The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1295 - Are You Human?

Chapter 1295: Are You Human?

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Recently, Lu Li had been enjoying his life for sure. He had no idea that Yan Tiangang, Ling Wanjian, and Ling Hong were colluding together to set up a trap to kill him.

Lu Li had been reading and cultivating divine energy. He did not hurry to forge artifacts. More preparation may quicken the speed of doing work. He would only come up with discarded artifacts if he began to forge artifacts in an impulse when he had not established a solid foundation.

Patriarch Gu had already sent someone to look for Lu Ling for him, which made him excited. It was said that the Cabinet of Mystery could dig out any secret. That being said, Lu Li still had some doubts on this front.

If Cabinet of Mystery could find out about anything, then why didn’t they locate the habitat of Pupil-less Monkeys? Why couldn’t they search for evidence of Ling Wanjian employing Pupil-less Monkeys?

Lu Li could not pose those questions to Patriarch Gu. He only hoped that the Cabinet of Mystery could be as good as Patriarch Gu said and would be able to find Lu Ling.

Qian Huanhan also understood that more preparation may quicken the speed in doing work. He read through the books that Patriarch Gu gave him several times and would ask Patriarch Gu about the confusing points. It seemed that Qian Huanhan really liked forging artifacts. He had become obsessed.

In the beginning, Patriarch Gu disliked Qian Huanhan. But recently, Patriarch Gu was no longer picky about him. He would coach Qian Huanhan patiently and he gave Qian Huanhan more books. Lu Li received a copy of those books as well.

With Patriarch Gu there, Long Yunhai, and Lady Dan did not come to bother Lu Li. He never left the place as well and had been reading and cultivating for the past half a year.

The progress in cultivation was still small. His understanding of wind-related Profound Meanings and the Slayer’s move was still the way it was. He had been making progress in cultivating divine energy, though, had accumulated a large amount.

Lu Li was perfectly aware that after becoming an immortal, to have progressed by leaps and bounds was impossible within anytime soon. Yan Tiangang cultivated for hundreds of years before he became a mighty warrior and it was the same with Emperor of Heaven Reverse.

During the six months, Lu Li’s knowledge of the method of forging artifacts had been improved. With the books collected by a master craftsman and those from Patriarch Gu, accompanied by focus, Lu Li would have been an idiot if he could not be improved in this regard.

Qian Huanhan stopped cultivating and had begun to make prototypes. He had successfully made some simple ones and every one of them was perfect. He had had some fundamental knowledge of forging artifacts. During the tests, the prototypes he made were already excellent.

Patriarch Gu was generous. He told Lu Li and Qian Huanhan to use the materials as they liked when forging artifacts as long as they did not waste them.

Lu Li arrived at the room where Qian Huanhan was forging artifacts. He had just finished a prototype, a square shield. He handed it to Lu Li when he arrived in excitement and asked, “Brother Li, take a look at this prototype I made. What do you think of its quality?”

Lu Li took it over and checked. The prototype was as smooth as a mirror and had a nice look. He nodded. “This is quite good. Han, you have talents in forging artifacts.”

Qian Huanhan smiled from ear to ear. He stepped over and asked, “Brother Li, are you going to forge a prototype as well?”

Lu Li nodded. “I asked Patriarch. He says I can learn to forge artifacts on my own.”

“Ha, ha!”

Qian Huanhan grinned. “Master is so nice to you. I think he will take you as his private student soon.”

Lu Li did not answer. He took out the materials he collected and turned on a stove to start. Qian Huanhan was free at the moment so he observed. Lu Li’s only experience in forging artifacts was during the test. Inevitably, he was in a rushing drive. Qian Huanhan would give some kind advice.

The first try did not yield a good result. The artifacts had to be discarded. Qian Huanhan comforted Lu Li who continued to work in determination.

The second time around, he made a prototype of a saber and soon made it perfect…

“Wow, Brother Li, how fast have you progressed?”

During the third time, Lu Li’s skills became mature. He no longer appeared to be a green hand. He could control the stoves, pour in divine energy, put in crystals and materials with proficiency. His skills were seasoned and the timing was accurate. Qian Huanhan was completely astonished.

If it were not for the fact that he trusted Lu Li, he would think that Lu Li was acting. How could a person become better so quickly?


Patriarch Gu had been observing secretly. He was the one that set up all the Inhibition Formations in this place. He knew the yard and every corner inside and out.

Lu Li did not gloat. His theoretical understanding was solid after reading books for such a long time. What he lacked was practice. Naturally, he could progress quickly as soon as he had hands-on experience.

Lu Li kept on practicing. This time, he chose a bow prototype, which was more difficult to make. To be able to make one perfect prototype did not mean he had mastered the skill. He must learn how to make prototypes of different sorts. In this way, he could collect experience and hone his skills in the process. Practice makes perfection.

Qian Huanhan began to make his own prototypes as well after he observed for a while. He was unwilling to be second to Lu Li. Qian Huanhan also chose to make a prototype of a bow. He had never tried this one before and thought that he could work faster than Lu Li given that his foundation was better.

For the first time, Lu Li failed but Qian Huanhan succeeded though the quality was not good.

They started again. This time, Lu Li failed again and Qian Huanhan was successful. He became a bit more confident. However, the prototype was still not perfect.

For the third time, Lu Li finally made it. Qian Huanhan began to progress by a small margin as well but the prototype was still not perfect.

Fourth time, fifth time…

Qian Huanhan was stunned. Lu Li was the first one to make a perfect prototype of a bow. What Qian Huanhan forged still had some flaws.

“Brother Li, this is shocking!”

Qian Huanhan felt frustrated. It was clear that during the test, Lu Li was still one that had no experience in forging artifacts. Recently, Qian Huanhan was the one practicing while Lu Li was cultivating. How talented Lu Li turned out to be!

“My work is not shocking. You should calm your mind!”

Lu Li smiled. “Just like cultivation, you must have inner peace when forging artifacts. You must be able to stand loneliness or else you cannot succeed. You are still a bit hasty.”


Qian Huanhan felt inspired. His spirit was rekindled and he left Lu Li’s spot. Previously, he would peek at Lu Li every now and then. Inevitably, Qian Huanhan became distracted. When he was forging his artifact, his moves were not precise, which made it hard for him to make the perfect prototype.

Lu Li did not rest. He selected another prototype with more difficulty—a mace!

The mace’s looks were peculiar. The requirement of making one was high. The process would be times as difficult as making a prototype of a bow.

Lu Li was completely lost in the process. He had forgotten about everything else and even about Qian Huanhan there. His mind was entirely taken by forging artifacts.

Qian Huanhan was in the same state. He practiced again and again. After failing two more times, he finally made a perfect prototype of a bow.

He checked several times and confirmed it in delight. He stood up and walked to Lu Li to report the good news.

However, as he saw Lu Li was holding a black mace, the delight vanished from Qian Huanhan’s heart. He used psychic power to check the mace in Lu Li’s hands and screamed bitterly, “Brother Li, how is this possible? How can you make a perfect prototype of a mace within such a short time?”

“Rustle, rustle, rustle~”

Right at this moment, they heard someone coming. Patriarch Gu came. He held two pieces of paper and said to Lu Li and Qian Huanhan, “Make this in three days. I need it to be perfect!”

Patriarch Gu left right after. Lu Li and Qian Huanhan looked at each other speechlessly. The Relic prototype Patriarch Gu told them to make was quite hard. It was already a daunting task to make one in three days, not to mention to make it perfect.

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