The Great Ruler

Chapter 28 Cooperation

Chapter 28 – Cooperation

In the dense forest, the young man stared in a daze at his hands filled with blood. After a moment, pain surged from his palms and he recovered from the shock. His originally smiling face suddenly turned a bit dark.

Behind Mu Chen, Mo Ling and the others were dumbfounded as they stared at this scene. They never imagined that Mu Chen would suddenly launch an attack and that he would be so ruthless when he did it.

“Boy, are you seeking death?”

The young man’s body trembled. His sullen face was a bit grim.

Mu Chen glanced at him and said: “As an experienced Adventurer, you don’t understand the principle of “You reap what you sow”? You’ve never seen someone fail miserably at such a easy task?

“Ohoho, damn brat.”

After hearing that remark, the young man smiled angrily. His companions behind him wanted to come forward, but were stopped by his signal. He casually tore his clothes in order to wrap his bleeding hand as he stared coldly at Mu Chen and said: “You should know what will happen next right?”

“We’ll fight?” Mu Chen laughed as he spoke.

“To be honest, I wasn’t too angry when you suddenly attacked me. Instead, I admire your courage. If a person doesn’t have any guts, he would still be a trash no matter how talented he is. You are different from those kids.”

The young man stared at Mu Chen and said: “I’m Lin Zhong. Although I admire you, that is a different matter. Right now, I’ll give you a chance. If you are able to defeat me, you and your comrades can leave, I will not care about that slash you fired at me either. However, if you lose, you’ll leave a finger behind as punishment.”

“Of course, you don’t have to accept. However, you and your companions would probably suffer pain on their flesh. We won’t kill you, but believe me, I have plenty of ways to make you feel so much pain that you’ll rather die.”

“Are there any other choices?” Mu Chen shrugged and said.

“What do you think?” Lin Zhong sneered.

“If that’s the case, then let’s…fight!”

Just when these words exited Mu Chen’s mouth, his eyes narrowed and he dashed fiercely forward. Two of his fingers remained straight and a dark black Spiritual Energy wrapped around his fingertips. It brought out a extremely fierce wind as it violently stabbed towards Lin Zhong’s throat.

“You still want more?!” However, Lin Zhong wasn’t like the Northern Spiritual Academy’s students, who had little combat experience. Moreover, he had already suffered earlier, so he remained alert against Mu Chen. Therefore, he did not panic when Mu Chen took action. Although he was slightly shocked, he still raised his arm as the Spiritual Energy surged and protected his throat.

Mu Chen’s two fingers stabbed into Lin Zhong’s arm. However, it was like hitting steel and his fingers felt slightly numbed. Lin Zhong’s strength wasn’t bad, it was evident that he had reached the limits of the Spiritual Movement Stage. He would be able to reach the Spiritual Rotation Stage if he managed to take one more step.

This thought flashed through Mu Chen’s mind, but he did not slow down at all. His fingertips immediately retracted and it formed into a fist. The Spiritual Energy wrapped around his fist and he fiercely smashed towards Lin Zhong’s temple.


Lin Zhong also fire out a fist and it collided against Mu Chen’s fist. The two fists bombarded each other and a wave of Spiritual Energy spread out. It blew the leaves on the ground into the air.

When the two fists collided, Mu Chen took a few steps backwards due to the impact. However, Lin Zhong also retreated one step. A hint of surprise appeared within his eyes. When they connected with each other, he could feel the overbearing force from the dark black Spiritual Energy. It seems that the boy in front of him trained in a extraordinary Spiritual Art.

“Damn, brat!”

Lin Zhong let out a cry and darted forward. His dense Spiritual Energy erupted out and his palms drew an arc through the air as if it was a blade. It relentlessly headed towards Mu Chen’s vital points.

In the rear, Tang Qian’Er, Mo Ling and the others saw such a brutal offensive coming from Lin Zhong and were covered with cold sweat. These guys were definitely desperate criminals.

However, Mu Chen did not panic while facing against Lin Zhong’s fierce attack. He moved slightly and his black eyes stared at the offensive from Lin Zhong. He would occasionally change his fists to palms and made contact with Lin Zhong’s fists. But once it touched, he would retreat back and Lin Zhong was not able to do anything to him.

Behind Lin Zhong, his companions originally had a playful attitude as they watched the entertainment. However, the color of their faces became more and more serious. They exchanged gazes with each other and were quite surprised.

“That boy is pretty good. Lin Zhong actually can’t do anything to him even when he is only at the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase.”

In front of the crowd, a burly man watched as the two individuals fight. His originally unfocused gaze became serious. Shortly after, he muttered slowly: “He is quite an amazing boy, he saw through all Lin Zhong’s attacks. Every time he attacks, it is the instant when Lin Zhong became exhausted. It seems like he is retreating step by step, but Lin Zhong would probably be the one that is in trouble.”


The Adventurers were surprised. This boy could actually see through Lin Zhong’s offensive? What kind of vision is that? Lin Zhong isn’t like those Academy’s kids!

“Captain, could you have seen wrong?” A person asked in surprise.

The burly man glanced at them and said: “If that boy was also at the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase, none of you will be his opponent. When have the Northern Spiritual Academy students become this amazing?”

“That can’t be?” A few adventurers said in astonishment.

“Lin Zhong can’t bear it anymore.” The burly man let out a faint smile and said.

All of them heard this and quickly looked over. They only noticed Lin Zhong’s face was a little flushed and a silver light was flashing on his fist. A muffled thunder sound rang out.

“He is actually going to use Thunderstorm Fist? This is Lin Zhong’s trump card! It seems that he was forced back quite ruthlessly.”

“Boy, try receiving this move of mine!” Lin Zhong’s face reddened and the silver light on his fist became even more dazzling. A violent fluctuation emitted out from it.

Mu Chen stared at the silver light on Lin Zhong’s fist. His eyes turned slightly cold and he clenched his right hand tightly.


Lin Zhong’s body darted forward like an arrow. He fired off a punch and an air blast swept over. A rumbling thunder sound rang out deeply.

“Thunderstorm Fist!”

The violent punch carried an alarming amount of power as it directly headed to Mu Chen. The leaves flew up and it wrapped around Lin Zhong’s fist like a tornado. It viciously blasted towards Mu Chen.

This astonishing punch made Tang Qian’Er and the others nervous.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and a dark black light erupted from his palm as well. In the next instant, he took a step forward and fired off a punch wrapped in black light.

Limitless Death Seal!

The black light condensed at the surface of Mu Chen’s fist and turned into a black light seal. It also carried an domineering Spiritual Energy and it collided head on against Lin Zhong’s fist in front of many surprising eyes.

A deep sound resounded throughout the sky. Cracks appeared where they stood as the ground shook. That violent wave of air destroyed the surrounding leaves.

The faces of the two figures instantly turned slightly white. When the air blast exploded, the two of them staggered backwards due to the impact and nearly fell down on the ground.

In this head-on collision, they weren’t able to determine the victor!

The surrounding individuals were all stunned. The Adventurers were stunned because Lin Zhong’s powerful attack was not successful in defeating Mu Chen, while Tang Qian’Er and the others were shocked since Mu Chen actually blocked such a fierce attack.


Lin Zhong stabilized his body and his face constantly changed as he stared at Mu Chen. It was obvious that he could not accept this result. Behind him, his companions also stepped forward and stared unfriendly at Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen saw this, he let out a cold laugh. His two fingers clamped and a fiery red bead appeared between his fingers. An extremely violent fluctuation emitted from it.

“What? You want to outnumber me now?”

Lin Zhong’s companions also noticed the violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation coming from between Mu Chen’s fingers and their faces changed instantly: “Spirit Destruction Bead?”

They did not dare to take a step further and stared at Mu Chen in surprise. No wonder that boy was not afraid of them, he actually had this item in his hands. From the Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming from the Spirit Destruction Bead, even a Spiritual Rotation Stage powerhouse would be severely injured by it if they were careless.

The surrounding atmosphere instantly became tense. Tang Qian’Er, Mo Ling and the others hurried behind Mu Chen and stared at the Adventurers cautiously.


A cry suddenly came from behind Lin Zhong and the others. The tall burly man slowly walked forward as he frowned: “What are you all doing? You may not be as good as others, but at least you’re not last. Are you planning to disgrace the Thunderstorm Team’s face?”

A few Adventurers smiled embarrassedly.

Then, the tall burly man turned towards Mu Chen and said as he smiled: “Little Brother, you are quite amazing. Let’s settle today’s matter like this. If we offended any of your companions, we hope that you would forgive us.”

“You’re welcome.”

Mu Chen smiled and his fingers flashed as he pocketed the Spirit Destruction Bead. He could feel that the burly man loosened up when he pocketed the Spirit Destruction Bead. It was obvious that he was somewhat fearful of the Spirit Destruction Bead.

“Boy, you’re quite capable.” Lin Zhong’s face finally returned back to normal. He stared at Mu Chen and said as he curled his lips.

Mu Chen also smiled and said: “Since everything is alright now, then we’ll say our goodbyes now.”

After he said this, he was prepared to bring the crowd to leave. These Adventurers weren’t in the same group as them. It was better for them to leave as soon as possible.

“Wait a minute!”

When the burly man saw this, he anxiously took a few steps forward and cried out.

Mu Chen stared at him vigilantly. His hands slowly entered his sleeves and prepared to pull out the Spirit Destruction Bead again. He said: “Is there something else?”

The burly man noticed Mu Chen’s vigilant eyes and let out a bitter laugh. He hesitated for a moment and said: “Little Brother, I want to cooperate with you for a bit. I wonder if you are interested?”


When Mu Chen heard these words, he raised up eyebrow slightly.

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