stake a thousand pieces of gold on one throw’ for her.

As of now, Shen Yanxiao’s problem was precisely money!

The only sole thing that made Shen Yanxiao rejoiced was that she had picked a proper ‘occupation’ for herself at that time, the godly thief, don’t you think so?! With regards to her, this kind of thing called money was like a rock on the floor, that could be seen just about everywhere. If she had not widened her horizons at that time by being a hitman, a spy and so on, it would have been very likely that she could only silently stay at that dim corner and constantly dawdle about there!

“Isn’t it just 30000 pieces! You can be at ease for by the means of this young master’s skill, I will definitely make you eat till you feel like throwing up!” With regards to her workmanship, Shen Yanxiao was quite confident in herself. What was more was that she was at the affluent Vermillion Bird clan as of now. Even with a casual pick from either the second generation or third generation, there would not be quite a disparity and it was just a great convenience to take advantage of.

As a result to hearing those words, ‘eat till you throw up’, a certain great master had also accepted tacitly that certain sound of being complacent calling herself, ‘young master’.

Therefore, during that certain dark stormy night, a petite black figure had begun to frequently appear at every courtyards of the Vermillion Bird clan. Numerous of times had those pair of sin-like claws stretching out to those pure and dependable purse.

During the second day of the early morning, the moment when the first strand of sunshine had spilt onto the earth, waves after waves of mournful wailing burst out within that quiet Vermillion Bird clan.

“Motherfucker! Where is this daddy’s money!”

“Fuck! Just where did such a thief that was tired of living had suddenly emerged, for the thief unexpectedly dare to steal money from this great aunt!”

“This daddy’s bridal token, ah! Just kill me already!!”

Within a night, there was entirely up to over 20 people ranging from the old to the young of the Vermillion Bird clan who had suffered from those ‘poisonous hands’.

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