The King's Avatar – For The Glory

Chapter 3 - Friends from the Start, Opponents for Life (2)

Chapter 3: Friends from the Start, Opponents for Life (2)

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In Glory, the player didn’t choose a class immediately. At the beginning of the game, characters could learn skills from any of the different classes to give players a taste of what they were like. Only at level 20 would the character settle on one class to specialize in.

Su Muqiu had already decided on playing Sharpshooter based on the data released by the Glory developers. Ye Xiu, on the other hand, planned to experiment in-game before deciding. Right now, however, whether going straight for Sharpshooter or getting an all-around experience first, they faced the same problem.

Too many people!

There were so many people online right now that even just taking a few steps was difficult. Su Mucheng found herself beginning to doze off.

“I’m going home,” she soon announced. She wanted to watch the excitement, but this was a bit too much. It was so lively that there was no excitement that could be watched.

“Okay, be safe,” said Su Muqiu, without even a glance back. Although it was currently impossible to progress in the main game due to the number of people, he could still investigate the design of many other features, and Su Muqiu had delved into the equipment editor. Apparently it allowed players to create completely customized weapons, and Su Muqiu had looked forward to testing it out since the day it was announced. It was shrouded in mystery, since no other game had a similar feature. Right now, he was already using the editor to take apart and experiment on the equipment that he had automatically received as a new player.

“I’ll go with you,” Ye Xiu said, logging off and standing up. Starting the game a little late wasn’t a big deal.

The first day that Glory was open, more people received frustration than excitement. But the frustration was only because there were so many people. In Glory, a game where you couldn’t pass through other people, it was impossible to play the game normally when characters were squeezing against you.

As the players leveled up wave by wave and began to split up toward all of the different areas in the world, the game finally began to proceed on the right course. Finally, the players could truly experience the game for what it was.


This was everyone’s first impression.

Glory was absolutely a game focused on technique. There was a lot of freedom in controls, and whether your technique was good or bad had a big impact on your battle ability. Too many things relied on skill, rather than powerful equipment or other thing.

Of course, equipment was still very important in glory. In-game, there were always two things that could get players excited: equipment and victory.

Glory Arena.

For a game like this, PvP was of course one of the most important aspects. Aside from the wild PK systems that most games had, Glory also had a built-in arena specifically so that players could play PvP.


The game’s logo appeared onscreen along with that large word – this was the victory screen, displayed after winning a match in the arena. The chat channel on the side was lively with shock and speculation.

One month. It had been one month since Glory opened.

And in that time, Ye Xiu’s One Autumn Leaf had become quite renowned in-game. Why? He had a perfect record for individual battles in the arena.

3685 matches. 3685 wins.

Just the number of battles alone was staggering. 3685 matches, that meant that on average, every day he’d have to play over 100 matches. Assuming each battle took around three to five minutes, that meant that he was spending around six to ten hours every day just in the arena.

There were a few quests or rewards for playing in the Arena, but it didn’t grant too much experience. Overall, using the Arena to level up would be very slow. Despite this, One Autumn Leaf was still fairly high leveled compared to the playerbase as a whole – level 32.

“How much time is he spending on Glory every day?” People in the world channel were discussing this constantly.

In reality, the other players were still underestimating Ye Xiu somewhat. He did spend a lot of time on the game every day, but not as much time in the Arena as they thought.

Someone who could play 3685 matches without losing a single one had to have overwhelming skill. For him, matches rarely lasted three minutes, let alone five. He would usually completely dominate a match and earn victory in under two minutes.

Yes, Ye Xiu was very good. But, he wasn’t the best.

On the current leaderboards for the arena, aside from those that only played one or two matches, there was one other person who also had a perfect win record with over 100 matches. There was one other. And in fact, this person’s match count was even higher than One Autumn Leaf’s.

Desert Dust.

The sole name above One Autumn Leaf.

Desert Dust was also at level 32, but in the arena, he had played 4012 matches. All victorious.

Of course, there were plenty of other extremely skilled players below them with high win rates, but these were the only two with perfect records.

Countless players speculated over which of them would lose their record first, and even more people anticipated when these two would finally face off. For the two of them to both have perfect records, that meant that these two people still hadn’t met in the Arena. As of now, you couldn’t send a battle request to someone in the Arena; it was the system that matched players to opponents based on level, Arena win record, and other such factors. Everyone guessed that these people would be matched up very soon.

“I’m looking forward to it too!” Ye Xiu whispered as he skimmed this discussion. He clicked the confirm button to begin the next match, hoping that this time, he would finally meet this powerful player Desert Dust.

“Hey hey hey, help me clear a dungeon,” said the boy playing on the computer next to him. Ye Xiu sighed in disappointment – once again, the random opponent was not Desert Dust.

“What dungeon?” Ye Xiu asked as he began the battle with this new opponent.

“Line Canyon, I need the clear record. Well, more accurately, I need the prize that comes with that clear record,” said Su Muqiu.

“One second,” replied Ye Xiu.

“Hurry,” urged Su Muqiu, but he saw how disinterested Ye Xiu looked while playing, and could tell that this match would end quickly.

“Let’s go!” 40 seconds later, One Autumn Leaf left the arena, leaving behind a channel of shocked emojis. The player who had just lost was also completely stunned.

This opponent’s win record was 96.1%, quite formidable in his own right. The arena system wouldn’t match anyone to Ye Xiu unless they had a win record of at least 95%.

This person, seeing that he was up against the perfect record One Autumn Leaf, knew to be on guard.

But he was beaten up in forty seconds.

One Autumn Leaf had lost some health, true, but the opponent felt that that was only because One Autumn Leaf wanted to sacrifice some health in order for a faster victory. One Autumn Leaf absolutely had the skill to win this battle at full health.

“Was he in a hurry or something?” This player had no tears left to weep. With his 96.1% record, he could be considered quite good, but what was he to One Autumn Leaf?

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