The Great Thief

Chapter 1953 - Sorrowless’ Press Conference

Chapter 1953: Sorrowless’ Press Conference

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Water Fairy was very thankful of Valeera Sanguinar, to the point where she left her fiancée to talk to her for a while.

Lu Li found it very hard to understand sistership between girls. Evidently, they had some fruitful conversations, but how did that turn into two Enhanced Skill Books? Valeera Sanguinar’s reward and Varian’s had nothing to do with each other.

At the moment, Valeera Sanguinar was the royal consultant of Stormwind City.

This meant that she didn’t pledge loyalty to the Alliance. She was only loyal to Varian Wrynn and his son, Anduin Wrynn.

Her achievements allowed her a foothold in Stormwind City as well as a position beyond the ordinary.

In comparison, Valeera Sanguinar and Broll Bearmantle were the true ministers of outstanding service. Lu Li and Water Fairy were blocks that connected at the opportunistic time.

Broll Bearmantle couldn’t stay. Even though he promised to come back and visit old friends at Stormwind City and guide young prince Anduin in some of nature’s ways, he still hoped to return to the forest.

Lu Li and the others completed their mission. The results of the top 8 in the second season of the professional league were ready to be released.

The ones with the highest accumulated points were Seventh Heaven, followed by Peerless City, then Glory Capital, Drizzle Court, Ruling Sword, Wings of Dawn, Blood Red War Flag and Azure Guard.

These eight clubs became the top 8 clubs of this competition.

Glory Capital’s accumulated points weren’t so high mainly because they had sent many new faces into the arena. It was as if they didn’t give much weight to professional leagues, hence why they had lost a lot of points.

In fact, Ruling Sword was a bit similar. Other than Moonlight who couldn’t get enough of PVP, Lu Li would much rather go shopping with Water Fairy in real life.

“Who’s our next opponent? Is there any official news yet?” Lu Li asked as he returned to the club headquarters.

Now that the top 8 had been revealed, the matchup of the first round would also appear. Starting from the top 8, matches would be held at offline events. If there was an away game then they had to fly to the city of the home field.

“It should be Azure Guard, but don’t worry about it now. Come quick and look at this live broadcast,” Square Root 3 urged as he swiped out a large screen and appeared right in front of Lu Li.

It was Sorrowless on the screen.

“… All these years, as someone who has worked hard to lead a group to fulfil their dreams, I have completed many unbelievable accomplishments… But, I have also sacrificed too much for this and lost many things, including one person’s passing that has left my whole life without any meaning…”

“What the heck is he doing?” Lu Li questioned in confusion.

“A press conference of course, to announce his retirement!”

Square Root 3 still didn’t believe this type of message.

“Him? Retire? No longer fighting in competitions? Or not being club leader?” Lu Li was stunned.

“All of them. He wants to get rid of all duties, to the point of even never playing games again,” Square Root 3 sighed.

“He’s gone mad! Or he was hacked probably! How is this possible?!”

Lu Li speechlessly watched Sorrowless who was all doom and gloom. As someone who was 30 already, he looked younger than he did.

Wasn’t there a saying that decreasing outdoor activities would turn a person’s face whiter? Why didn’t it work in his case then?

He had played games all day every day for the past two years and didn’t need to make a living being out in the sun and rain. Why did he not look pale like a ghost?

“It wasn’t impossible, but he might like Darkness a lot more than we imagined,” Square Root 3 said.

“Darkness? Didn’t they break up? Oh, right, he wants to give up everything to chase Darkness. Then would he join our club?”

“Don’t indulge in wild fantasies. Our first Paladin Healer is probably going to be stolen away,” Square Root 3 sighed.

“Haha, just joking. She can go as she pleases. You’d rather kill a family than break up a marriage, so let them be,” Lu Li said, then thought about the best method for getting rid of Darkness carefully.

Sorrowless finally announced his decision on the screen.

“After this professional league competition finishes, I will retire from all duties inside and outside the game. All related club and guild matters of Glory Capital will be left to…Miss Wendelian’s responsibilities”

The high-level personnel sitting beside him onstage were all frozen. Even the people filming were also stunned.

“Tsk, tsk, I thought it would be White Westhill. I didn’t think all the power would be given to the hands of Wendelian. She’s soared to the top in one go. In the future, her position will be no lesser than your wife’s,” Square Root 3 commented.

“At the very least, she’s not as pretty as my wife,” Lu Li sighed. If this was the case, then another super club would be led by a girl.

Sorrowless had given full power in the heat of the moment to Wendelian. By looking at the expression of White Westhill and few others like Blood Dagger, they had probably accepted this type of result. Wendelian held all power in her hands – the entire Glory Capital system, including its other sub-clubs.

“Plus, she’s not as rich as your wife. What are your plans for the future?” Square Root 3 asked.

“Well what else can we do? I don’t want to mess around like Sorrowless. I plan to marry first… Hmmm, if all else fails, I’ll just have a kid first. That would even save the proposal. Wait. No. I’ve already proposed, and she said yes. So, I could just pick a date and get married.”

Square Root 3 took a glance at the live broadcast on the screen at Sorrowless’ emotion-filled face, then looked back at his own shameless Boss, and felt how different people could be.

In reality, Sorrowless had already handed over all duties as soon as the press conference finished. Wendelian became the new CEO of Glory Capital and controlled everything on her own. Sorrowless only waited for these games to be over before he ran off to chase his life’s love.

Humans were always like this, not treasuring things when they had them, and regretting everything after they lost them.

However, Lu Li thought that Sorrowless had a pretty good chance of getting Darkness. After all, he had given everything up for her. Plus, it wasn’t that Darkness didn’t feel anything for him. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be single without a boyfriend for so many years.

Without a doubt, those who reaped the most reward from Sorrowless’ retirement were his biggest competitors.

The effect of Sorrowless’ retirement was only beginning. He was the one player who created this game’s hegemon. Back when he took over, Glory Capital was a declining third-rate club. Only after experiencing dozens of years of hard work did it reach today’s heights.

No matter Wendelian’s leadership abilities, there would be a process of time needed if she wanted to steady the troops’ morale.

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