The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 749 - Kill Them

Chapter 749: Kill Them

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Lu Li had already used this trick and took Chen Tianxian and Wu Guangde as the instrument to kill Hao Changjun. Now, he was turning them against each other?

If Chen Tianxian had been young, he might have fallen for it. Lu Li promised nothing and he wanted Chen Tianxian to finish Wu Guangde?

Chen Tianxian might have given it some thoughts if Lu Li had sworn in the name of Emperor of Heaven Reverse again. But Chen Tianxian felt his intelligence was insulted when Lu Li wanted to use him again with only a few words.

Of course, Lu Li’s words had some impact. At the very least, Wu Guangde had his guards up in case Chen Tianxian would go in for the kill. The fact that all from the Mage Imperial Universe were insane was not entirely groundless.

Lu Li didn’t feel embarrassed that his intention of sowing discord had failed. He said with a grin, “My lord from the Mage Imperial Universe, don’t you insult me, either. If I give you the Wicked Bead, you will kill me right away, I believe.”

Chen Tianxian shrugged and replied, “I can take an oath like you did. I will make sure that you are safe. If you were to die in the process, I would commit suicide.”

Lu Li said no more. The two could not control the Wicked Bead, and he had no intention whatsoever of giving it up. No amount of conversation could get them anywhere.

“I will think about it!”

Lu Li said and then began to cultivate. While doing so, he was also busy dissolving the Wicked Bead’s seal and studying Profound Meanings.

He learned a Profound Meaning related to wind in the Forbidden Ground of Elder God. That Profound Meaning could help him control Feather Wind. This Profound Meaning was far from an average one. Lu Li wanted to study it further to see if it could lead him to a bigger breakthrough.

Chen Tianxian and Wu Guangde waited for a moment. Wu Guangde waved to the Wu Family Earth Immortal Realm warrior who had woken up in the distance and said, “Send young master back.”

Wu Xie was not powerful enough. The Central Imperial Universe could descend into war at any minute now. Wu Guangde himself might die at any given moment. It was not proper for Wu Xie to stay here longer.


Wu Xie announced his worry. Wu Guangde waved his hand and the Earth Immortal Realm warrior took Wu Xie away. Wu Guangde wiped the blood off from his face and asked Chen Tianxian, “Brother Chen, what do we do now? I think the punk is stalling.”

“Blast it. Get it open first!”

Chen Tianxian waited for a moment and came to the conclusion that Lu Li would not handle them the Wicked Bead. Chen Tianxian generated a skeleton hand and slammed at the Wicked Bead.

Wu Guangde took another healing pellet. He flew to the sides for a bit and then hurled his spear. The spearhead went through the void and appeared near the bead directly. The bead was heavily struck by the spear.



They took turns and the attack was constant. By taking turns, they didn’t need great effort. One would follow after the other one finished with one round. Neither resorted to powerful means. They stuck to the most average modes.

They went on for more than ten hours but the bead gave no reaction. Every time, the bead would only give out a faint glow and everything would return to normal.

The two were amazed. How much energy was contained in the bead? Even a Quasi Relic would have fallen apart under their attack after such a long time. This bead was most certainly a Relic.

They strengthened their attack. Gu Guangde was almost healed after this time. He didn’t have to worry about Chen Tianxian’s surprise attack. The two kept going on.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh~”

After eight hours, they heard some noises. A group of people were flying over. They took a look and realized that it was Jun Hongye leading a bunch of Earth Immortal Realm warriors. Li Family Patriarch of the Underworld Universe and his Earth Immortal Realm warriors came along as well.


Ren Family’s Earth Immortal Realm warriors were here as well? Shouldn’t they be with Earth Immortal Realm warriors of the Chen Family and the Wu Family? Where were they now?

Chen Tianxian and Wu Guangde were both possessed by the same bad feeling. Almost all had come apart from their Earth Immortal Realm warriors.

At the very beginning, the six families had 12 Semi-God Realm warriors in total, but four died because of the Leng Family. The perished included the Ren Family Patriarch, two Semi-God Realm warriors of the Wu Family and Chen Family, and one of the Li Family from the Underworld Universe.

Now, Hao Changjun was killed by Wu Guangde and Chen Tianxian!

Merely seven survived of the 12 Semi-God Realm warriors. The five had all come here. They should have been in two teams but all were gathered at the moment.

Chen Tianxian and Wu Guangde felt something wrong. They had the feeling that—they were faced with allied attack from Jun Hongye together with Hao Family, the Li Family and Ren Family of the Underworld Universe.

“Uncle Changjun!”

Another Semi-God Realm warrior of the Hao Family saw Hao Changjun’s body on the ground. He screamed in pain and bellowed, “Let us kill them!”

“How dare you?”

Chen Tianxian shouted, “We will wipe out your families, the four of you, if you dare to lay a hand on us.”

“Oh, really?”

Jun Hongye grinned. He waved his hand and said, “Let us finish the two old dogs first. We will do it together.”

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh~”

Li Family Patriarch, a Semi-God Realm warrior of the Ren Family, and three of the Hao Family and the Jun Family sprang up. The Earth Immortal Realm warriors stayed away from a battle between the Semi-God Realm warriors. The former could be killed if they dared to go near. They were not that stupid.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Tianxian and Wu Guangde were not daft, either. Each of them released a powerful Profound Meaning and then dashed toward the north. They were lunatics, but they were not thickheaded. Two Semi-God Realm warriors against five? The two might be able to kill one or two, but they would never be able to escape death.

A red light glowed over them. Their speed was increased drastically in an instant. In the time for one breath, they had vanished into the horizon. Jun Hongye couldn’t catch up with them even if he wanted to.

“Such a shame!”

Jun Hongye felt frustrated. All of the Mage Imperial Universe knew a Blood Escape. The skill could greatly enhance the speed and nobody would be able to catch up with the escaped. This was what made the lunatics of the Mage Imperial Universe so intimidating.

“Stop it now.”

Jun Hongye yelled to a Hao Family Semi-God Realm warrior who still wanted to go after them. What frustrated Jun Hongye more was the Wicked Bead. In it had his grandson, his own grandson. Was he supposed to walk away from his grandson?

Jun Hongye thought about it. With some hope he asked, “Lu Li, we have destroyed the Leng Family as agreed. I think you should release our people now.”

No response came from the Wicked Bead. After a while, Jun Hongye said again, “Lu Li, are you going to release them or not? Just tell me!”

“So noisy!”

Lu Li delivered a message after the time for 10 breaths, “The Hao Family bastard has killed his own offspring in person. Do you want me to send out your disciples so you can kill them like he did?”

Jun Hongye’s expressions changed. Ren Family Semi-God Realm warrior and Li Family Patriarch pulled a long face. They were forced into a dilemma. Either they gave up their disciples for the sake of the Wicked Bead or they let go of the Wicked Bead.


Amidst a glare, three young masters from the Jun Family, Ren Family, and the Li Family respectively appeared outside. Lu Li said emotionlessly, “Kill the three young masters first. Then, you can kill Jun Mengchen and the others. After all is gone, you will be able to attack at the Wicked Bead then.”

The three young masters were in a state of panic. They looked at their own family warriors in terror. All three knelt down and begged. Jun Hongye and the others felt their hands tied. After all, not everyone was as coldblooded and merciless as Hao Changjun…

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