The Great Ruler

Chapter 30 Hunting Apes in Valley

Chapter 30 – Hunting Apes in Valley

The valley in front of them was quite narrow. At the entrance of the valley, dense tree branches extended from both sides. Even stones were piled up as if it was trying to conceal this valley. The Thunderstorm Team must have wasted a lot of effort in order to discover this location.

“There is quite the amount of Conflagration Apes inside.”

Mu Chen stood at a location slightly away from the entrance. He gently sniffed a bit and smelled a thick, foul smell. It was evident that there could only be more Conflagration Apes than what Lei Cheng had said, but not any less.

“Let’s begin our preparations.”

Lei Cheng gestured with his hand. Lin Zhong and a few other companions swiftly found some firewood from the surroundings and ignited them as they piled it outside of the valley.

“All of you should cover your nose and mouth. You should try to hold your breath.”

Lei Cheng pulled out a couple of grey pills from his arms and a rich fragrance emitted out. It made others feel slightly drowsy when they smelt a bit of it.

Beside him, Lin Zhong and the others pulled out torn rags and made them wet in the stream. Then, they distributed them to everyone.

Seeing that everybody was ready, Lei Cheng threw the pills into the fire. A rich fragrance instantly spread out.

“Everybody should utilize our Spiritual Energy and push this smoke into the valley!”

Lei Cheng let out a soft cry and was first to take action. His cuffs moved and a powerful Spiritual Energy burst out. It brought forth a fierce wind and swept the smoke into the valley.

Mu Chen and the others also copied him. Fierce winds were created by the Spiritual Energy and the smoke quickly enshrouded the valley. Sounds of excitement from the apes gradually began to fade.

Lei Cheng stared at the valley. After a short moment, he tilted his head to the side as he listened to the movements within the valley. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief. He gestured with his hand and said: “Let’s go, be careful everyone!”

“Let’s go!”

When they heard these words, everybody nodded their heads in excitement. Then, they directly went through the entrance and charged into the valley.

When Mu Chen and the others charged into the valley, the valley was already somewhat foggy. When they looked over, they could see many giant red apes lying down on the ground. However, these Conflagration Apes were almost all in a deep sleep. It was evident that Lei Cheng’s hypnotic drug was extremely effective.

“The Jaded Essence Tree is in the depths of the valley. We should hurry. This drowsiness will not last long.” Lei Cheng urged them as his speed accelerated again. He jumped over the Conflagration Apes and went straight into the depths of the valley.

Mu Chen also brought the others and followed. However, when they reach the depths of the valley, a low roar sounded out from the top of the cliff. Then, a bloody howl came down. An enormous Conflagration Ape pounced towards Tang Qian’Er, who was behind Mu Chen.

This sudden attack shocked Tang Qian’Er. She hurriedly swung her hand around and the short sword flew out as it was wrapped in Spiritual Energy. However, this still left a shallow bloodstain on the Conflagration Ape’s body.

Although it did not cause much damage to the Conflagration Ape, the short sword was able to stop it for a moment. At the same time, Mu Chen’s feet touched the ground and he charged over like a nimble money. His hand gripped onto a sharp dagger that fell down from his sleeves. As the dark black Spiritual Energy wrapped around the dagger, he swiftly slashed across the Conflagration Ape’s eyes.

Fresh blood spattered out and the Conflagration Ape let out a shrill cry. However, just when the cry came out, the dagger flashed as it stabbed directly into its throat and stopped the cry.

The Conflagration Ape’s huge body fell down heavily onto the ground. It crushed the rocks into pieces. At the same time, Mu Chen’s body landed on the side. He wiped the blood off his dagger and asked Tang Qian’Er, who was shaken: “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Tang Qian’Er shook her head. At the side, Mo Ling and the others were completely stunned. It was evident that they have not recovered from the fact that Mu Chen actually killed a Conflagration Ape this smoothly.

Of course, it wasn’t only them. Even the people from the Thunderstorm Team were startled. This Mu Chen had a quick reaction and attacked effectively…

“Amazing, this Conflagration Ape is probably at the level of Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase.” Lei Cheng gave a thumbs up to Mu Chen and smiled as he said.

“Its speed has dropped due to the smoke. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be that easy for me to take care of it.” Mu Chen shook his head. Although this Conflagration Ape was able to endure through the drowsiness from the smoke, it was still affected.

“The effects of the Bewitching Drug are limited. A Conflagration Ape could resist it if it reached the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. Inside this valley, there are probably no more than 20 Conflagration Apes with this strength. However, even if they did not fall asleep, they should still have been weakened. It shouldn’t be hard to deal with them.”

Lei Cheng nodded. Then, he suddenly lowered his body and stared off into the distance. His expression became serious and said: “Our trouble is that guy over there.”

Mu Chen’s eyes also narrowed as he looked into the distance. At the end of the valley, the smoke has already faded a lot. A giant fiery red figure that was even bigger than a Conflagration Ape was over there.

The giant figure’s body was like a fire. Its body glowed as if it was covered by a layer of red armor. Although it was half-sitting on the ground, an ominous aura spread out from there. This violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation far surpasses an ordinary Conflagration Ape.

This was obvious the boss of the valley, the Conflagration Ape King.

Mu Chen felt the oppression of Spiritual Energy coming from there. His eyes became a bit more serious. At the side, Mo Ling and the others had a hint of fear in their eyes. That is a Middle Rank Spiritual Beast.

Mu Chen stared at the Conflagration Ape King for a moment. Then, he turned and stared at the rear of that giant ape. Near the mountain walls, there was a crack that was approximately 20 feet. A tiny tree approximately 10 feet wide extended out from the crack.

The body of this tiny tree seemed like it was made from jade. On this tree, an emerald color was revealed among the green leaves. It was a round fruit. Even from this distance, you would still be able to smell the fragrance that it emits. It was extremely refreshing.

“It really is the Jaded Essence Tree!”

Mu Chen stared at the little tree. A hint of joy flashed through his eyes. From the looks of it, the Jaded Essence Tree was obviously mature. It seems that there would be no less than 30 Jaded Essence Fruits. If this cooperation succeeds, it would be quite moving.

“Little Brother, I will lead five team members to deal with the Conflagration Ape King. The other five members would deal with the awakened Conflagration Apes nearby with your companions. When that happens, you should wait for an opportunity to use the Spirit Destruction Bead and try to kill the Conflagration Ape King in one attack!” Lei Cheng observed for a moment and said in a low voice.


Mu Chen nodded. He pondered for a moment and said: “If something unexpected occurs, I suggest that we should immediately retreat. If you are still greedy for the Jaded Essence Fruit, then I will bring my companions and leave. As for the ruined Spirit Destruction Bead, I’ll just consider it my loss. After all, our lives are more important than the Jaded Essence Fruit.

When Lei Cheng heard these words, he let out a bitter laugh. Then, he nodded. If it really became like that, then it could only be considered as bad luck.

“Let’s prepare.”

Lei Cheng waved his hand. Five members of the Thunderstorm Team including Lin Zhong had their Spiritual Energy rising up. Then, each of them carefully approached the Conflagration Ape King in the depths of the valley.

Although the valley still contained a faint mist, the Conflagration Ape King was not something that a common Conflagration Ape could compare. When Lei Cheng and the others was within 100 feet of it, it was aware of them. The blood red eyes stared at the crowd and viciousness appeared within its eyes. It was clear that it was outraged by the humans that dared to enter its territory.

An angry roar spread out from its ferocious jaws. The Conflagration Ape King extended its long arm and directly picked up a huge boulder. Then, it fiercely threw it over towards Lei Cheng. The sound of the winds breaking showed that it contained a great amount of power.


Lei Cheng cried out and his figure dashed out. He gripped the blood red machete in a reverse grip as his Spiritual Energy stormed out. A sharp blade flash came out from the blade and instantly shattered the huge boulder. Lei Cheng’s speed did not slow down at all and he charged straight at the Conflagration Ape King. The rest of the Thunderstorm Team hurriedly followed.


The instant that the two sides made contact with each other, a fierce battle broke out. Spiritual Energy gushed out and flashes of blades headed swiftly towards the Conflagration Ape King’s body.

While Lei Cheng and the others were tangled up with the Conflagration Ape King, Mo Ling and the others followed the other five members of the Thunderstorm Team and blocked the remaining awakened Conflagration Apes. They did not let them interfere with the battle inside.

Mu Chen stood at a place not far away and firmly fixed his eyes at the battle. A fiery red Spirit Destruction Bead was once again held tightly between his fingers and a violent Spiritual Energy emitted out from it constantly.

This Spirit Destruction Bead possesses the power to gravely injure Spiritual Rotation Stage powerhouses. However, there is only one. Therefore, he must seize the best opportunity or this mission would fail if it was wasted.

The situation with the Conflagration Ape King was quite tragic. The five members of the Thunderstorm Team used all their strength and attacked. Although they left many wounds on the Conflagration Ape King’s body, their hands were also covered with blood. It was obvious that they were injured in the backlash.

From the looks of it, if Lei Cheng did not directly block the majority of the attacks from the Conflagration Ape King, they would not be able to approach this big guy’s body.

“Constricting Lightning Blade!”

After fighting a while, Lei Cheng also felt that his arms becoming numb and immediately shouted out.


As his cry appeared, Lin Zhong and the others suddenly stepped forward. A lightning flash appeared on their long blades. They used all their strength and fire off slashes. These five lightning lights flashed and grazed the Conflagration Ape King as it hacked onto the back of it.

The Conflagration Ape King’s metal-like back actually split open through the combined attacks from them. Fresh blood oozed out from its back.

The pain coming from its back instantly made the Conflagration Ape King roar out in fury. Its arm fiercely extended out and a violent Spiritual Energy engulfed it. Lin Zhong and the others instantly flew backwards while spitting blood.

“Asshole, go to hell!”

Lei Cheng took a single step forward and let out a vicious howl. Spiritual Energy surged out and a ten feet long Spiritual Energy sword light actually appeared from the blade. He slashed angrily towards the Conflagration Ape King.

The Conflagration Ape King’s speed was extremely fast. It felt the ferocious attack coming from Lei Cheng and crossed his arms together like a shield. It blocked the sharp blade forcibly and the sword light cut into its flesh. However, it did not cut its arms apart.

“Mu Chen!” At this moment, Lei Cheng cried out.

The moment he cried out, Mu Chen, who was accumulating power for the side, had already darted out. He nimbly appeared behind the Conflagration Ape King and a dark black Spiritual Energy wrapped around his fingers. It inserted itself into the wound of the Conflagration Ape King like a sharp dagger.

Fresh blood shot out and Mu Chen instantly retreated. A violent Spiritual Energy suddenly came out from inside the Conflagration Ape King’s wounds.

When the Spiritual Energy appeared, a gigantic Spiritual Energy shockwave broke out. The back of the Conflagration Ape King exploded like a bomb. Its flesh scattered and the rocks on the ground were shattered due to the impact.

The Conflagration Ape King let out a maddening howl. However, blood continued to flow out of its back. It seems that a hole was blown out. It struggled for a few steps and finally crashed onto the ground.

Mu Chen landed on the ground. He was relieved as he stared at the Conflagration Ape King on the ground.

“We did it!”

When Lin Zhong and the others witnessed this scene, their eyes were filled with happiness. Even Lei Cheng had a relieved smile on his face.

“No, something’s wrong!”

However, the instant that they relaxed, Mu Chen’s face suddenly changed colors. This is because a red light emitted out from the Conflagration Ape King’s body.

“Be careful!” Lei Cheng also noticed this change and instantly tensed up.

The red light surrounded the Conflagration Ape King’s body and the fresh blood on its back actually stopped flowing out. Afterwards, Lin Zhong and the others were shocked as they noticed the Conflagration Ape King rising up unsteadily and the fiery red hairs on its body actually grew a tiny bit.

The Conflagration Ape King roared to the sky. A faint emerald color flashed inside the red lights on its body. This light was the same color as the Jaded Essence Fruit.

As the Conflagration Ape King roared, its aura suddenly became many times stronger.

“Damn it, it actually made a break through at this moment!”

When Lei Cheng felt the growing aura from the Conflagration Ape King, the color on his face changed.

Mu Chen’s face also became serious. It seems that this beast had eaten many Jaded Essence Fruit. Now, it is really troubling…

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