The Great Thief

Chapter 30: Bountiful Reward

Chapter 30: Bountiful Reward

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“I’ve previously tried to work part in time in games. It’s easy to earn money.” Azure Sea Breeze still hadn’t graduated yet and didn’t know how difficult it was to find a job, so he didn’t accept the offer too easily.

“I sold a skill book yesterday and made 25,000 in real money,” Lu Li said casually.

Azure Sea Breeze immediately responded: “You sold a book for 25,000?”

“I still have some equipment in my backpack and if I sold them, I could probably make several thousands more. Even if I was really unlucky and sold them all at their minimum price, it would still be 20,000 in real money.” Lu Li was fanning the flames of Azure Sea Breeze’s interest.

Azure Sea Breeze’s breaths were short and the sword that he was gripping was shaking. His blood surged as Lu Li showed him a whole new world.

Currently in society, everyone was becoming ‘smarter’, which resulted in needing less manpower. A marketing student like Azure Sea Breeze could only earn 10,000 per month at most, by working from early morning until late at night. He would also need to accept the various difficulties with leadership, making the whole experience stressful.

Moreover, Azure Sea Breeze was not part of a rich family. While he didn’t live in a slum, his parents were just ordinary workers who rented.

“I’m planning for a group of around 10 people…”

“Count me in!” Lu Li hadn’t finished speaking but Azure Sea Breeze had already called out.

“I told you all this so you would join me. Now focus on the boss - you don’t know when it’s going to go berserk. When it does, protecting your HP is the top priority,” Lu Li reminded him.

These two had been in a fight with Kleig for over an hour now. It was almost night, but they still hadn’t killed it yet. Maybe it didn’t want to waste any more time, as it had reached 5% HP and was still not in berserk mode. It even transformed into a weaker state. A straightforward announcement was then made by the System.

System Announcement: Lu Li and Azure Sea Breeze have successfully achieved the first clear of a wild boss - Kleig!

This announcement had not yet been made to the World Announcements or the Faction Announcement, but once it was made in the Local Announcements, many people immediately came out from the bushes.

Elegant Village Sister: “What kind of things does a Wild boss drop, let me see…”

Grinning Laugh: “It shouldn’t be that much weaker than an Instance Dungeon boss, but the fact that these two people could kill it is pretty impressive.”

Festive Sacrifice: “The people who completed the first clear of an Instance Dungeon also included these two experts. I’ve heard of Azure Sea Breeze who is an expert in the game ‘Shadow Realm’, but I have no idea who this Lu Li is.”

Lu Li and Azure Sea Breeze didn’t have any time at all to bother with these players’ comments. They were too busy staring at the loot!

A wild boss dropping items was especially magnificent, with a bloom of equipment and materials flying everywhere.

They hastily picked up all of the items, afraid that a stranger would appear and steal them.

“You pick things up really quickly!” Azure Sea Breeze exclaimed.

“I have a lot of bonus Agility,” Lu Li responded. In his previous life, he had stolen many things by picking them up quickly, which led him to offend many unions.

“Well, I don’t know how to respond to that.” Azure Sea Breeze was speechless.

“Let’s see how good the items are. After all, this is the first Wild Boss,” Lu Li said with anticipation.

He really needed more money; it was 60,000 for the penalty fee, in addition to finding a new house, changing schools for little sisters, food and clothes…

4 Equipment:

Bloodseeker’s Axe (Steel): Damage 18-36, Strength +5. Special Effect: Attacks with this weapon have 10% armor penetration. This effect cannot be stacked. Equipment Requirement Lv 5, Durability 30/30.

Snake Skin Bag (Bronze): 10 Spaces, reduce weight by 5%.

Jungle Herdsmen Helmet (Bronze): Armor 6, Intelligence +2, Equipment Requirement Lv 5, Durability 30/30. (One piece of the Jungle Herdsmen suit, exclusive to Druids)

Jungle Herdsmen Leg Guard (Bronze): Armor 10, Intelligence +2, Equipment Requirement Lv 5, Durability 30/30. (One piece of the Jungle Herdsmen suit, exclusive to Druids)

1 Skill Book:

Shield Wall: Instant Cast, 60 second cooldown. All damage received is reduced by 60%, lasting for 5 seconds. Need to have a shield equipped. Proficiency 0/1000.

There was also 1 piece of material:

Horn of Kleig: Forging Material, provides 5% additional armor piercing for weapons. Requires high level forging.

There was also a significant amount of money that was dropped. Between the two of them, they received 13 silver coins and several potions. However, the Boss was only level 3, so the potions weren’t of a very high level.

The axe was clearly the best item and by far the most valuable.

The Snake Skin Bag was currently not very valuable, as two 6 space bags didn’t sell for more than 1 Gold. Lu Li planned to hold on to the Snake Skin Bag, as he regularly opened treasure chests which required him to have a large storage space.

As for the two bronze equips, it was hard to say.

Even though they were bronze equipment, their attributes were good. In addition to this, when both were equipped, there would be an additional effect: Recover skill duration increased by 6 seconds.

Recover: Instant Cast, consumes 30 mana to restore 15 HP on a target, subsequently restores 5 HP every 3 seconds for 9 seconds.

Recover was one of Healer Druid’s most used spells. This suit extended the skill duration, which was valuable in a combat situation.

“Are you interested in the Axe? It’s pretty useful while training.” Lu Li passed the axe to Azure Sea Breeze.

Azure Sea Breeze brandished the axe and returned it to Lu Li: “This is more useful for a warrior playstyle and not at all for me. Go sell it for money, I’d like the skill book.”

This axe was suited to a Berserk Warrior, but Azure Sea Breeze had taken the defensive route. However, the skill book was clearly useful for him.

After using Shieldstrike to draw aggro, a Defense Warrior could then use Shield Wall to guarantee the safety of the whole party. Azure Sea Breeze didn’t hold his interests back.

Lu Li had no qualms with giving it up; the skill book’s value wasn’t even close to that of the Steel Axe.

“You can take this 6 space bag. I have a 10 space one already.” Lu Li took out the bag and threw it at him. “I’ll sell the rest and split the money with you later.”

“Don’t do that.” Azure Sea Breeze waved his hand. “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have even found the boss. All I did was spend some of my time. Taking this skill book is already more than enough.”

“We fought it together, we have to split it evenly,” Lu Li responded.

“What I’m saying, Big brother, is that since you formed the party, you are the leader. You can’t lead by just splitting everything evenly - you have to look at the members’ contribution and what they want.” Azure Sea Breeze started to sweat profusely, “Friendships have unspoken rules, and the party will need to be the same.”

Hearing how serious he was, Lu Li kept the rest of the items.

Azure Sea Breeze was more passionate about the group that he was, and didn’t stop talking about it, asking: “What now? Do we need to recruit more people?”

“We can slowly recruit people. Tomorrow, our first order of business is to help someone break an Instance Dungeon record. Aren’t you in touch with a few large unions? Ask them how much they are willing to pay to improve the record by 5 minutes.”

Lu Li had many ways to make money in mind, but unable to carry many of them out. As of now, the market of helping other people grind was still in its fledgling stages. Most unions were just trying to survive.

“Let’s go back. We don’t have much time left.” When the game went into night, the wild was significantly more dangerous. They both took out their Hearthstones and activated them.

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