The Great Thief

Chapter 13: Baiting

Chapter 13: Baiting

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System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 80%, caused 89% Skill damage, stunned for 1 second.



The Big Spider shrieked twice, and raised its back…

“Don’t worry about the boss anymore. Other than Sea Breeze, everyone gather next to me. After 4 seconds, Sea Breeze should use Charge on me” Lu Li calmly walked away from the boss, reminding everyone else of what to do. They quickly followed Lu Li away.

At this time, a large number of small spiders spawned out of the spiders back. They were the size of a fist and were all rushing towards everyone.

“…3, 4…” When Azure Sea Breeze counted 3 he had already started turning his body, and by the count of 4 he had already cast Charge.

The small spiders were rushing towards them like flowing water. The others turned pale with fear.

Drinking Alone’s party had mostly died because of these small spiders. Each small spider could deal significant damage to a player, and when multiple of them exploded, this could instantly kill them.

However, dealing with them was easy; you just needed to move around and stay out of range of them.

Lu Li led the small spiders around the boss. After a few seconds, the small spiders started to explode one by one. On the other side, Azure Sea Breeze had already started to lead the others to start hitting the boss again.

After experiencing that once, it was dealt with much more calmly when the Boss did that again.

In the second stage, when the Boss dropped to 5% HP, it went berserk as expected.

Northern Tang Kitty worked hard to keep healing in addition to the potions that Azure Sea Breeze had in hand. In the end, the Boss’ berserk mode wasn’t enough, and after a final cry it lay dead on the ground.

Lu Li was already about to level up. His whole body lit up as the exp bar completely filled, raising him to level 4.

“Can I loot the corpse?” He took a deep breath, really curious to know what items the Boss would drop.

“Stop!” said Azure Sea Breeze and Northern Tang Kitty with one voice. Drinking Alone and Northern Tang Dream didn’t say anything but looked worried nonetheless.

“What is it?”

“Are you sure you want to loot it” Northern Tang Kitty quickly said: “All this time, your roll points have never exceeded 20.”

Up till this point, there not many bronze equips had dropped. There had only been 3, but there were many commons and materials. While there were several rolls that had happened, with Lu Li undoubtedly performing the best, his rolls were 6, 13 and 2 successively. He hadn’t received a single piece of equipment.

“Just because I’ve rolled low numbers doesn’t mean I can’t loot the body. Generally when I loot corpses I find good things” Lu Li had a dark expression and tried to defend himself.

Many years ago, there was someone called Lei Feng. He took pleasure in serving others, putting other people before himself.

And Lu Li clearly was someone who was hurt for the benefit of others.

When he looted he always found good things, but could never win in rolls.

The others were doubtful, but they didn’t want to put their team leader to shame.

Everyone just thought it would be fine to let him be unlucky this one time.

After a long gaze, Lu Li slowly squatted and reached over to the Boss with both hands.

“Silver Light Crossbow (Steel): Damage 12-20, Agility +3, Attack Speed +1, Level Requirement LV4, Durability 16/25”

A Steel weapon, probably the first in the game, too bad… it was a crossbow.

Although a crossbow could be used by melee classes, only in the hands of a hunter could its true potential be unleashed. Other people could only use it as bait.

“How come it’s not a Magic Staff, how unlucky” Northern Tang Kitty couldn’t hold in her disappointment.

“Please, you already have a bronze weapon. I’m still using a common and you’re sad it’s not a Magic Staff” Northern Tang Dream had a nasty expression on her face.

“Shadow Cloak (Bronze): 2 Armour, Intelligence +1, Level Requirement LV3, Durability 14/18. And one potion, that’s it.”

Druid Northern Tang Kitty and Warlock Drinking Alone’s eyes immediately lit up. Although the cloak was just general equipment, cloak drop rates were extremely low. They hadn’t even seen a common cloak before.

“Did the Jade Spider Web you want not drop?” Northern Tang Dream was somewhat disappointed, but she was also curious as to what exactly the material Lu Li wanted was.

“Drop rate is low” Lu Li was not disheartened, “Silver light crossbow, 3 occupation specific items to roll for, I’ll just go for it.”

23 points.

“Pfftt” Northern Tang Dream laughed, and casually rolled an 87.

“It should be mine, just so you guys know. Sea Breeze big brother is not only handsome, I also roll with power” Azure Sea Breeze said complacently.

99 points.

Oh my, so he does, everyone stared at him viciously, wondering if his luck came from the heavens.

Azure Sea Breeze was also surprised, laughing: “Split it amongst yourselves, 3 points of agility is more useful to you guys, count it as a payment of your compassion.”

In Dawn, any occupation could equip a ranged weapon. Physical professions equipped crossbows, Magic professions equipped magic wands and other special profession had their own ranged equips – like the Shaman’s totem, and the Paladin’s Holy Covenant…

Lu Li then bluntly equipped it on himself, his recent level up allowing him to do so.

“Have you guys already exchanged rings…?” Northern Tang Kitty said peculiarly: “I didn’t think you guys had that kind of relationship…”

Rotten girl…

Then, Drinking Alone successfully rolled the Cloak. Northern Tang Kitty was fuming, resolving to practice rolling when she got back.

They continued onwards, and with the increase in level and additional equips, it wasn’t long before they faced the final boss – Mandelin.

Mandelin was a massive spider with a human face with 8 Guards protecting it.

“The difficulty of this Boss lies in the guards.” Lu Li recalled his previous experience and said: “The damage of these guards is not less than the Boss itself, we have no choice but to wipe them all out.”

Azure Sea Breeze laughed: “That also means we can only take them on one at a time?”

“You’re smart” Lu Li didn’t wait for him to be satisfied but continued: “But the aggro on these Guards is very sensitive, if we aggro one, we will have to face all 8. If we try to bait it like normal, well, there isn’t a way to only get 1”

“Since you know this, surely you know the solution as well?” Drinking Alone had full confidence in Lu Li.

The 8 Elites were circling together, if there wasn’t a shortcut past them then they currently had no solution to this difficult problem.

“I’ll go pull them, you guys stay back until we reach around the corner. There it won’t draw agro” Lu Li changed his weapon, taking out the recently equipped Steel crossbow.

The crossbow arrow drop rate was high; everyone’s backpack usually contained over 100 of these. They were used mostly as a distraction or as a baiting tool.

Everyone else fell back, poking their heads out from round the corner. They were all curious as to what Lu Li was going to do.

Lu Li simply shot an arrow at one of the Guards.

The boss didn’t move, but the 8 Guards immediately called out and started rushing towards him.

Lu Li turned to run, rushing till he turned the corner before stopping. The 8 Guards then lost aggro and turned back to leave.

Lu Li then walked a few steps forwards, and shot an arrow at the last Guard. The 8 turned their heads to pursue him once more.

This happened over and over, going back and forth.

“No way, brother, what are you doing, do you plan to kill the Guards with exhaustion?” Azure Sea Breeze asked unbearably as he couldn’t see any positive effects.

Lu Li ignored him, and continued what he was doing.

Finally, as everyone was getting impatient, Lu Li shot an arrow and this time only that Guard turned its head. The others all returned to the Boss.

“What are you guys staring at, go attack!”

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