The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 17 - Caught Red-Handed

Chapter 17: Caught Red-Handed

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“It’s getting late. Liu Huo still has to take his medication later. Come, send these guests away.” Ji Fengyan impolitely gave the order for the guests to leave.

After being ordered to leave by Ji Fengyan, Lei Xu and Lei Min’s face had paled, for they had never encountered anything like this in their lives.

Lei Min raised his arms and pointed at Ji Fengyan, “Ji Fengyan! Do you really want to go back on this engagement for this uncultured boy?”

Ji Fengyan raised her brows, her fair fingers playfully moved along the cheeks of the young boy, and her ambiguous actions made Lei Min anxious.

“Uncultured boy? Lei Min, look carefully, how many men in this world can be compared to the beautiful face of my Liu Huo?”

Lei Min was so shocked that he almost spurted blood from his mouth. He didn’t know that this skinny young girl in front of him was that fond of beauty!


Just by comparing looks, the young boy laying on the bed would have won several times over Lei Min, even if that boy’s face was pale and his expression in agony. The usually considerably handsome Lei Min seemed so much more ordinary when compared to this young boy.

“You got me! Ji Fengyan! You better not regret this!” Lei Min angrily stomped out after his embarrassment turned into rage. Lei Xu, with his brows frowning, also left without saying anything, and Su Lingsheng shot Ji Fengyan a meaningful glance before she left.

The two guards standing at the door stood eyes wide open, as they witnessed their Miss angering the three people out of the room using her words, and remained dazed.

“Oh my, they cannot even stand this? Their combat strength is really too weak.” Ji Fengyan disapprovingly shook her head as she looked at the three leave. Her fingers brushed against the young boy’s face while she was acting, and the feel of his smooth skin was quite enjoyable for her.

Just when the two guards were about to praise their Miss for her cleverness, they suddenly turned quiet.

Ji Fengyan did not notice anything. She had intended to secretly pinch the young boy’s face while he was asleep but she suddenly realised something was amiss and instinctively lowered her head.

Her smiling eyes were instantly met with a cold stare.


When did this fellow wake up?

The smile on Ji Fengyan’s face froze as she stared at the young boy who woke up so abruptly. He furrowed his brows while using his deep and sharp eyes to stare at her, whose fingers were still on his smooth cheeks.

This… was awkward…

“You are awake?” Ji Fengyan’s reflexes acted extremely quickly. Her fingers, which had intended to take advantage of him, changed into a palm that touched the young boy’s forehead while she pretended to look serious.


The young boy continued to look emotionlessly at Ji Fengyan.

A cold voice came from his mouth. “Who are you?”

Although he was obviously still a young boy, and his voice sounded immature, his tone gave an oppressive feeling that did not match his age, neither did his gaze.

Ji Fengyan was slightly dazed, but she immediately came back to senses. “I am Ji Fengyan. Previously, I saw that you have collapsed on the roadside, so I brought you back.”

The guards standing at the door secretly commended their Miss’s ability to lie through her teeth in their hearts.

Even though it was her that accidentally struck this fellow to near-death, she pretended to be a benevolent person who saved him.

How had they not realised that their Miss’s ability to coax someone to be so formidable in the past?

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