The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2662 - Decisive Battle (4)

Ch. 2662: Decisive Battle (4)

Divine Swordmaster, Divine Magister, Divine Dragon Knight, Divine Magic Archer, Divine Archpriest!

Five of the six major professions at the divine level had all appeared, which was undoubtedly a great

encouragement to the human beings present.

How many years had the Radiance Continent not seen the existence of a divine professional?

None of them could remember how long it had been, but just when the Radiance Continent was in a

perilous situation, several divine professionals that they didn’t even know existed, awe-inspiringly


The originally anxious alliance troops were full of admiration when they saw those ve young faces full of


Their Human Race was not weak; their newfound strength was so formidable. Who would have thought

that, despite their youth, the ve of them were already divine professionals!? Through the ages, they were

denitely the youngest group of divine professionals!

People had also not forgotten that all the ve teenagers came from an organization called Phantom, and

that among the Phantom, the most noteworthy was not these ve teenagers. The one who had

completely convinced the whole Radiance Continent was the girl standing at the forefront of the team——

Shen Yanxiao!

The genius who had crushed all geniuses in terms of strength and left others behind forever!

The people in the Barren Land all knew that Shen Yanxiao was a hundred-year-rare Warlock, who had

practiced both magic and dou qi. If several other people in Phantom had reached the level of divine

profession, then Shen Yanxiao, the leader of Phantom, must have reached the level of double divine


Double divine profession…

This was a power that people couldn’t even think of.

“Priests, use all your blessings on us!” Shen Yanxiao, standing at the forefront of the team, suddenly

raised her hand and squinted her eyes at the opposite devil army.

The decisive battle was about to begin. It was no longer time to hide their hands. Now, they had no choice

but to put their all into the ght; they had to ght the devils to the end!

With Shen Yanxiao’s orders, all the priests waved their stas and blessed the entire alliance army.

Knights, Swordsmen, Archers, Magicians!

At this moment, everyone felt the unprecedented power surging in their bodies.

The blood in their bodies was boiling and their souls were screaming!

The sound of war drums resounded through the sky. The ag of The Rising Sun City uttered in the wind.

Amid the thunderous beats of the drums, the alliance troops launched an attack!

Over months of repression, they had kept fettering their souls in their bodies. It seemed that the spirits of

their comrades were still hovering around them!

They vowed to live or die with the Barren Land, and expel the devils from their land!

Sky-piercing roars sounded, causing the earth to tremble.

At the instant when the alliance army clashed with the devil troops, numerous magical beasts were

summoned out. They charged straight at the legion of demon beasts and directly pounced on these

demon beasts. In the blink of an eye, the pungent smell of blood pervaded the whole battleeld.

Endless beast roars sounded, one after another. Demon beasts and magical beasts tore each other apart.

Blood spattered everywhere, dying everything red.

Life seemed so cheap at this moment. Every second that went by took away hundreds of lives.

As the front line of the alliance army, the Knights took up their shields and positioned themselves in front

of the devil army at the moment when the magical beasts charged at the enemy. The horses beneath

their bodies neighed ercely before plunging into the devil army with them. The sharp swords in their

hands swept through the area, causing owers of blood to bloom everywhere.

The Knight’s rst wave would always be the scariest meat grinder. The demon beasts’ meat wall had been

torn open by the magical beasts, so that the Knight’s rst wave directly swept away a wall of devil soldiers.

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