The Human Emperor

Chapter 1895 - Fusion! The Black Flame Ifrit!

Chapter 1895: Fusion! The Black Flame Ifrit!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong’s sword had slashed away the Ifrit’s pride and obliterated its confidence! Even an Ifrit would fear death!

“Khatabah, let’s fuse! Destroy the Nightmare Beast and this human, and I will agree to help you crush the east and forever regard you as king!”

The Ifrit’s panicked bellow echoed across the skies.

The Ifrit Core was an object it had agreed to create as part of the terms of its agreement with those powerful Psychic Energy practitioners of the ancient era, and it had also been the one to create the fusion method, but the Ifrit was also unimaginably proud.

Deep within its heart, it would never be willing to fuse with a creature it regarded as an ant.

But it no longer had a choice!


That young man floating in the air was reflected in its golden eyes… It had never imagined that it would be afraid of a human.

That human… that terrifying human! As long as he was killed and that sacred sword destroyed, it did not care what price it had to pay, what dignity it had to sacrifice.


As Wang Chong unleashed the power of the sacred sword, the Ifrit’s massive body shot toward Khatabah in a streak of flame. At the same time, Khatabah exploded with light and flew with the Moon God Tree, Ifrit Core, and Moon God Ring into the Ifrit’s body.


Time seemed to stop, and a moment later, Khatabah and the Ifrit raised their heads to the sky and gave inhuman howls of pain. In a flash, Khatabah’s energy vanished, and the Ifrit’s aura also substantially changed.


Dark clouds converged on all sides, and in the air, a massive black tree manifested. At the top of this black tree floated a dark crescent moon.

And between the crescent moon and the divine tree…


A pair of narrow, dark, and callous eyes opened, like a sleeping god beginning to awaken.

“The evil moon god!”

The Great Tang side didn’t know the story behind those massive eyes, but Adnan and Lucis, Khatabah’s subordinates, instantly paled. The Arabian Empire venerated only the True God. As for the ancient moon god, it had been declared as heresy long ago.

All of this was described in great detail in their historical records.

No one had expected Khatabah to borrow the power of the Moon God’s tree and ring to summon the remnant will of the moon god.

“Your Holiness!”

All of Khatabah’s generals on the battlefield became uneasy, but none of them dared to say anything.

Raaaa! Under the gaze of the moon god and the black crescent moon, the Ifrit howled. As if enormous amounts of energy were being poured into it, the Ifrit’s body began to enlarge at terrifying speeds.

Its already immense body soon exceeded a height of two hundred meters, and it seemed to break through some natural threshold and rise to an even higher realm. Fwoosh!

The flames on the Ifrit’s body danced and swelled, and their color turned from bright yellow to a tyrannical black tinged with a dark red. These flames seemed even more dangerous than before.

And the Ifrit’s golden vertical eyes also changed shape after fusing with Khatabah, becoming a pair of human eyes!

Khatabah’s eyes!

Wang Chong, upon seeing those eyes, was deeply stunned.

Wang Chong had never encountered a monster like this before. Not even the Behemoths could compare to it. And in those eyes, Wang Chong sensed unimaginable pressure and danger!

This was a creature of unprecedented terror!


At this moment, the massive shadow sword unleashed by the Xuanyuan Sword struck the Ifrit, but the results this time were completely different. Kaboom! A majestic explosion of Psychic Energy that far transcended the Subtle realm was unleashed, but this new Ifrit merely trembled, its flames rippling for a moment. Although it had been stunned and weakened, it did not leave an indelible wound like the last attack.

Wang Chong and the Nightmare Beast both grimaced.

When the legend of Arabia and the world-destroying monster from ancient times fused, an entirely new creature was born, possessing the inextinguishable body of the Ifrit, its control over flames, and also Khatabah’s supreme strength and formidable mental defenses, thus filling in the Ifrit’s last weakness!

And at the same time, it was absorbing power from the ancient moon god!

The Ifrit reached a level of power far above its peak.

“It’s useless! Starting now, all your attacks against me will be futile! All of you will burn to ash under my flames!”

Khatabah and the Ifrit spoke in unison, their voices suffused with extreme cruelty and danger.

And the black flames around it rapidly churned, casting a bizarre blackness over the battlefield.

“Adnan, Lucis, Abu Muslim, I leave the Tang Great Generals to you. Lead our soldiers and wipe the Tang army out!”

Khatabah’s cold and booming voice rumbled over the battlefield.

All the Tang soldiers paled, and on the other side, Adnan and the others were invigorated. Arabia was a militaristic country that thrived on war and conquest. Even if Khatabah was borrowing the strength of the ancient moon god, as long as they could crush the east and unify the world, they did not care.


Adnan roared, raising the Blade of Mukala and ordering his men to charge. Nearby, Abu Muslim was also ecstatic.

“Everyone, follow me! Kill!”

Abu Muslim’s body seethed with killing intent, and as he charged forward, he actually rode past Adnan and led his men in a torrent of steel.

“Today, I will personally wash away my humiliation!”

Abu Muslim’s eyes shone red. He had waited far too long for this day.

The shame and contempt that had burdened him since Talas could finally be washed away!



“For the Caliphate!”

Upon hearing the voice of Khatabah and that massive Ifrit, all the Arab soldiers rallied and charged with renewed vigor at the Tang soldiers.


“All soldiers, stand ready!”

The hearts of the Tang soldiers, however, sank. Khatabah and the Ifrit had fused together, creating an even stronger existence, and now they had to face this vast sea of Arab cavalry with the defense line in complete disarray. Without the steel defense line, they were powerless to resist.

“Wang Chong, the formation is ready!” As everyone paled, the Formation Elder’s familiar voice traveling on a mental wave came from the north.


Wang Chong was elated to hear this.

“Prepare to activate it! Leave the rest to me!”

“Okay!” the Formation Elder replied, and then his voice vanished.

The mental wave returned, far to the north, where a lonely figure stood in the Moheyan Desert.

The Formation Elder’s brows were locked together in worry. He had no idea what was happening over there, but from the shockwaves of energy and the war cries of the Arabs, he could tell that the Great Tang was not faring well.

I’ve done all I can. I hope that this helps you!

A hint of worry in his eyes, the Formation Elder turned to the force of seven-thousand-some cavalry Wang Chong had placed under his command.



The cavalry immediately split up into several dozen groups and vanished into the distance.

As Wang Chong had instructed, the Formation Elder had laid down seventy percent of the Nine Heavens Phenomena Formation, and with this order, these cavalry were setting off to finish the last thirty percent.


In the center of the Moheyan Desert, the Formation Elder placed the last formation banner into the sand. At that moment, the formation was complete, and the restless lands of the northwest began to shift.


A massive bolt of lightning cleaved through the sky like a gigantic dragon, parting the skies. Endless dark clouds seethed and churned, converging as if pulled upon by some mysterious force.

Silver snakes flashed in the low clouds, and everyone who saw them felt an immense pressure.

“What’s going on?!”

Everyone noticed this strange weather, and even the giant Ifrit paused, startled.

Just when he was preparing to attack, he saw the phenomena in the sky and instinctively felt uneasy.

The unprecedented war between east and west had caused dark clouds to cover the lands of the northwest, and it was very normal for dark clouds to gather in these circumstances. But what made Khatabah uneasy was that these dark clouds had gathered too quickly.

Moreover, the area covered by the phenomena was too vast, with a radius of several thousand li. This was clearly abnormal, and this didn’t even consider the silver snakes of lightning dancing in the clouds.

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