The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 20 - The Magical Clay Ball

Chapter 20: The Magical Clay Ball

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All the guards’ eyes were instantly focused on Linghe; they were prepared to run to get the doctor anytime.

But, Linghe’s twisted facial features gradually smoothed out as time passed. His look towards Ji Fengyan also turned from a hesitating one to one with shock and amazement.

“How was it?” Ji Fengyan looked at Linghe. There were two missing ingredients in the elixir, so she replaced it with others and was not sure whether it was effective.

Linghe gulped and instinctively lowered his head as he held up the dirty sleeves to unveil the blood-stained bandages wrapped around his arm. Underneath was a wound left behind by the previous battle, and it was not properly treated due to the lack of medicine.

Currently, Linghe only felt a stinging itch from the wound. He hurriedly removed the bandages and what appeared before his eyes made him full of shock.

The originally mutilated wound was unexpectedly recovering at a speed that could be observed by the naked eyes, and new flesh was slowly covering the bloody wound.

This sight made Linghe stunned. After swallowing the ‘clay ball’ he felt as if a warm current was filled into his body, there was a stinging itch from the wounds all over his body and his fatigue was instantly dispersed by the warm feeling.

However, Linghe had never thought that the ordinary looking ‘clay ball’ would actually have such an amazing effect!

Ji Fengyan walked to the side of Linghe and raised his wrist, her elegant brows frowning slightly as she pulled the recovering wound closer to scrutinise it.

“The effects were indeed much slower without the two ingredients, but I guess we just have to make do.” Her tone was filled with disappointment.

One could hardly imagine—

Linghe was already flabbergasted. This effect was still considered slow?!!

In any case, Linghe was one who had experienced battle, even though medicine was expensive, but the army still had a certain amount. He had once used a high grade medicine from Ji Yun, even that medicine required a few days of recovery, and it was already considered fast, who knew—Compared to this half completed ‘clay ball’, it was like trash not even worth looking at!

Looking at Ji Fengyan’s face of dissatisfaction, Linghe almost went down on his knees!

So it turned out that their Miss’s orders for them to buy the ingredients directly without resting was so that she could make this magical “clay ball” for them!

The guards at the side, who were still worried initially, after witnessing the amazing effects of the “clay ball”, were all swallowing the pills in their hands, as if they were afraid someone would snatch the pills away from them.

In an instant… It was as if they had found the door to a new world!

After many days of travelling, their bodies were already overburdened and they were almost numb from the pain and the injuries all over their bodies. However, right after they have swallowed the pill, all the discomfort were suddenly soothed, and they only felt the itch from their wounds steadily recovering.

The itch did not bring them any pain; instead everyone was laughing like a bunch of fools.

Who dares to say that their Miss is a useless punching bag?

We promise to beat him to death!

She could summon lightning to strike about 100 sorcerers to death, and could even refine a ‘clay ball’ that could instantly beat all the high quality medicine!

How is this a useless punching bag!

This was obviously their goddess!

The guards were all smiling foolishly, their gaze at Ji Fengyan were filled with burning respect, and they almost wanted to cozy up to her.

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