The Great Thief

Chapter 1951 - Two Into One

Chapter 1951: Two Into One

Although it wasn’t clear why Onyxia had to corrupt the politics of Stormwind City, she did a great job of it.

She took the form of a human –the noble Katrana Prestor – to take part in Stormwind City’s politics. Because of things like her beauty and experience, she gained the appreciation and trust of the regent at the time, Bolvar Fordragon.

Half of the government decrees of Stormwind City were issued by her.

However, right when she was having fun playing her game, it was cut off. She was wanted and pursued by a horde of adventurers.

Although each time she died, it was only her projection, this sort of death really made her lose face. Moreover, she could also feel that as more of her projections were killed, her power also began to decrease.

And so, she abhorred this country. After the few waves of people she incited to kill Gorosh weren’t able

to, she finally decided to take things into her own hands.

However, Stormwind City wasn’t her home turf. The ballistas and other weapons were definitely able to do damage to her, and there wasn’t a lack of strong forces in the royal court. Onyxia chose to quietly sneak out, before kidnapping the little prince Anduin.

In this lair of lava and toxic smoke, Onyxia prepared to eliminate all her enemies.

Lu Li, Water Fairy, Thargas Anvilmar, Valeera Sanguinar, Broll Bearmantle, Gorosh, Varian, as well as some humans and dwarves from Stormwind City – this expeditionary team was extremely powerful.

Jaina didn’t come though. She and the advisors had to protect against the Black Dragonflight auxiliaries that might come over this way.

As the battle started, Lu Li realized that the three people of Gorosh had increased power. He didn’t know if this was just fate, or if the storyline required this. However, what was certain was that these three had been increased to a level that he had to admire.

Everything in Dawn was in place just to maintain good gameplay.

The NPCs in the game were incomparably powerful, and players could only serve as cannon fodder. This was what was commonly called being a footman – an unimportant person, not able to achieve major things. As for things they could do, they could only take on random odd jobs, and as for how important they were, that simply wasn’t even worth talking about!

In various aspects, Dawn wasn’t as good as the first universal virtual game, ‘New World’. Although the gameplay of New World wasn’t comparable, in definitely outclassed Dawn in how captivating it was.

New World gave players lots of pathways for development, and after people reached a certain level of strength, anyone from any role could fight a close battle with an important figure in the game.

At the moment, Lu Li and Water Fairy could definitely lend a land.

However, there was no way for them to become the main fighting team against the vicious Onyxia.

Even so, the damage that they dealt was still noticeable. Lu Li quietly negotiated with Water Fairy. They would wait until Onyxia was dying, and then they would lash out to see if they could snatch the last hit.

If they could do that, then Onyxia would drop equipment.

On their road of killing so far, most Bosses didn’t drop equipment. Lu Li and Water Fairy could only share in the Reputation. After all, those other Bosses would definitely be killed with an NPC attack. They could only be of some supportive assistance.

What would this Onyxia drop this time? She evidently wasn’t an ordinary Instance Dungeon Boss, nor was she a wild Boss.

All of the above depended on if they could get the final attack.

They attacked Onyxia for a long time without success, and she herself was getting war-weary, realizing a little late that she was being caught up in a gang fight.

She suddenly had a bright idea, holding her breath and blowing it towards the bound-up Prince Anduin.

As soon as he saw this, Lu Li immediately began to feel numb. Their quest was to save someone, and as soon as they failed in that, then it was pretty obvious what would happen to the quest reward. Even if they killed Onyxia, it wouldn’t be complete.

They had to blink over to block the baptism of fire, but there was already someone ahead of him.

Gorosh’s memory was still not completely recovered, but he already expressed a definite desire to protect his son. He fiercely went right over Anduin’s body, hugging him, planning to use his own body to take the fiery blast.

The flames that Onyxia spit out were no ordinary flames. These were the sorts of flames that Thargas Anvilmar had been preparing all along for, having the Dwarves forge towering shields to help with their protection.

However, Thargas Anvilmar had just been swept away by a dragon tail, and he still hadn’t gotten back up yet.

There was someone who was again quicker than Lu Li. There was nothing he could do, as his position wasn’t ideal. Even if he used a Sudden Thrust, he couldn’t get right over to give some sort of protection any quicker that those two fathers protecting Anduin.

Gorosh didn’t die, even though he thought in his heart he was definitely going to die.

Varian, that is, the elegant, refined Varian, appeared next to Gorosh and flocked the Broodmother’s fatal flames. He has saved his ‘brother’ and his son.

Lu Li and Water Fairy simply didn’t get involved. Thargas Anvilmar also rushed over, holding up a shield.

The two of them attacked Onyxia with all their might. Regardless of whether the 2 Varians had died, if they didn’t defeat Onyxia, and Anduin kicked the bucket too, then there really wouldn’t be a king in Stormwind City.

When Lu Li and Water Fairy ended up going to attack Onyxia, something miraculous happened.

Varian’s block actually made Onyxia’s magic produce the opposite effect. The two Varians fused into one, right in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Keep up the attack! Let everything go!”

Lu Li and his partner rushed over and fought with everything they had.

The newly combined, complete Varian also rushed towards Onyxia, who was still spewing out fire.

He was extremely powerful, and with a slash of a sword, he split open Onyxia’s head.

“Has the monster been snatched away?” Lu Li asked dejectedly.

He really was a little greedy. Up until now, the quest could have been said to be completed perfectly. Jaina had made her arrangements, and Varian here could lead strong advance. They had done a lot to protect the bridge as well; Thargas could vouch for them.

“No, it looks like it can still be taken!” Water Fairy exclaimed as she got close to the corpse and discovered a pleasantly surprising secret.

“Snowy, quick, loot it.”

“Aren’t you looting it?”

“Snowy are you doing this on purpose? You really want me to loot it?”

“Ugh, it’ll still be me looting it.”

Water Fairy stuck her tongue out, and proceeded to take the loot from the corpse.

Reins of the Onyxian Drake!

This was a flying mount.

Black Dragon’s Teeth!

A Legendary thief weapon – a dagger!

Lu Li gave both these things to Water Fairy. He didn’t have a big need for a mount, and with the girl being so carefree, she probably had an urge to collect together some exquisite items.

As for the dagger, Lu Li could use it, but he was still planning to use two single-handed swords for even more damage.

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