The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2556 - The Ten Best Young Ones (1)

Chapter 2556: The Ten Best Young Ones (1)

Li Xiaowei couldn’t help laughing at the reaction of Mo Yu and others, “Relieved from the burden?”

Mo Yu immediately shook his head.

“How can that be, I was just too excited.” They had only heard of gods in legends before. Mo Yu and the

others never dreamed that they could see a “living” god. What was more, the god even smiled at them!

“Well, you didn’t look like it. I thought you would be very active when you saw the gods.” Li Xiaowei had

always felt that Mo Yu’s character was dierent from that of ordinary elves, and was a bit “lively”.

However, he did not expect that when he saw the gods, he would display such a “timid” side.

Mo Yu merely shot Li Xiaowei a glance.

“Brother, are you not gonna introduce us?” Tang Nazhi rested one elbow on Li Xiaowei’s shoulder and

looked at the elf, who was having a good talk with his big brother, from head to toe.

Li Xiaowei smiled and said, “This is my younger brother, Tang Nazhi, and these two are our friends, Qi Xia

and Yang Xi.”

Qi Xia, Yang Xi, and Mo Yu nodded and greeted each other.

“These are elf friends we met when we were in Moon God Continent. When I was in the Moon God

Continent with Ah-Yu, we were under their care.” Li Xiaowei introduced them with a smile.

“Mo Yu.” Mo Yu nodded and introduced himself.

“Mo Feng.”

“Mo Yan.”

“Mo Lei.”

The ve elves introduced themselves in turn.

Tang Nazhi blinked his eyes and asked, “Are you guys siblings born at the same time?” But how come they

didn’t look very similar?

Mo Yu and others froze for a moment and immediately shook their heads.


“Then are you relatives?” Tang Nazhi asked further.

“No, we are from dierent tribes.” Mo Yu explained.

“Then why are your names so alike? And all of you are surnamed Mo.” Tang Nazhi was puzzled.

Mo Yu also wondered, “Our names were given to us by our king after we joined the Silver Moon Guard. Is

there anything wrong?”

Tang Nazhi grabbed his head and said, “Here in the Radiance Continent, most of the people with the same

surname are related by blood.” Well, one shouldn’t judge the elves with human common sense.

Mo Yu was even more confused. He looked at Tang Nazhi and then at Li Xiaowei.

“But, you two don’t have the same surname? Yet Xiaowei said you are brothers.”

Tang Nazhi gaped his mouth, glanced at Li Xiaowei and vaguely replied, “We are an exception.”

Mo Yu frowned slightly, as if he did not quite understand the problem very well.

“You humans have a strange way of thinking.”

“Well, this is no place to talk. Let’s rst nd a proper place to sit and talk.” Yan Yu opened his mouth with

mirth. Being able to see the old friends from the Moon God Continent was also a great thing.

The ve members of Phantom and the ve elves went to Yan Yu’s mansion in The Rising Sun City.

Even though all the members of Phantom had their own main city in the Barren Land, they were still used

to living in The Rising Sun City, so Shen Yanxiao had arranged a residence for them there. As to why they

went to Yan Yu’s residence specically…

Naturally, because it was a chef’s home and it would never lack delicious food.

As a matter of fact, as soon as the ten people arrived at the place, they performed all kinds of tricks to lure

Yan Yu to cook. The gracious Yan Yu had no choice but to run into the kitchen to prepare food for the

pack of hungry wolves.

The other nine hungry wolves sat quietly in the guest hall, drinking tea and chatting.

“I didn’t expect the Elf King to let you guys be the vanguard troops. I thought it would be Fen Chu.” The

one that left the deepest impression on Li Xiaowei in the Moon God Continent was the commander-inchief of the Silver Moon Guard, whose face was unsmiling all day long.

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