The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 699 - Demonic Change (1)

Chapter 699: Demonic Change (1)

With her hands holding onto the sword, Ji Fengyan stood at the forefront of the army and looked at the demon covered in injuries and almost dying. The struggling look on the demon disappeared the instant it stood up as it stared ferociously at the sword in Ji Fengyan’s hands.

That sword had once belonged to Yang Shun.

Linghe, who had followed closely behind Ji Fengyan, was about to lead his men to kill the demon when Ji Fengyan suddenly raised her hands and stopped them.

“General?” Linghe was slightly taken aback as he spoke.

But Ji Fengyan only frowned as she looked at the demon that had a strange expression.

She had never seen that demon before but it felt oddly familiar to her. The eyes of the demon gave her a feeling of resemblance.

“Hold on, it did not seem to have any intentions on attacking us,” Ji Fengyan said in a low voice.

The demons glanced at the sword in Ji Fengyan’s hands and lifted to look at the countless soldiers from the Wolf Smoke Regiment and Blaze Army behind her.

The demon’s eyes were filled with shock and craziness.

As if there was a certain power gradually engulfing all of its rationale.


Kill them all…

The demon’s eyes instantly filled with bitterness. The injuries on its body made it difficult for it to hold on any longer. A loud moan sounded from the demon’s mouth. Using its front limbs to hold tightly to its head that felt like it was about to explode, the demon knelt down and trembled in pain on the ground.

The strange behaviour of the demon took everyone by surprise. They had never seen a demon with such a reaction.

“General, look at the arrow on its body!” Suddenly, Linghe discovered something and said in a hurry.

Following the direction that Linghe had pointed at, Ji Fengyan really saw countless arrows on the demon’s back. Every arrow had the carvings that belonged uniquely to the Green Nightmare Army.

“It’s the Green Nightmare Army.” Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes slightly.

And when Ji Fengyan said the three words ‘Green Nightmare Army’, as if the demon was suddenly stimulated, it opened its eyes and the struggling look was gone, leaving only its intention to kill and its madness.


“Growl!” Suddenly, the demon lunged at Ji Fengyan and the other soldiers.

No one had expected that the demon would suddenly launch a crazy attack.

Seeing that the demon was about to reach the group of soldiers, Ji Fengyan directly charged forward with her sword. She did not want to let the Wolf Smoke Regiment and Blaze Army lose anymore soldiers before the battle with the Green Nightmare Army!

To prevent the soldiers from being dragged into this, Ji Fengyan charged at the demon and lifted her leg to kick it, causing the heavily injured demon to fly a distance.

Soon after—

Ji Fengyan immediately chased after it!

The demon fell hard to the ground and the wings on its back had already become broken. It had no chance to stand up before the image of Ji Fengyan holding the sword and jumping towards it was reflected in its eyes.

A piercing and dazzling light shone from the sword.

The demon could see its reflection on the sword.

It was ugly and hideous.

Instantly, the madness left the demon’s eyes. It gave up on struggling and fell to the ground. Even after Ji Fengyan’s sword had pierced through its chest, there was still no shock and panic in its eyes.

There was only…


“Help me… take care of… everyone… in the Blaze Army…”

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