The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 31 - The Shameless Person’s Permit

Chapter 31: The Shameless Person’s Permit

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Almost immediately, everyone held their breaths and their eyes stared in disbelief!

“Dream stone…”

Someone from the crowd exclaimed and instantly the entire store was in an uproar!

“How is that possible? How could there be a dream stone here!”

“Did I see wrongly? That was really a dream stone?”

Louder exclaims rang continuously. The arrogant look on Su Lingsheng’s face turned ashen the moment she saw that dull blue colour.

The man responsible for opening the stone was also at a loss and the tools in his hands stopped involuntarily. He looked at his boss, not knowing what to do, then looked at Su Lingsheng.

The store owner’s jaw had already dropped unknowingly.

Even though the gold-plated ore was rare, there were still some found throughout the history of Ji City.

But this dream stone-

It was a rare ore that had never appeared before!

The dream stone was almost as rare as a gold-plated ore but the scarcity of the dream stone far exceeded that of the gold-plated ore. Even in Ji City that was well-known for ore mining, there was never this type of ore found before.

In an instant, everyone was dumbstruck.

They originally thought that it was heaven’s luck that Su Lingsheng’s stone contained the gold-plated ore but who knew that even the dream stone that was never seen before had appeared that day!

Su Lingsheng’s face looked extremely displeased. She almost instinctively looked at the store owner at the side. The store owner became flustered as he shrank his neck.

“Dream stone? Seems that my luck is not bad.” Ji Fengyan laughed softly, looked up from everyone’s exclaims and at Su Lingsheng whose face turned ashen.

“I’m just unsure… What is the value of this dream stone compared to your gold plated ore?”

Su Lingsheng stared coldly at Ji Fengyan, a feeling of uneasiness creeped up her heart.

“Miss Su, this…” the store owner was placed in an awkward position. Just from the current part of the dream stone that was revealed, it had most likely already exceeded the value of Su Lingsheng’s gold plated ore. If this continued, Su Lingsheng was bound to lose!

Su Lingsheng was also aware, and when she was about to open her mouth to speak, Ji Fengyan suddenly said, “You must have made a mistake? This stone was chosen by me. Why are you asking her?”

Su Lingsheng’s face looked even worse and the store owner’s face turned pale.

“Why are you in a daze? Continue,” Ji Fengyan ordered.

Su Lingsheng secretly gritted her teeth and shot a cold stare at the store owner. The store owner understood immediately and pretended to cough.

The people who had stopped opening the stone started again, but their actions were a little strange this time round.

Within an instant, a dream stone about two fingers wide were revealed. Even though it was quite wide, the dream stone seemed very thin and was almost paper thin.

Almost the moment after the dream stone was removed, the store owner instructed his employees to move the remaining half of the stone out, as he carried that dream stone before Ji Fengyan and naturally blocked her view.

“This customer, this is the dream stone you have paid for.”

Ji Fengyan looked at the pathetically thin dream stone before her eyes and smilingly looked up at the store owner blocking her and she instantly understood.

“May i know how much this stone is worth?”

“Even though the dream stone is rare, but,” he paused, “this piece of dream stone is too thin, so… its price should be also around 13,000,” the store owner said while pretending to stay calm.

“Oh? In that case, Miss Su and I are tied?” Ji Fengyan smiled strangely and her gaze at Su Lingsheng was also very weird—it could not be described.

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