The Great Thief

Chapter 1949 - The Souls of Deceased Warriors

Chapter 1949: The Souls of Deceased Warriors

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With a Berserker and a Warlock, what would their result be?

Actually, Lu Li didn’t know.

He had already secretly come up with a way to go forward. Apart from his partner who was thinking the same way, Valeera Sanguinar was as well.

This female Blood Elf assassin who enjoyed playing with Cheap Shots and Backstabs definitely didn’t feel any psychological pressure.

Thargas Anvilmar really was a powerful warrior. With a roar, he charged right at High Interrogator Gerstahn. However, Gerstahn had a stern expression as she freely cast her spells.

She felt nervous to, when she was that Thargas Anvilmar wasn’t someone to be messed with.

Thargas Anvilmar wanted to get close, but the Interrogator did all she could to block him. As she blocked and dealt damage at the same time, she quickly left him bruised and bloodied, but these were the conditions that Berserkers thrived in.

The Interrogator Gerstahn knew that her own moment of crisis wasn’t over yet, not unless Thargas Anvilmar stopped breathing.

It was this feeling of crisis that made Gerstahn overlook her back, where the three assassins were waiting to pounce. One attacked the back of her head, one attacked her temple, and another attacked her neck.

This time, Lu Li was responsible for the back of her head.

Valeera Sanguinar seemed to want to use Slit Throat and kill off the opponent. Her methods were incomparably fierce.

Actually, although the three assassins looked like they had come out of nowhere, there wasn’t much difference between their current job and what they had done before. They were simply only pinning her down. Interrogator Gerstahn’s shield was no laughing matter.

Magic roles actually weren’t afraid of assassins, especially NPCs.

The one who truly confirmed the result of this sudden attack was still Thargas Anvilmar. His big hammer

came down to deliver a fierce chop.

The invisible magic shield finally couldn’t hold any longer and completely disappeared.

The weapons of the three assassins had hit their targets on this female Warlock, stopping her from raising a second shield.

If she was standing in the midst of a group of Dark Iron Dwarves, she could look upon at what was going on and cast her spells indiscriminately. Regardless of whether it was Berserkers or assassins, if they couldn’t touch her, then they would be hung up and killed by her.

Now, she was responsible for her own failing.

“They want to run!”

It wasn’t that Lu Li’s eyes were that sharp, but that he had been constantly paying attention to the third Boss.

Even if it didn’t drop equipment, the Reputation was still a big reward, and if they killed all three Bosses, the reward would also be a bit more generous.

Calamoth Ashbeard!

He was not simply the commander of the Dark Iron Dwarves; his real identity was a messenger of the Twilight Hammer.

Ordinary Twilight Hammer members were believers.

Twilight Hammer believers firmly believed that Azeroth was going to return to the rule of the Old Gods. As soon as the Old Gods returned, they would proceed with a singular, complete cleanse of Azeroth. When that time came, all the creations of the Titans would be destroyed.

Only the truly devout ones would survive after judgement day.

The scriptures of the Twilight Hammer clearly stated that all devout ones who sacrificed themselves doing good work would be reborn in a new world. They would be remolded by the Old Gods and would be given a transcendent body and appearance. They would transcend life and death, and gain true strength that would surpass the bodies of ordinary people!

The lowest standard to be a devout one was to be a messenger.

Messengers were able to go directly to the Old Gods to express their devoutness and seek forgiveness. This was the fierce ambition of every Twilight Hammer member.

Under certain conditions, devout ones could receive the blessings of the Old Gods, stripping their own flesh and blood in a dark secret ceremony spread within the religion. Using pure elements to fill up their spirit, they would transform themselves into an abnormal elemental creature and gain incredible strength.

In the end, they would be bathed with bestowed kindness from the Old God in the new world of the Twilight Shroud.

Of course, Calamoth Ashbeard hadn’t received this sort of special honor yet. He couldn’t even be compared to Samuelson, who could transform himself into the Faceless One.

However, Calamoth Ashbeard never thought that death was a type of devoutness.

After both his helpers had been killed, he began to run away.

How could Lu Li have made him run away, with a call like this everyone would see Calamoth Ashbeard

trying to run away.

Calamoth Ashbeard brought his Iron Dwarves, who, when it came to devoutness, definitely couldn’t be compared with him. If he wanted to run, then others definitely would’ve wanted to more, and so heaps of Iron Dwarves began to run away.

The saying went that an incompetent general kept the whole army away.

Lu Li moved his lips tauntingly.

Calamoth Ashbeard didn’t bring along many Dwarves at all.

The commander leading the troops to run away like this led to a chain reaction. Thargas Anvilmar commanded his Dwarves to chase after those Dark Iron Dwarf kinsmen, chasing and killing them along the way, with their few dispersed troops chasing and eliminating forces that were much larger than them.

“Block off that scoundrel!”

Thargas Anvilmar’s hammer flew and smashed right at a few Dark Iron Dwarves, while Calamoth roared as he led the way to retreat.

His deputy Haggema leapt up from the fencing on the bridge, finally pulling Calamoth off his mount. They grappled together momentarily, and seeing that there was no way to escape, Calamoth became enraged, pushing down Haggema into a difficult situation.

“Ah!” Haggema cried pitifully.

“Let go!” Calamoth said urgently.

Haggema held on to Calamoth for dear life, unwilling to let go, but Calamoth used a poison-dipped dagger to repeatedly stab into his belly.

A swarm of Dwarves rushed to beat up Calamoth.

To begin with, Calamoth could still let out a couple pitiful cries, but the later sounds grew weaker. In the end, all that was left was the sound of shattered bones, as well as the clattering sound of flesh and bone rubbing together. Very soon, he had turned into a pile of slush.

The place where Haggema was lying was a hole covered with blood. He hadn’t died yet, but he wasn’t far off.

Lu Li took potions and Bind, and others also laid out potions for him. However, no matter how luxurious the potions were, there was no way to stop this Dwarf’s life from fading away.

Thargas Anvilmar hugged his brother; he looked like he was crying silently.

Gorosh took over his command, leading the Dwarves to clean up and chase the Dark Iron Dwarves. After they had died, they threw their corpses right under the big bridge to roll away in the swift currents.

Having experienced so many battles, what was abundant here was the souls of deceased warriors.

“I have to go back to Steel Stove Castle. Do you want to come along? My kind will reward you for all that you’ve done,” Thargas Anvilmar invited. He was planning to bury Haggema under the snow-white mountains outside Steel Stove Castle.

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