The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 1284 (END) - Finale (4)

Chapter 1284: Finale (4)

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“Liu Huo! What are you doing! Put me down quickly!” Ji Fengyan was in a rage when Liu Huo suddenly scooped her up. She did not have time to react, and by the time she reacted, she protested.

Right now she was enraged. She was filled with anger at heaven, who always seemed to toy with her.

Was it so easy to cultivate one inner core!

She should be given some compensation for being struck by lightning. Instead, she was being made to cultivate another inner core. Who under heaven could be so unfair!

Ji Fengyan poured out all her rage on Liu Huo, scratching his back mercilessly.

When Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan, who was lying in his arms like a cat with its fur standing on end, he could not help but burst out laughing. Without saying a word, he carried her out of the mountain forest.

“Do you know they call this kidnapping! You are moments away from being beheaded.” Ji Fengyan grunted. She pretended to fiercely chop her hand at Liu Huo’s neck. Just that her soft motions did not have any lethality to speak of.

“Yes, Queen. I am yours. My life is also yours.” Liu Huo cajoled Ji Fengyan as if she were a small child.

With Ji Fengyan’s ability, all she had to do was speak the word, and every country would have to bow and acknowledge her as overlord. However, she just did not have the ambition for world domination. So she safely burrowed herself within the Free Valley, too lazy to even move.

All the countries were well aware of this situation and were all as meek as little mice. Not just Ji Fengyan herself, but if anyone from the Kingdom of Hua Xia ventured out, every country would carefully host him like an important guest. This was in complete contrast to the tragic state that the Kingdom of Hua Xia had been in when it was first established.

After fussing for a while, Ji Fengyan calmed down. She was gloomy because the road to achieving immortal ascension seemed endless. Who knew when she would ever become an immortal. She sank into her gloom and did not realize that Liu Huo had carried her back to her bedroom. Only when Liu Huo put her on the bed did Ji Fengyan snap out of her trance. She looked at the soft bedding that surrounded her, and an alarm went off in her head. She raised her eyes only to meet Liu Huo’s loving eyes. She was secretly shocked and subconsciously raised her hands to block someone’s chest that was pressing down on her.

“What are you doing?” Ji Fengyan asked cautiously.

“Um.” Liu Huo smiled.

“…” Ji Fengyan vaguely felt that something was amiss.

When they had gotten married, they had not consummated their marriage because of Liu Huo’s deliberate attempts to hide the truth. Now… she sensed danger.

“Calm down. What are you doing?” Ji Fengyan exerted all her force and pushed against Liu Huo’s shoulders.

“You.” Liu Huo narrowed his eyes.


What are you doing?


Even someone as thick-skinned as Ji Fengyan was forced to blush hotly at Liu Huo’s naked teasing. She subconsciously tried to resist, but before she could say a word, Liu Huo had already blocked her mouth.

“Urgh urgh urgh!!” Ji Fengyan protestingly hit Liu Huo’s shoulder, but was helpless because she did not dare to use force.

She would never have dreamt that the pretty little youth she had accidentally brought back would one day become a ravenous wolf that pounced on her.

As the saying goes… the evil we bring on ourselves is the hardest to bear!

Within the bedroom, romance bloomed. Outside the Hua Xia palace, Meng Fusheng, Chi Tong, Gong Zhiyu and Linghe were seated on a dais outside the palace. They watched the little Demon King perch on Bai Ze’s back to avoid Xiao Tianquan’s pursuit. Amidst the uproar, they took a deep breath and exchanged glances as they soaked up the peaceful atmosphere.

Their only wish was for peace on earth, and a lifetime of tranquility.

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