The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 697 - An Ambush (2)

Chapter 697: An Ambush (2)

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“Everyone, be ready.” Situ Ba’s face sank. Even if it was an extremely high-level demon, he would not allow it to block his way.

With that, everyone in the Green Nightmare Army immediately went on their guard. The sickly sweet scent of blood-filled everyone’s nostrils, luring out the terror in the depths of their souls.

A pair of savage and sinister eyes hidden in the darkness, stared fixedly at the terrified Green Nightmare Army. In the darkness, cold, sharp fangs moved up and down slightly with each breath. Its mouth spat puffs of boiling hot breaths.

Suddenly, the black shadow rushed towards the main force of the Green Nightmare Army. The eddies of air around its body became innumerable wind blades. The moment it fell among the soldiers of the Green Nightmare Army, the wisps of wind blades immediately sliced the surrounding soldiers.

This time, the black shadow did not leave. Instead, it embarked on a killing spree amidst the Green Nightmare Army.

Situ Ba, who was standing at the head of the troop, discovered that his troop was under attack. He immediately turned around and looked towards the black shadow that had ambushed them.

With one look, Situ Ba’s expression immediately froze.

A huge demon was about three meters tall and was standing in the middle of the Green Nightmare Army, wantonly killing. But what frightened Situ Ba even more was the demon’s appearance.

Four slender limbs with sharp angles. Scales like knife blades could clearly be seen on the demon’s body. These scales stood straight up and caused numerous wind blades, turning it into a lethal weapon.

“What… kind of demon…” The moment Zhan Fei looked at the demon, he was stunned. He had never even heard of this demon before.

The strange demon had a pair of sinister and frenzied vertical pupils. Its large, fierce looking mouth suddenly opened and an angry roar sounded from its throat. Following that sound, a pair of wings that looked like frozen crystals spread out from its back.

A demon with wings!

Situ Ba and Zhan Fei’s expressions were ugly. Among the Demon Clan, only the flying demons could fly. However, the flying demons were mostly bird-like in appearance and could not possibly stand on their two legs like this one could.

At that moment, everyone’s knowledge of demons was shattered.

This demon of unknown origins was so powerful that the entire Green Nightmare Army quaked in fear!

This demon’s body was not especially large. However, its movements were exceptionally nimble and its power to kill and injure was not any less than that of an extremely high-level demon. In the blink of an eye, it had killed several thousand people in the Green Nightmare Army. The well-trained soldiers immediately grouped together to counter-attack, but their attacks were unable to damage the demon in any way.

It was as if the demon perceived the soldiers’ every move. The instant before the soldiers rushed up, the wings on its back immediately started to flap and it instantly dodged the attack. When it landed, it embarked on another killing spree.

Situ Ba and Zhan Fei had never seen such an intelligent demon. When he saw that the Green Nightmare Army was being slaughtered, Situ Ba’s expression became extremely grim. He suddenly activated the World-Termination-Armour. With his heavy sword in hand, he charged ferociously at the wantonly killing demon

The demon who was slaughtering the soldiers suddenly sensed that danger was imminent. It suddenly took flight and dodged Situ Ba’s attack.

Situ Ba stood in the pool of blood and raised his sword to confront the flying demon!

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