The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2536 - The Godhood’s Choice (3

Chapter 2536: The Godhood’s Choice (3

Although these bastards were behaving like they were in great need of a beating, their words were not

totally unreasonable.

As an Archpriest, Yan Yu knew very well that in a wide-scale war, the signicance of the support

personnel, whether one considered improving the speed, strength, and spiritual force of their comrades,

or relieving their fatigue and treating internal injuries… none of these things could be separated from the

Priest profession. In the whole Radiance Continent, Yan Yu was the one who had travelled farthest along

the path of the Priest. He had become a Saint Archpriest. In the big war, the auxiliary skill of a Saint

Archpriest was enough to cover a small army. As long as he were present, thousands of troops would

directly have their combat eectiveness upgraded, and if he were to assist Qi Xia and Yang Xi and so on,

their oense on the battleeld would also become explosive.

Priests, who had always been the team’s support, had a very limited attack power. Even the second stage

profession, the Archpriest, could not be compared with an Intermediate Magician when one considered

their oensive strength.

However, the benets they could bring to the team could not be replaced by any profession.

The existence of a priest could make an exhausted soldier recover to his peak in an instant, and could also

free his teammates from negative attacks. The Priest was like a machine that transported energy from far

away, providing inexhaustible ghting strength for his teammates.

Therefore, in all battles, both parties would rst target the supporting Priest of the other side, because

only by killing them could their comrades be rendered unable to recover; otherwise, it would be a very

terrible thing to face a team that would never feel tired.

In a mercenary corps, the best equipped was not the magician or the ghters, but the Priest. It was

because only if the Priest was safe would their team have a greater chance to survive.

As a Saint Archpriest, Yan Yu naturally knew that the more powerful the Archpriest was, the more

terrifying the eects of their abilities.

The average Priest could only increase the skills of others by 10% to 20%. After reaching the initial level of

the second stage profession, this value would be increased to between 30% and 50%. And Yan Yu, who

was already a Saint Archpriest, had been able to raise this to around 70%.

The nearly double-bu eect could directly help someone who had just become a second stage

professional go smoke a great second stage professional.

This was the power of top-class Priests!

What was even more fascinating to Yan Yu was the Priest’s top profession — the Divine Archpriest —

unique ability.

All the priests and Archpriests under the Divine level could not directly apply a bu to their own skills.

They could only improve their speed and strength, but could not enhance the eect of their own skills.

But the Divine Archpriest could. The Divine Archpriest was the only profession that could add an increase

to their own skills, which meant that Divine Archpriests could directly double the eect of their skills and

then release them to others. Others would then directly receive a bu of more than 100%…

What a terrible gure this was. If Shen Yanxiao and the others, whose strengths were o the charts, were

to receive the blessings of a Divine Archpriest, they would denitely become meat grinders on the


Even against the devils, they would denitely not fall behind!

Therefore, at any rate, Yan Yu would not refuse such a path that could let him become a Divine Archpriest

almost immediately.

Wasn’t it just gender?

The Moon God was still a superior god!

He accepted her power!

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