The Great Ruler

Chapter 10 Academy Competition

Chapter 10 – Academy Competition

The following day. When the hot sunlight showered down onto the Northern Spiritual City, gradual signs of hotheadedness appeared within the Northern Spiritual Academy.

The Northern Spiritual Academy is divided into East and West Branches. There is considerable competition between the two branches. However, it must be mentioned that there will only be growth when there is competition. This is why the Northern Spiritual Academy had produced many outstanding students during the past two years.

Among the competition between the two branches, the Academy Competition, held once every couple of months, was the most fiery and fierce. The rankings of many individuals within the Academy would be decided during the Academy Competition. A youth will ultimately seek to prevail over others. In addition, who wouldn’t want to show off in front of the many beautiful female seniors and juniors? Because of this, many students would put in a lot of effort to obtain decent results at the Academy Competition.

At the west area of the Northern Spiritual Academy, there was a vast arena-like space. Many rings for martial competition were distributed through it. Near the rings, there were many stone staircases that acted as seats. Right now, these seats were all completely filled with a sea of humans.

All kinds of sound such as conversation and whispers gathered together. Moreover, it was mixed with a tinkling sound of laughter from the young girls and it filled the atmosphere with a youthful vigor.

Within the large stadium, there were many people. However, it was clearly divided into two sections. That is the West Branch and the East Branch students. Because of the competitive relationship they shared, the two sides would occasionally provoke each other, making the atmosphere particularly lively.

“We, the East Branch, only occupied four seats out of the top ten within the Earth Class. Moreover, the top three were all occupied by the West Branch. I really don’t know if there will be any changes after this Academy Competition.”

“We the East Branch also have a number of powerful individuals. Liu Feng and Tan Qingshan are rumored to soon reach the Spiritual Movement Stage. If they succeeded, then it would be possible for them to reach the top five.

At the seats of the East Branch, a few students talked to each other. On the side, Su Ling heard the conversation and pouted his lips. He said: “You’re not even aware of the main point of the Academy Competition. It doesn’t matter how many seats the East Branch is behind, as long as Brother Mu obtains first place, the West Branch would not dare to bark at us.”

The East Branch students looked at each other and immediately sighed. Although what he said was correct, Mu Chen would still need to defeat Liu Yang in order to become number one of the Earth Class. It was rumored that he possesses a Human Level Spiritual Pulse…

“Brother Mu, this time, we, the East Branch, are all counting on you.” Su Ling grinned at the boy in front of him as he spoke.

Mu Chen only smiled but his eyes remained at the stadium. Although it had not officially begun, there were already a few students beginning to fight in the ring.

Just when Mu Chen stared at the stadium, a ruckus sounded out from behind him. Then, a fragrance came over as a graceful and slender figure appeared by his side. A sweet voice appeared: “Oi!”

Mu Chen tilted his head to stare at Tang Qian’Er, who appeared beside him. The latter wore a jaded green outfit. Her bouncing black ponytail and extremely pretty face attracted many fervent stares over from the surroundings.

Tang Qian’Er was a student from the East Branch Heaven Class and she was extremely beautiful. She had an amazing personality as well. Thus, so there was no shame for her to be considered as one of the Flowers within the East Branch. No matter where she goes, she would naturally attract a variety of envious eyes.

“Why did you come?” Due to Tang Qian’Er appearing here, Mu Chen was a little surprised. This should be the period when the Heaven Class students are training, right?

“I came here to cheer for you.” Tang Qian’Er smiled. She joked around and said: “And in case you were beaten down completely, I can still carry you back.”

“Why thank you.” Mu Chen shook his head sourly.

“Hey, will you be fine? You had a conflict with Liu Yang yesterday, so he probably made up his mind to cause trouble for you today.” Concern filled Tang Qian’Er’s eyes. Although teasing is just teasing, she also understood the importance of today’s events. Otherwise, she would not throw aside her cultivation course and run over here.

“I’ll do my best.” Mu Chen smiled. Just when he started to speak, his expression suddenly changed. He raised his head up to stare at the other side. In the center of the West Branch’s seats, a cold gaze stared directly at him. It was Liu Yang.

Others such as Mu Yuan and Xue Dong gathered near Liu Yang’s side. At this moment, they were all sending out challenging sneers over to this side.

Mu Chen and Liu Yang exchanged gazes from afar. At the place where the gazes intersect, sparks seemed to flash over there.

The two of them were both well-known individuals within the two branches. And many people knew what the main show was for today. This is why their confronting gazes made them grin. It seems like the today’s show would not escape them.

Liu Yang stared at Mu Chen. Then his attention turned to Tang Qian’Er, who was beside him. He could not help but grit his teeth. When he looked at Mu Chen again, the gaze turned colder again.

“How troubling…” Mu Chen was able to discover all these subtle changes. He then looked at Tang Qian’Er as he spoke. Everybody in the Northern Spiritual Academy knew that Liu Yang liked Tang Qian’Er. However, he had never gotten a good look from her. Aside from the grudge held between their fathers, Mu Chen would sometimes think that Liu Yang was against him so often because of the jealousy that Tang Qian’Er was close to him.

“If you dislike me giving you trouble, then I’ll leave.” Tang Qian’Er said with a straight face.

Mu Chen could not resist laughing. His black eyes stared at Tang Qian’Er. The boy’s bright eyes made the girl blush slightly, but, as a stubborn person, she still managed to stare directly at Mu Chen.

“If it’s him…He shouldn’t be considered trouble.” Mu Chen said with a smile.

“Hmph, you just know how to boast. Say that after you won.”

Tang Qian’Er pouted her lips and she glanced at the stadium with her beautiful eyes. Her pretty face suddenly changed and she whispered: “That guy actually came as well…”

Mu Chen’s line of sight followed hers over. His expression was also startled for a moment. Not only him, the entire East Branch seats instantly became a little quieter.

Their gaze landed at the West Branch seats. There were a couple individuals at the age of 17 to 18. They were older than the other Heaven Class students by a bit. At this moment, these individuals were all leaning on the rail and lazily stared at the ring within the stadium and would occasionally crack jokes. It was obvious that their attention was not on the stadium.

At the center of those individuals, there were two figures that stood out the most. A boy and a girl. The girl had a bright red dress and her peach-like eyes were extremely attractive. It was Hong Ling from the West Branch.

The other figure was a person dressed up in white. He had a tall stature and a handsome appearance. At this moment, he vaguely glanced through the West Branch area. The areas that he glanced upon instantly became quiet, it was evident that their momentum was oppressed.

“Kuh…It’s actually Liu MuBai. I didn’t think that he would come as well…” Su Ling gulped and said with a dry voice.

If they were facing Liu Yang, they would still be able to have a bit of fighting spirit within their heart. However, in front of Liu MuBai, they were not able to produce the slightest bit of courage.

Because Liu MuBai is the true number one within the Northern Spiritual Academy. Ever since he entered the Northern Spiritual Academy, nobody was ever able to shake his number one position.

Mu Chen’s gaze stared at the dazzling figure in white. His black eyes exchanged gazes with him. Even from a distance, it still seems that there was an oppression enveloping them.

The four eyes exchanged gazes. However, within Mu Chen’s eyes, the fear that the other students have did not appear. This calm exchange of gazes made the figure in white a little surprised and he frowned.

“Oh, that boy has quite the charisma.” Beside Liu Mubai, the seniors from the West Branch actually noticed that Mu Chen was not afraid of Liu Mubai and was a little shocked.

Hong Ling’s eyes also stared at Mu Chen when he exchanged gazes with Liu Mubai. The boy’s face seemed to be slightly immature, but it made others feel calm. It felt that even the genuine number one of the Northern Spiritual Academy was not able to impact him.

She could not help but become entranced. The timid boy that had follow her back then really changed a lot…

“Big Brother!”

A sound came over from nearby. Liu Yang stared happily over to this side.

Liu Mubai gave a nod towards Liu Yang. Then, his hands clenched onto the railing. He did not say anything, but the atmosphere at the East Branch shrank a bit. On the other hand, the West Branch’s momentum expanded by taking advantage of this.

It was evident that Liu Mubai purposely came over to subdue their momentum. With his position in the Northern Spiritual Academy, even the East Branch Heaven Class seniors would not dare to confront him.

And just when Liu Mubai’s imposing manner oppressed the audience, a crisp bell sound rang out suddenly. This made many students recover their focus. The Academy Competition was finally about to begin.

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