The Great Worm Lich

Chapter 453 - Those who Submit Will Prosper while Those who Resist Shall Perish

Chapter 453: Those who Submit Will Prosper while Those who Resist Shall Perish

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Upon hearing the bloodcurdling loud cry from the street, many people on the mainland town immediately looked out from their windows. Once they’re assured that no Hellfire tribesman is riding a giant spider, only then did they carefully walked out of the door with iron weapons in their hands. Treading on the street that was not empty, they went to see what was going on.

Since the mainlanders on the Wizard Li Island were mostly captured from Tantorn Family’s fleet, most of the residents in the town were young and middle-aged seafarers. There were very few elderly people, and over 80% of them were male.

Most of the men on the sea were bold but cautious. In the women’s panic, they pointed at the lumberjacks whose bodies were distorted into a bizarre angle. It was hovering in the air for about two to three meters away from the ground in the town entrance. They shouted incoherently, “It’s Bach! I-I see Bach’s big belly! Oh my God! What’s going on with them…”

“It’s indeed those people who went out to log! Nowick! Nowick is there too! No! This is not true… No…”

“Go! Go find Sir Charlot! Let us go find Sir Charlot! Help! Help! Sir…”

At a loss of what to do, they assumed speculations after seeing the lumberjacks’ ambiguous cries and Zhang Lisheng’s unfamiliar figure—the foul-mouthed, reckless lumberjacks must have provoked a spellcaster who had encountered a shipwreck.

To an ordinary mainlander, a spellcaster was a mighty being. However, a pale-looking spellcaster who looked at the verge of his death was a whole nother story.

A few brave, strong men from the town who had high positions in the Tantorn’s fleet contradictorily hesitated for a while. One of them summoned his courage and gritted his teeth. When he gazed fiercely with his men and slowly walked towards Zhang Lisheng, he realized that all of them actually walked up to Zhang Lisheng to circle him in unison.

Sensing their malicious intention, a soundless, cruel smile crept upon the corner of the young man’s mouth. At this time, Amenas, who was beside him, suddenly shouted loudly at the top of her lungs, “Why? Why are you doing this? You kidnapped us here to this damn island and snatched my father’s life. Now, you actually came to trample my peaceful life again! Why? Why do you have to be so cruel?! It must not be hard for you to kill us, so why do you want to torture us to give us a glimpse of hope and then take it away from us again? You’re a demon! You’re the devil…”

The beautiful woman seemed to be on the verge of having an emotional breakdown. With her face twisted, she shouted and slumped on the ground incoherently. The sailors who had been creeping towards Zhang Lisheng could roughly guess some horrible conclusions from her words. Immediately, colors rained from their faces as they began to retreat slowly.

Zhang Lisheng, on the other hand, looked at the woman who was shouting with a hoarse voice at his feet and continued to remain silent. Only until Amens had completely vented that inexplicable sadness and rage in her heart did he finally spoke calmly. “I have never wanted to destroy your peaceful life, Miss Amenas. By the time I’ve managed the order in this town, I promise that your life will definitely become better.”

When his words left his mouth, an old, enraged, dignified voice resonated from the distant, “This place doesn’t need you to manage the order, Lord! We’re delighted with our lives now, and the fact that we can have such a life here in the Hellfire island is already equivalent to being in the kingdom of god…”

“Charlot, don’t talk to me in such a sarcastic tone.” Zhang Lisheng looked up at the old man, whose body was shivering slightly but who still walked steadily towards Zhang Lisheng. Staring into his eyes, he shook his head. “I’ve ordered to build this town on the Wizard Li Island. I also strictly prohibited the Hellfire people from harassing your lives with the premise that this place must follow the order I made. You, Navigator Hanoo, and the dead Corister, Amyreda, Udura, and Constance have helped my tribe to open the big gate to glory. Thus, your families should be revered by all on this land that I rule. Whether the Hellfire people or the mainlanders, this will never change. Frankly, I am very disappointed that you’d actually let these despicable lumberjacks insult Navigator Constance’s daughter after his death…”

“L-Lord, they’re just joking! No one really dares t-to do anything serious…” Charlot, who was already walking near towards Zhang Lisheng, was stunned. He was not expecting that the Hellfire tribesmen’s overlord would actually be enraged to the point that he would kill because of this kind of reasoning. Looking at Amenas, who was twitching on the ground, he opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything.

“Charlot, they didn’t need to do anything serious to violate my majesty and trample on my rules…” Zhang Lisheng smirked coldly. Abruptly, he cast a wave of invisible energy at the lumberjacks who were restrained in the air and tormented them until they turned into corpses, before throwing them at the flat street of the town.

Standing amid the pool, he glanced around and announced out loud, “All mainlanders, there is one thing you have to keep in mind! In this town, no one shall ever offend the people with the surnames of Kasandra, Charlot, Corister, Amyreda, Udura, Constance, and Hanoo! Violators will either be beheaded or hanged. From now on, the food that the Hellfire tribesmen will provide to the town will be equally distributed to Kasandra, Charlot, Corister, Amyreda, Udura, Constance, and Hanoo. They will be in charge of distributing the food to all of you. In other words, if they’re unhappy with any of you, you’d have to enter the jungle to pick wild fruit or hunt for your own food. Also, we will station a Wizard Li warrior troop in this town from now on. They will always patrol the street, so don’t try any of your luck by challenging my authority. You only have one human life, after all.”

When the young man finished giving his announcement, he shook his head once again at Charlot. “Charlot, you’re a very outstanding navigator, but unfortunately, you’re not a qualified person to run this city. I first thought that your progress would surprise me today. Who knew things would actually turn out to be this bad.”

“I-I don’t understand what you’re saying, Lord Spiritual Monster! I-I can’t understand at all. This is only a s-small matter…” Charlot’s fearless courage that his rage elicited earlier had disappeared. Being stared at by Zhang Lisheng’s bright eyes, he stuttered dryly.

“Charlot, when two people are standing at two different places, of course, their view will be very different too. Some things may appear severe to you, but they may be trivial to me. Similarly, some things may appear trivial to you, but it may be serious to me.” Zhang Lisheng waved his hand to interrupt the old man’s voice. “I was born in an ancient country with a long history. In my motherland, changes in the cruel dynasty and competitions of nations for territories and politics has run its course throughout civilization. In fact, no matter which history of ancient civilization it is, it’s always the same. However, the ancestors of my motherland are smarter; they’ve recorded countless war stratagems and methods to become strong. The most incisive one of them is called ‘those who submit will prosper, while those who resist shall perish’…”

“A-Aren’t you a spiritual monster born in the sea? C-Could it be that the spiritual monster actually has a country in the sea too?!” Upon hearing the words of the island’s Hellfire overlord, Charlot’s eyes widened as he interjected in horror.

“It’s not important for you to know whether spiritual monsters have a country in the sea or not. What’s important is for you to understand my thoughts.” Zhang Lisheng pursed his lips and continued, “The saying ‘those who submit will prosper while those who resist shall perish’ means that I will guarantee a prosperous family to talented people who are willing to obey and work for me. This is true even if they live or die. On the contrary, whoever dares to disobey me and regards working for me as a humiliation will be annihilated!”

“W-What you want is a spiritual conquest!” Charlot thought for a while and blurted, in great confusion.

“Looks like you’ve managed to understand my intention right away, Charlot.” The Wizard Li’s overlord showed a satisfied expression on his face, “I’ve once said before that I’ll go to the Oasis Mainland to buy slaves to fill the town. This will be implemented after you have completely gained my trust, but before that, you and Hanoo must first manage the town for me. I know that this matter is too hard for you, but I have no other usable mainland talents under me now. For this reason, you have no choice but to take responsibility for it. Remember, your strict treatment towards these sailors is actually saving them and the lives of thousands of mainlanders. After all, if I still don’t find the scene to be satisfactory the next time I step into this town, I’ll use the simplest method to deal with the mainland captives. Other than the scholars and the craftsmen, I’ll kill all men who are higher than my chest.”

Once he finished saying so, the young man cast a last glance at the pale mainlanders around him. He transformed his body using the wyrmdragon’s transformation power. Condensing clouds at his feet, he flew up to the sky and soon disappeared in a blink of an eye.

After flying back to Wizard Li, he immediately called Tugra to see him and reprimanded him. After giving out his order to hand over all the supplies of food and ironwares of the town mainlanders to Kasandra, Charlot, Corister, Amyreda, Udura, Constance, and Hanoo first from now on, he chose 100 elite warriors. He then stationed them at the town to carry out patrolling duties.

The Wizard Li’s headman handled everything according to the tribal Conqueror’s instruction but was reprimanded for no reason, in the end, causing him to feel wronged. Nevertheless, he did not show any of it on his face. He did not even say any word to refute and just desperately kept his head close to the mud while keep replying ‘Yes.’

Upon seeing Tugra’s ashamed and fearful manner, Zhang Lisheng suddenly chuckled, “Actually, come to think of it, I can’t blame you for this too. It was me who told you not to meddle into the mainland town’s matters, so of course, you dared not meddle into it. Now that some situation has arisen, there’s no reason for me to blame you at all.”

“Conqueror, as the headman, I should bear the responsibility for letting those arrogant mainland sailors insult the people that you’re protecting on the Wizard Li Island…”

“Alright, Tugra. Don’t blame yourself anymore.” Zhang Lisheng waved his hand as he spoke. “The mainland town matter is essential in the long run, but if we can’t successfully conquer the Hellfire Archipelago, everything will still be a delusion. We’ll just go along with the flow after sending out a hundred warriors there. What’s more important now is to mix the Wizard Li chief warriors who received my blessing ritual into the 130,000 elite warriors that we haven’t dispatched yet. We will do this so we can continue to conquer the few remaining islands in the sea region around Moon Island.”

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