The Great Worm Lich

Chapter 418 - Big Eye’ Obtained

Chapter 418: ‘

Big Eye’ Obtained

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Emerson used his familiarity with how news wirked to stir up the audience’s emotions. Listening to the news he broadcasted, Sheila fell into a long moment of silence before suddenly whispering, “Wow, a monkey that is about as powerful as 10,000 King Kongs added up together. My dear sisters, do you think it’s a ‘small pet’ controlled by Lisheng or his newly obtained transformation?”

“Didn’t you see its eyes? The monkey must have a soul…” Tina whispered the first half of the sentence and Trish continued the second half with mixed emotions. “Not only that, but it’s a soul that is very brutal and crazy. It must be Lisheng’s transformation.”

“I think so too.” Upon hearing the two girls’ answer, Sheila nodded in agreement. “Tina dear, you know what I’m thinking right now?”

Tina shook her head.

“When I saw the monkey’s brutal and crazy actions, I keep thinking Lisheng must have been ‘better’ in bed than what I used to have imagined,” Sheila wriggled her brows as she said with a smile.

“Sheila, can you please stop looking at your best friend’s boyfriend sexually…” Tina said exasperatedly. Before she could finish her words, she had already burst out laughing.

At once, the inexplicably heavy atmosphere in the car eased.

At this time, Trish took a deep breath and suddenly said, “It’s finally over…”

A beautiful smile appeared on her face.

Gradually, the three smiling girls hugged one another in the back seat of the taxi, with tears unknowingly dripping from their eyes while Tina and Sheila murmured together, “Yes, it’s over…”

Outside the car window, Boston, which had experienced the horrible monster war, had gradually recovered its calmness, but the pain that this calamity brought to this city would inevitably take a long time before everyone could cope with it.

When the taxi slowly drove back to Harvard campus in the traffic that was slowly getting smoother, it had only just turned afternoon. Yet all the students and faculty members that were walking on the deserted campus already had a white flower pinned on their chests, with a sorrowful look on each of their faces that was causing the mood of the three girls that had finally been lifted up to become dampened once again after they got out of the taxi.

Being affected by the grief around them, they walked silently to the car parked under the tree and slumped into the seat weakly. Exchanging looks with one another, none of them wanted to speak at all.

It was only until a hoarse voice suddenly resonated from the last row of the large seven-seater SUV—”Tina, have you bought the couple shirt that I told you to buy?”—did Tina turned her head excitedly and shouted in pleasant surprise, “Baby, your back!”

“That’s right! Since I’ve said that, I’ll meet you in the SUV soon, of course I have to keep my promise,” Zhang Lisheng said with a smile as he retracted his lizard’s transformation power and revealed a naked body before rummaging out a thin blanket from the trunk connecting to the car and wrapping it on himself.

“Oh, Lisheng, to me, you appearing in the car naked is not only ‘keeping your promise’, but it’s also like a dream come true as well,” Sheila, who was sitting in the middle of the SUV, turned her head and looked at the young man before saying with a grin.

“Sheila, my body is not as nicely built as those boyfriends of yours. It’s not worth seeing at all.” Zhang Lisheng shrugged uncomfortably. “Tina, have you bought the clothes I asked for?”

“I’m sorry, baby. My mind was all jumbled up just now, so I’ve forgotten about it.” Tina shook her head apologetically. “But we’ll soon reach the beach where there’ll be a lot of hawkers selling shorts and shirts. It’s going to take a while though.”

Then, she started the car and drove onto the road before speeding towards the beach.

On the way, looking out from the window, they could see that the profound impact the tragedy in Harvard Stadium brought had infiltrated throughout the entire city. Many citizens had walked to the disastrous scene with white flowers in their hands.

“Look! Many people are going to Harvard Stadium to offer flowers. It’s a good thing that they don’t know that I was the one who ruined the stadium.” Zhang Lisheng could keenly feel that Tina’s driving had become stiff, and her gaze seemed to be involuntarily evading the flow of people on the two sides of the street. After pondering for a while, he purposely cracked a casual joke, “Speaking of it, several tens of thousands of people have died in this disaster. Moreover, most of the victims were elite students from famous universities who had a great future ahead of them. I really wonder how the government will deal effectively with the aftermath. If it wasn’t because there was no longer any living person in the stadium when I slammed my wooden stick down, I would have rescued a few students from these famous universities so they could help get the poor president out of this mess.”

The last sentence was a lie but no one could prove it otherwise. After all, all witnesses had already become a bloody pile of flesh mixed with the rubble already.

“That monkey is indeed you,” Tina’s hands slipped and the SUV suddenly swayed to a sharp turn on the road. “No living person? Baby, you mean, that big horrifying eye killed everybody in the stadium.”

“Whoa, steady the steering wheel, will you, Tina?” The young man reminded him as he casually answered, “When I slammed my stick down just now, everyone on the spectator seat had already become tattered dolls. It looked like some blood ritual from a horrifying scene! Oh, but from the point of view of that Sovereign of Truth, he did no wrong for carrying out such a cruel thing at all. After all, the number of civilians that the US army killed in aggression against Shrimp World No. 1 is probably ten times, or more than tens of thousands.”

The more Zhang Lisheng said so, the more apparent it was to say that he was feeling guilty. Even so, the girls were completely convinced that he was not a butcherer and not only that, but he was also a hero who protected Boston as well. However, Trish still retorted, “Lisheng, killing civilians is wrong, no matter for whatever reason! Let me give you an example, suppose you had not been not there and the big red eye had managed to escape from the stadium, just how big the calamity would have taken place? The nearest military base to Boston is in New York, and if the United States National Guard couldn’t stop it, then perhaps the entire city would have been destroyed. If something like this really had happened, other than authorizing the military to carry out a devastating retaliation by using nuclear weapons, there was no basically any other way the President could have done to get rid of the anger of the people. For this reason, other than sparking off a greater scale and a more brutal, unscrupulous war, there’s no other thing that the action of that mad god from Shrimp World No. 1 could achieve!”

“It’s still better than folding one’s hand while waiting to be slain. Besides, your argument is not valid, Trish. This is because even if I hadn’t been able to defeat the big eye and so would the United States National Guard, the Sovereign of Truth would have never risked letting its precious Eye of Raging Fire destroy Boston. In its eyes, the Eye Beast King is much more important than a city in the foreign world. Oh, you should hear the ‘talk show’ he gave when the big eye was on the verge of dying. It was very humorous!”

“We’ve heard what the Sovereign of Truth was saying through the Tudenan Valley broadcast, but we didn’t find it humorous.” Suddenly, Trish turned to look at Zhang Lisheng and said, “But judging from its tone, it’s true that it really cared about that big eye a lot…”

“It’s a pity that it’s already useless no matter how much it cared. The powerful Eye Beast King is mine now!” The young man interrupted the girl’s words and said with a tinge of an irrepressible pride in his tone.

“It’s yours? I don’t quite understand, Lisheng. Haven’t you turned into a monkey and risked your life by growing three heads and six arms to destroy that big eye? Why did you say that it’s yours now?”

“How should I explain it to you, Trish?” Zhang Lisheng pondered for a while. “Well, to put it simply, I’ve learned an amazing technique on my trip to China this time. I can use my consciousness to assimilate the soul of a dead beast and then incarnate into that beast.”

“Oh? Then does it mean that the reason you could transform into a giant ape today was that you’ve killed a giant ape before this, and today, you have obtained another ability, assimilating into that terrifyingly giant red eye?” Tina could not help but exclaim.

Upon hearing this question, Zhang Lisheng thought of how he had absorbed the eye beast’s soul using the Witchcraft’s Gate of Sacrifice’s spell by summoning his courage with great determination to welcome a battle of life-and-death after his repeated calculation and hesitation. During the battle, the monster he came across was nothing but a foolish monster who would only fight back with its invisible force only when it attacked while it was without a master. At once, he could not help but smile happily.

After that, he nodded and replied, “Yes, that’s why I’d say that the big eye is now mine!”

“This spell sounds kinda powerful!” Sheila gasped in admiration.

“Sheila, something may look nice on the outside, but in truth, it’s very dangerous,” Zhang Lisheng shrugged and said with a deep, underlying meaning. “Particularly a battle of strength between souls…”

As they were speaking, the car had already parked in a parking space adjacent to the coast.

“Wait here, baby. I’ll go buy clothes for you.” Tina opened the door and got out of the car. At this time, it was not convenient for Sheila and Trish to stay in the car either, so they waved at Zhang Lisheng and left the car as well.

Looking at the back of the three girls who were walking towards the beach, the relaxed expression on the young man’s face gradually disappeared. Smiling wryly, he opened the thin blanket and looked down at the wounds he was suffering from before muttering thoughtfully, “Come to think of it, it’s quite scary. It’s indeed powerful and fierce for me to transform into a monkey for the battle but compared to using the transformation power to command the wizard gus, it lacks adaptation and route of retreats. Looks like I shouldn’t use it so often anymore…”

When Zhang Lisheng was deep in his ponderation, the three girls had already returned to the car with a few swimsuits and shorts. Tina passed the swim trunks, shorts, and sweatshirts that were all black to her boyfriend and waved the skimpy bikini in her hand before smiling. “Is it nice, baby? Trish, Sheila and I have bought new swimsuits, and the seawater is still warm now! We can go surfing in the water for a while.”

The instant the girl’s words left her mouth, Sheila, who was by the side, gave a body roll gracefully and slowly took off her shorts. Seductively, she said, “Lisheng, to reward your contributions in saving Boston today, I’ve decided to give a striptease for you, other than accompanying you while you’re paddling and surfing later on.”

“Thank you so much, Sheila. I’m afraid I’m not interested in a striptease show without a pole though. Tina, wait for me at the beach after all of you have finished changing,” Zhang Lisheng shrugged and seized the opportunity to nihilate his body using the lizard’s transformation power to through the car before charging towards the sea.

After swimming in the sea away from the shore for a while, the young man changed his lizard’s transformation power into a wyrmdragon and killed many large fishes using his water skimming omniscient power. After that, he retrieved the wizard power and endured the injuries on his body as he began to chow down hurriedly.

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