The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 4 - Miss Is Poisonous!

Chapter 4: Miss Is Poisonous!

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Everyone was dumbstruck after hearing the ear-splitting thunder roar. They stared, astonished, at the hill-slope that was burnt in an instant, their minds not believing what they saw.

On the hill-slope, those aggressive men, who were originally after their lives, were similarly startled. They froze in their positions after seeing the majority of their squad collapsed on the ground.

They have not yet understood where the ferocious lightning came from.

“Ha? Still not dead? I’ve got to kill all of you! How dare you guys strike me with lightning! Me, who is the master at using lightning!”

Seeing a few men still alive after her Five-Blow-Thunderstruck, she tore another part of her clothes right away, and again, used her blood to write the symbol for Five-Blow-Thunderstruck quickly. Just like last time, she tossed it into the sky and wielded the sword.


The second wave of thunder was even more deafening. Almost instantaneously, the lightning streaked across the sky, accompanied with a dense thunder roar.

It took only a split second!

On the hill-slope, there was no longer any sight of people standing. The only thing remaining were scorched corpses collapsing to the ground.

The entire surrounding became unusually quiet and there was a burnt smell wafting through the air from the hill-slope opposite to them.

Ji Fengyan squinted her eyes, as if to determine that her Five-Blow-Thunderstruck had completely exterminated everyone in its path.

Thus, she had not noticed that the bodyguards behind her were completely stunned. Each of them had opened their jaws so wide as though they had seen a ghost.

“Just… Just now… What happened?” one of the bodyguard asked in a tremulous voice. If he had not witnessed it himself, he would never believe that his Miss had easily sent a few hundred of killers to their deaths just by waving a sword in midair.

“I, I am also not sure…” the burly man gulped. Even though he was standing the closest to Ji Fengyan just now and watched the entire process with his own eyes, he still could not understand what had occurred.

He only saw that using her blood, his Miss drew some random symbols on her clothes, then threw it up and cut it using the sword. Afterwards, the area opposite was promptly struck by lightning and everything turned to ashes.

After Ji Fengyan was certain that everyone on the hill was definitely dead, she then satisfyingly threw the sword back into the burly man’s arms. She wiped the bloodstain on her finger clean before turning to the bodyguards and asked quizzically, “Why are all of you still in a daze? Shouldn’t we be moving quicker, or do you guys intend to stay overnight in this wilderness?”

The burly man hugged his sword in trepidation; he had never felt treasured his sword so much as he did now.

“Miss, what were you doing just now?” the burly man asked carefully.

Ji Fengyan said, “Killing people, what don’t you understand?”

The burly man simply looked at Ji Fengyan, flabbergasted. Of course he knew that she was killing people, but how did she do it merely by using her blood and waving the sword to summon those frightening thunderclouds? No, could it possibly be—

Their Miss’s blood, was it perhaps poisonous?!

At such a realization, the burly man’s gaze at Ji Fengyan was filled with a deep sense of respect.

“Deal with those who were injured, and get ready to set out.” Ji Fengyan brushed the dust off her clothes, her thoughts had already drifted away. This body still carried some original memories; The reason why they were being attacked was because she had inherited her father’s World-Termination-Armour.

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