The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 1444 - who dares to bully my people!

Chapter 1444: Chapter 1444 who dares to bully my people!

Thinking of Ye Linlang who was still in a deep sleep in the room, Jiang Qiran’s heart suddenly tightened. He took large strides and without thinking, he pushed open the door of the room. Ye Linlang lay limply on the ground, her cheeks were abnormally pale. Seeing ye Linlang like this, Jiang Qiran immediately picked her up. The girl in his arms seemed to be in pain. There was a hint of pain between her beautiful brows. When Jiang Qiran saw him like this, he immediately felt his heart ache. The movement of hugging ye Linlang could not help but slow down a little. “Linlang, be good. You’ll be fine in a while.” The black-shirted bodyguard outside the door, who was about to send manager Li to the police station, suddenly heard footsteps and could not help but turn his head. However, when he saw the scene, the bodyguard in black opened his mouth in shock. He had never seen the young master so nervous. Moreover, it was a very young woman. The young master’s cautious and precious expression was as if he was holding his whole world in his arms. .. As if sensing the probing gaze of the bodyguard in black, Jiang Qiran glanced at him and manager Li indifferently. When he passed by manager Li, the male protagonist’s eyes revealed a hint of ruthlessness. “I’ll remember you.” There was clearly no threat, but everyone present shuddered when they heard it! Not to mention manager Li, even the man who had always followed Jiang Qiran felt a chill down his spine when he saw Jiang Qiran’s sinister gaze. Although the bodyguard in black didn’t know much about the grudge between the male protagonist and manager Li, he could roughly guess it when he saw the petite woman in the male protagonist’s arms. He patted manager Li’s shoulder sympathetically, as if he was looking at a dead person. .. Manager Li also knew that he had really kicked an iron plate this time. He couldn’t care less about the pain that came from his weak spot and couldn’t help but want to go up and hug Jiang Qiran’s leg to plead for mercy. “Young Master Jiang, I’m really sorry, but if I had known that Ye Linlang was your woman, I definitely wouldn’t have done this.” “Please spare my life, young master Jiang… sob…” Manager Li’s face was filled with fear and panic. “Spare your life?” “What a joke.” However, Jiang Qiran looked at him carefully and sneered coldly. “But don’t worry, you won’t die.” “Really, really? ! Young Master Jiang, if what you said is true, I promise I will never do such a thing again!” Before manager Li could heave a sigh of relief, he saw the black-shirted bodyguard looking at him as if he was looking at a dead man. Jiang Qiran had no intention of continuing to pay attention to this idiot. He swung his hand and kicked manager Li’s body away. .. The black-shirted bodyguard watched his young master carry ye Linlang and walk away. When their figures disappeared behind the corridor, he finally said to manager Li Softly. “Very few people make our young master care so much.” “I don’t know what you did, but I think you will definitely regret today’s decision. The deadline is very likely to be a lifetime.” “Young master said that you won’t die, so you definitely won’t die, but…” Hearing the bodyguard in Black’s words, manager Li’s expression became even paler. If he had known that ye Linlang had such a great Buddha behind her, even if he had a thousand guts, he wouldn’t have dared to provoke her! The Bodyguard in black gave manager Li a meaningful look. His gaze was more than just sympathy! Manager Li would definitely regret it in the future. He had chosen to beg for mercy and live on, because that man would definitely make his life truly worse than death. .. Twenty minutes later. At the largest city center hospital in City A. A doctor in a white coat walked up to Jiang Qiran. He spoke softly to him. His expression was extremely respectful. “Young Master Jiang, this girl’s body has been injected with a certain amount of hallucinogens.” “But fortunately, the ingredients of that hallucinogen are inferior. After diluting and detoxifying, her body will slowly recover in two to three hours.” When Jiang Qiran heard the doctor’s words, his expression relaxed slightly. He looked at Ye Linlang, who still had her eyes closed, with some heartache. An inexplicable feeling of sourness filled his entire heart. The person he had promised to protect forever. Just a little bit, just a little bit, he was about to be bullied like this in a place he did not know. How could a person whom he regarded as a treasure be insulted like this! .. Thinking of how manager Li had said that he would find ten or eight black men to beat Ye Linlang up, Jiang Qiran felt his heart ache. Jiang Qiran’s pained expression faded away and turned into a thick haze that could not be dispersed. Very good, that man who called himself brother Li. Since he liked such despicable methods so much, then let him go to prison to taste the taste of being beaten up by countless men! Heh, after he was released from prison, he would be sent directly to the slums overseas and be clear about what it meant to regret it for Life! .. At that moment, manager Li had already been sent to the police station by the bodyguards in black. He was completely speechless. When the people in the police station heard that this fat old man had been sent here by the heir-son lord of the Emperor Chen Group, they were all alert and ready for battle. .. In the City Center Hospital of City A. Ye Linlang had been unconscious for more than two hours. Jiang Qiran looked at her quietly without saying a word. Only then did he realize how quiet this girl was when she was asleep. Ye Linlang’s slender neck leaned slightly on the pillow, like a swan waiting to be slaughtered. The man could not help but reach out his hand and gently caressed ye Linlang’s neck. Jiang Qiran was too worried before and had no time to divert his attention. Only now did he notice the sparkling diamond necklace on ye Linlang’s neck. It was never a good idea to wear plain clothes on such a solemn occasion. Ye Linlang didn’t want to rent any jewelry, so she had to wear the diamond that Jiang Qiran had given her for her birthday. The small diamond sparkled beautifully under the hospital lights. A flash of pain suddenly appeared in Jiang Qiran’s deep eyes. He thought that Ye Linlang had thrown this thing away a long time ago. Many years ago, on that afternoon, when she had left,. She had even said that she would return this necklace to him. How ridiculous was that? How could there be any reason to return something that the heir-son lord of the Emperor Chen Group had given away? However, what Jiang Qiran hated the most wasn’t this, but that she didn’t want him. Just like how she had thrown away that necklace, she was determined. .. So, this necklace, Ye Linlang, had always kept it by her side? What did keeping it mean? Jiang Qiran was like an iceberg, but at this moment, a small corner was suddenly knocked off. Just as Jiang Qiran was lost in his thoughts, the delicate girl on the sickbed slowly opened her eyes. As if she had not woken up yet, ye Linlang blinked her watery eyes. “Qiran, is that you? Did I Dream Again?” Ye Linlang looked as pitiful as a lost cat with a look of dependence.

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