The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2653 - Phantom! Sudden Strike (7)

Ch. 2653: Phantom! Sudden Strike (7)

Yan Yu’s words left everyone lost in thought.

They were very clear that with the strength of Shen Yanxiao and the others, the devils could not swallow

them in one bite. The fact that Shen Yanxiao and the others could come and go freely among the devil

army was something even they could see.

Perhaps, it was really the best thing to just stay here in the city?

But they felt dissatised!

The lords went into the enemy ranks for them, regardless of their own safety, but they could only hide

here and watch helplessly as the lords plunged into a bitter battle.

“If you feel dissatised, let yourselves strive to become stronger.” Yan Yu saw what everyone was thinking.

“We will.” All the people clenched their sts and vowed secretly that if they could survive today, they

would make themselves stronger by any means.

Yan Yu looked at the calmed-down crowd with satisfaction and handed over a storage ring to the city lord.

“I still have to go back. You can take this as revenge for the brothers who died in this city.”

With that, Yan Yu had already left the city wall and rejoined the melee, hunting devils.

After Yan Yu left, the city lord opened the ring.

Suddenly, more than a dozen bloody devil heads rolled out of the ring.

The camp of the devils had been shaken by the situation.

This kind of untouchable enemy simply drove them crazy.

On the wall, all the soldiers were keeping a close eye on the battleeld. They didn’t pray for the devils to

incur heavier losses. They only hoped that their lord could return safely.

Come back, lord; that’s enough.

Come back, lord; we have nothing more to ask for but that you and the other city lords can return safely.

Come back, lord; we can still avenge our brothers later.

All the hatred turned into prayer, prayers that their demon lord and several city lords would return and

not fall in that dangerous place.

In this war, the devils cough up a lot of blood.

This was the most humiliating battle the devils had ever experienced.

They were completely and unilaterally massacred.

All pride and dignity had been burnt to ashes.

It was not until a long time later that the gures that brought endless nightmares to the devils gradually

withdrew from the devil’s camp.

In the strong wind, only six gures could be seen standing at the city gate with their heads held high. They

fought against millions of devils with six people.

The casualties of the devils this time were nothing, by numbers alone. Even so, they were all the most

important military ocers.

Although it was only a few hundred, this was more miserable than the death of hundreds of thousands of

ordinary devil soldiers.

The situation of being leaderless was the most terrible on the battleeld; otherwise, the devils would not

have worked so hard to get rid of the rulers of each race.

Today, the actions of the Devil Race had not been successful. Shen Yanxiao easily gave the devils a

resounding slap in the face.

“To think that a mere Devil Race wants to swallow up the whole world; it’s really ridiculous.” Shen Yanxiao

stood at the front with a sarcastic smile on her lips.

The devils, who had been in chaos for a long time, nally saw the gures that caused their panic.

There were only six people, and they were still so young, but the fear they inicted on them was so


Shen Yanxiao lifted her eyes slightly and glanced at Qi Xia. Qi Xia immediately opened his storage ring.

Hundreds of bloody heads rolled down in front of them. They were the heads of the high-ranking military

ocers of the devils and were the results of Phantom’s work today.

“Go back and tell Satan that if he wants to win my Barren Land with these shrimps and crabs, he is simply

dreaming. If you still want to continue, I will play with you to the end!” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. If

she could lead people to slaughter them once, she could do it twice. The devil commanders and other

high-ranking ocers were more concentrated than the city lords in the Barren Land. She would like to see

if she could massacre these devils rst, or if the twelve devil generals could kill her city lords one by one.

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