The Great Thief

Chapter 1689 - Guild Benefits

Chapter 1689: Guild Benefits

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A few days later, Lu Li had assembled together a bag full of spirits.

Most of them were produced at Scarlet Monastery. After, he went to Stratholme, where he discovered that it was a more suitable for collecting spirits.

Lu Li thought all along that the undead didn’t have spirits. Their spirits were all subject to the Lich King, but actually, Lich Kings weren’t really interested in them. Without being aware of it, these undead spirits were even easier to collect. When first beginning this, the odds of success were close to 200-to-1, but it scarily increased to 800-to-1.

No matter how it was put, Lu Li was already very satisfied with this outcome. He was lingering around Strathholme Instance Dungeon, and there was still the Plaguelands where there were droves of monsters to be farmed and you could farm spirits to your heart’s content.

He didn’t stop until his backpack was full.

It looked like he needed to find Hachi Chan to ask for a bigger backpack. Lu Li began with his backpack having 16 empty slots, before adding more four more. Three had 18 slots and another had 20. Altogether, there were 90 slots. Discounting the Hearth, potions and so on, he couldn’t even hold 80 spirits.

However, Hachi Chan had nearly two hundred empty slots.

Apparently, her original backpack was expanded by completing various quests and NPCs helping her. Now, it had already been expanded to 25 slots, and with four additional backpacks, she had close to 150 slots in total.

Lu Li was certainly not bullying this little girl – rather, this was a redistribution of resources. Lu Li didn’t feel shameful at all.

Seventy or eighty spirits had been stored inside Lu Li’s backpack, but he didn’t feel that he had suddenly struck it rich at all. He was very sure in his heart that these spirits were actually simply unable to fulfil the needs for the work of casting spirits, let alone synthesizing them together.

He evidently wasn’t able to generously synthesize all the spirits together.

“A special promotional sale – bring your materials and Moulds! The blacksmith shop in Blackshore guild is making weapons for everyone for free, but this is limited to 80 weapons. First come best dressed,” Lu Li announced directly to the club.

Usually, Lu Li didn’t speak much.

He only needed to speak and everyone would focus on his words, let alone when he said he would be making weapons for everyone.

The boss of the club had an exquisite smithing hammer, and he was originally a master blacksmith anyway. This was something that everyone in the club knew. It was just a shame that usually, Lu Li had too many things on his plate, so there was no way he could spend all day in the blacksmith shop.

So usually, it was only the First Clear team or the elite group who could request for Lu Li to do things.

Heaps of people signed up. It felt like in a moment the whole message board was flooded.

The main one responsible for the logistics, White Bread, could only first tabulate the Moulds and materials that everyone gave. Then, according to their merits and how much each person contributed to the guild, he selected 80 of them.

90% of people hadn’t been chosen, but there was nothing they could do.

“In the future, I’ll make 100 weapons for everyone every week of Dark Gold level or above. It’ll still be based on who contributes to the guild the most. If you don’t have anything on you should do more guild quests.”

Lu Li really greatly surprised everyone, deciding to take some time out and make everyone happy.

Before the level cap was raised to 70, 100 weapons a week wasn’t very much, let alone the fact that he had to practice smithing often anyway.

“I’d say, if you do things all well and good, then everything will be good and well,” Crippled Black Ant said with a simple, honest face. Coming from a poor background, he was able to withstand difficulties, and even though he had entered the elite group, he still gave up a lot of time and money to do guild quests.

“Hehe, you’re right, you’re right. It’s just we don’t know what we can argue about when Lu Li’s making weapons for us,” Big Dog Li laughed, having to have the final word.

In total, there were only 80 people, and these two, who were newcomers, somehow got chosen. From this, they could see that in Ruling Sword, they reaped what they sowed.

However, they still weren’t sure how valuable getting these two places were. Over in China, it was important to conduct yourself well with others. The underlings often maintained good relationships with their leaders. They’d even say their bosses’ farts smelled nice.

“Heard it’s really good stuff. He used that hammer to pick up Water Fairy,” Crippled Black Ant whispered quietly.

“Ant, you’ve changed. You’re just as gossipy as a woman,” Big Dog Li chided.

They didn’t have to wait long before it was their turn. They both greeted Lu Li with great politeness. Regardless of whether it was Crippled Black Ant, who really understood how to behave with others, or the minstrel Big Dog Li, who didn’t care what he said with his tongue, they weren’t being too upfront with their plans or anything in front of Lu Li.

Lu Li recognized them and nodded kindly at them.

What Crippled Black Ant gave was the Mould for a piece of Epic equipment – a towering double-handed axe, which was dropped in Blackwing’s Nest. When produced, the quality of this piece of equipment was excellent. If you discounted the Greatsword of the Brotherhood, it was pretty much the best a level 60 player could have.

A lot of high-level players choose to wield this weapon, even Moonlight.

Moonlight’s weapon was also made by Lu Li. Being an exquisite piece of Epic equipment, he usually didn’t take it out. After all, if he dropped it, it would cause him a heartache.

Lu Li began to forge the doubled-handed axe with practiced skill. The game wasn’t like reality though, otherwise, it would take at least a couple of weeks to create such an eye-catching axe. It would have to pass through dozens of steps before it could come out of the furnace.

However, the game would allow the players to finish making a weapon in 15 minutes or so.

Before the weapon was completely forged, Lu Li stopped. He took out a level 55 elite undead spirit from his backpack. This spirit came from a Patchwork monster. Logically speaking, it was an amalgamation of many corpses and body parts, so it shouldn’t just be one spirit. However, Lu Li really only got a single spirit. It was just that it was a little stronger than other elite monster spirits.

He took out six of these types of spirits. If it wasn’t for Crippled Black Ant’s nice weapon, he simply wouldn’t have had to use them.

The grey vapour-like spirit was forced into the inside of the weapon. As long as it was pressured in, the spirit wouldn’t dissipate. This meant that the casting of the spirit had been successful. Before this, Lu Li had already made more than 20 weapons, but only 1 piece of Dark Gold equipment was successfully sprit-casted. It definitely increased the quality of the weapon. It was just that that spirit was too weak, so the increase it had on the quality was very limited.

Lu Li hoped that this weapon would be successful. No matter if it was the weapon itself or the spirit, both were the best of the best.

Crippled Black Ant had seen the weapons made by other blacksmiths, but evidently, they didn’t follow Lu Li’s steps. He saw Lu Li’s serious expression, like all the guys around him. He didn’t even dare to breathe.

The grey spirit was struggling; it didn’t want to be enslaved. It made no sound at the start, but by the end, everyone could hear its wailing.

Fortunately, this was only a game, otherwise, Lu Li could have been psychologically scarred.

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