The Great Thief

Chapter 11: Elite level Instance Dungeon

Chapter 11: Elite level Instance Dungeon

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At this moment, Lu Li quickly moved. By using Shadowmeld to disappear from the battle, followed by Stealth and Ambush, he was able to stun Krolly again!

Dawn was quite different to other games. To use a Racial Passive to leave the battle, then instantly enter stealth and use the Ambush skill…

This was unique!

No less than expected from an expert.

When Krolly recovered from the stun, he threw out another item. Unfortunately, it was a Potion.

Everyone had used up all of their Crowd Control abilities, and looked at Lu Li helplessly, as if they hoped he would be able to conjure up some sort of miracle.

Lu Li didn’t let everyone down. The dagger in his hand flashed, then spun through the air and stabbed into the back of Krolly’s head.

System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 83%, caused 95% Skill Damage, target stunned for 1 second.

Although it was only for 1 second, when Krolly recovered, he threw out another item, and then continued to run away while screaming.


[Azure Wolf Leather Shoes] (Bronze): 4 Armour, Agility+1. Level Requirement: 3. Durability: 7/10.

Undoubtedly, this piece of equipment was for Lu Li.

Since the Druid was the only Magic profession out of all of them, the Magic Staff went to Northern Tang Kitty.

Northern Tang Kitty equipped the Bronze grade Magic Staff, and the way she looked at Lu Li became completely different. She had been completely mindblown today - never before had she seen anyone earn equipment like this before.

“This NPC will never appear here again. Don’t ever think of doing this to other NPCs.” Lu Li said as he looked at the disappointed look on Northern Tang Dream’s face. He didn’t want to see this beauty dying a silly death.

“How did you know that this NPC wouldn’t retaliate, and would even drop items?” Having big breasts didn’t necessarily mean one had small brains. Naturally, Northern Tang Dream wouldn’t neglect to ask the most pertinent question.

This was the original place where Krolly was, and after being attacked, he would always change places. That meant that this was the first time Lu Li had attacked Krolly. How did he know all this? This was the question on everyone’s mind.

“I have a friend who joined the beta test, and accidentally…” Lu Li instantly entered ‘I have a friend’ mode. After all, this was the only plausible explanation. Otherwise, how would he know this? He was only a “Gold Collection Unit” member, not a high profile member in his company.

“What was that skill just then?” Northern Tang Dream suddenly asked.

“Which skill?” Lu Li pretended that he didn’t know what she was talking about.

A look of annoyance flashed across the beauty’s face. Evidently, she wasn’t too pleased with Lu Li’s feint of ignorance.

Normally, every man would seize every opportunity to get on her good side, unlike Lu Li who was being difficult.

For example… Azure Sea Breeze. He smacked Lu Li on the back of the head as he stuck up for the goddess, “Stop acting dumb. The skill you used at the end, that stunned Krolly for 1 second. I don’t remember Thieves having a skill like that, but it looked like Shadowstrike.”

“That’s right, it was Shadowstrike.” Lu Li helpless said.

“Are you using Manual mode? If you have a high Skill Completion, will there be a special effect? What was your Skill Completion just then?” As expected from an expert. Drinking Alone immediately got to the crux of it.

Drinking Alone had also tried out the Manual mode, and knew about Skill Completion.

When casting a skill and obtaining Skill Completion over 50%, there would be a system announcement. For a person who had just tried out Manual mode, being able to obtain Skill Completion over 50% was quite impressive. It seemed that he lived up to his reputation.

“83%, Skill Damage was 95%, with a 1 second stun.” Drinking Alone had left a good impression on him, so Lu Li honestly answered him, “If you’re interested in the Manual mode, you should try it out from time to time.”

Their group chatted as they walked towards the entrance of the Spider Lair Instance Dungeon.

While walking, they took inventory of the items they had obtained from the Goblin Businessman. There were 13 low level Health Potions and 3 low level Mana Potions. The Mana Potions were all given to the Druid, Northern Tang Kitty, and everyone received 2 Health Potions, with Azure Sea Breeze receiving the rest.

The Night Leather Armour was also given to Azure Sea Breeze. Since he was the highest level out of all of them and had the Shieldstrike ability, he was the best candidate for being the team’s tank.

The entrance to the Instance Dungeon was on a mountain. It was a hole that was about one and a half times as tall as a person, and behind the light blue energy shield, many large spider webs could be seen.

As the leader of the team, Lu Li tasked with choosing the difficulty of the Instance Dungeon at the Assembly Stone.

The Assembly Stone looked like a tombstone covered with mystical signs and symbols, and sometimes had the background to a quest. It could also assist with finding teammates, as well as choosing the difficulty of the Instance Dungeon.

Very soon, the team heard the system announcement, “Your team has chosen the Elite level Spider Lair…”

Elite level…

There were two types of Instance Dungeons in Dawn. There was one that everyone could enter- it was a Public Instance Dungeon that had a Cooldown Time. The other was an Adventure Instance Dungeon that required a teleport scroll- this was usually called a “Private Instance Dungeon.”

Instance Dungeons had different levels of difficulty. Whatever was written on the teleport scrolls for Private Instance Dungeons, that was what the difficulty would be.

The Public Instance Dungeons had 4 levels of difficulty: Normal, Elite, Hero and Nightmare. Low level Instance Dungeons such as the Spider Lair, they did not have the Hero or Nightmare levels.

“Heavens, the Elite level… yesterday, I died in the Normal level so many times. Wuu… my EXP…” Although Northern Tang Dream usually acted like a cool beauty, she could also be quite dramatic.

“Hey beauty, don’t worry, I’m here…” Azure Sea Breeze said.

“Why did you choose the Elite level? Are we really up for this?” Drinking Alone was much more collected. He wasn’t thinking about the potential EXP loss, but the possibility of them actually succeeding.

“The Elite level Instance Dungeon isn’t that hard; don’t scare yourselves. Our tank is already LV5, and has Shieldstrike and Charge. We’ll be fine as long as we’re careful.” Lu Li refuted.

Everyone had been scared by the word ‘Elite’. The monsters in Elite level Instance Dungeons had an extra 10% Attack and Defence compared to those in Normal Instance Dungeons, and had an extra 20% HP.

The real reason Lu Li wanted to clear an Elite level Instance Dungeon was because the things he wanted to find couldn’t be found in Normal level Instance Dungeons!

If Lu Li wanted to upgrade the Supreme One Ring, he would need lots of precious materials. Most of these materials couldn’t be bought with money- for example, the Jade Spider Web, which was a LV5 Blue Material, could be found in the Elite level Instance Dungeons but had an incredibly low drop rate.

Moreover, the Jade Spider Webs were essential items to Tailors and Craftsmen for Advancement. Teams that were strong enough to obtain these items never had enough for the whole team- who could have any to sell?

As such, Lu Li could only make his own team to find these materials.

“I agree with doing an Elite level Instance Dungeon. I heard that the first team that clears an Instance Dungeon gets to go on the World Announcements.” Azure Sea Breeze excitedly said as he waved the one-handed sword in his hand.

When most players had upgraded their equipment and levelled up, and as long as they had a decent 5 person team, they would be able to clear the Normal level Instance Dungeon. However, this was not the case for the higher difficulty Instance Dungeons. These were mainly attempted by elite teams, and teams would be ranked by their clear times, allowing them to create new records.

Every time a new record was created, or a team tied with the record-holders, the new team would receive an extra piece of equipment, and would have the glory of a World Announcement.

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