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Chapter 20 – Emperor (5)

Chapter 20 – Emperor (5)

Sunset Clouds, Drifting Water, Sleeping Moon, each one attacked it one after the other. They were all scared to the point that their hands were drenched with cold sweat. Every time they grabbed their mouse, they were afraid that their hands would slip. But there was no time to wipe it, they were all wide-eyed not daring to make the slightest mistake.

The situation stabilized once more. The four players that didn’t dare be distracted didn’t reflect on the past situation. Under their relentless attacks, the Spider Emperor’s health declined. From ⅓ to ¼ to ⅕…….

“It’s almost at red blood. Everyone be careful.” Ye Xiu reminded them.

“What do we do when it hits red blood?” Seven Fields asked. When a hidden BOSS hit red blood, there would definitely be a special effect. The guide he looked at said that when the BOSS hit red blood, it would gain Super Armor. In this state, the BOSS couldn’t be Stunned.

“Kill it quick!” Ye Xiu said.

Hearing these three words, the four players no longer felt nervous, but on the contrary felt excited. They had performed the same action for too long. They would rather die than do the same actions again.

“It’s red!” Seven Fields yelled.

“Sunset Clouds step on a small spider.” Ye Xiu shouted.

“What?” Although Sunset Clouds didn’t understand this command, he had already subconsciously face towards a small spider that pounced at him. It looked like it really had been prepared just for him.

The small spider bit towards Sunset Clouds and immediately he was incapable of performing any actions. The Spider Emperor unexpectedly also twisted its body and bit disgustingly with its big mouth towards him. Sunset Clouds cried out in fear.

In the end……

In the end, nothing happened.

After the small spider bit him, he was forced into a Stasis state and couldn’t move. But during this time, he was invincible, even the Spider Emperor couldn’t harm him. Ye Xiu used this knowledge to give everyone time to freely attack the Spider Emperor for three seconds.

While the Spider Emperor acted out violently, it continued to spawn eggs like mad. Ye Xiu took note of this and began clearing out all of the small spiders again. Only this time, he carefully observed that the small spiders didn’t touch Sunset Clouds. But it could be said that Sunset Clouds suddenly gained insight and actively looked for small spiders to bite him. Although they weren’t experts, they were experienced and understood Ye Xiu’s tactic.

Because the four players had surrounded and attacked the Spider Emperor, they had accumulated a lot of aggro. Sunset Clouds did the greatest amount of damage among the four of them, so the aggro onto him was also the greatest. Ye Xiu used this knowledge and let the Spider Emperor to start off his plan. The original small spiders that had once tried to interrupt their formation became their most dependable protective umbrella.

Before, this tactic wouldn’t have worked because it was only until later did Sunset Clouds accumulate enough aggro onto him. Besides, it was also at this point that the Spider Emperor’s spawning rate pushed him to his limits. Sunset Clouds lined up to be bitten maintaining his invincibility.

Although the small spiders did some damage, it wasn’t very high. When there was an opportunity, Lord Grim would conveniently give him a heal.

The Spider Emperor spat out webs and poison. Every part of its body that could be used was used but to no avail. Only with their continuous attacks, finally, someone surpassed Sunset Clouds in total aggro.

The Spider Emperor switched attack targets, but the first one to be targeted, Sleeping Moon, had learned of Sunset Cloud’s tactic long ago. And the one with the task of clearing small spiders, Lord Grim, had predicted this step too. He prepared a spider in advance to pounce towards Sleeping Moon.

This most dangerous red blood part of the battle had already been thoroughly turned into a game. Everyone was happily laughing and bullying the Spider Emperor. Finally, they teased this strongest monster in Spider Cave to its death.

First, the system announcement appeared.

Lord Grim, Seven Fields, Sunset Clouds, Drifting Water, Sleeping Moon are the first to kill the Spider Emperor.”

“Sweet!!!” Seven Fields and the others excitedly cheered. If they could, they would’ve lifted Lord Grim high up towards the sky and tossed him. If they didn’t have him, they wouldn’t have been able to complete it. The continuous chain-stuns on the Spider Emperor gave them lots of pressure, but the task of clearing out the small spiders was much harder.

The scarier part was that he had rescued them midway. Finally, he accurately controlled the small spider’s aggro in order to complete the entire plan……

They had nothing more to say.

Seven Fields and the others truly had no other words to describe it. They had played Glory, but up until now, let alone seeing, they hadn’t even thought such an amazing player existed.

“Brother expert, four Strong Silk Threads dropped.” Seven Fields ran up to see what the Spider Emperor had dropped and reported it to Ye Xiu. He happily chose to give them up.

The others also, without any objections, agreed that they wouldn’t even touch them.

“Thank you.” Ye Xiu said and picked up the four Strong Silk Threads.

“The rest is yours!” Ye Xiu also kept his word.

“You take them! You take them!!” After the items appeared, they humbly declined them. They knew that Ye Xiu made sure a disaster never appeared.

Besides the Strong Spider Silk, the Spider Emperor also dropped two Spider Venoms, a pair of Level 15 Chestnut Boots, an armour that added three points to Strength. Apart from this, a Purple Weapon appeared too.

[Mahogany Tachi] – Level 15

Weight: 2.6 kg, Attack Speed: 8

Physical Attack: 165; Magic Attack: 178

Strength +10, Intelligence + 14

Tachis were considered Sword Class Weapons, used by the Swordsman type class, but its Magic Attack was high. Actually, in Glory, weapons either emphasized either Physical Attack or Magic Attack. The Thousand Chance Umbrella was the same in both. A player could know that it was self-made just by looking at its stats.

In comparison, the Mahogany Tachi was on the same level as the Thousand Chance Umbrella. A Level 15 Purple Weapon was equivalent to his Level 5 Silver Weapon. But this Mahogany Tachi did have additional properties. Its attack speed was higher than the Thousand Chance Umbrella by three levels and just by its attribute increases, it already surpassed the Thousand Chance Umbrella.

Ye Xiu looked at the Tachi and sighed in admiration at today’s luck. Blue Equipment and hidden BOSS materials were certain drops, but the previous skill book and the current Purple weapon, those were all luck.

Although low-leveled equipment would quickly become outdated, with this Purple weapon, in the first stage, a player would still be stronger than most others. Not only that, but Purple weapons, could totally be used up until Level 25. Because of this sword, even if an unspecialized character that hadn’t planned on playing the Swordsman type class, switched to it, the switch would be worth it.

The four players all gulped, especially Sleeping Moon and Sunset Clouds. Those two had been planning on playing a Swordsman type class. This weapon absolutely suited them.

“Ha ha, this sword is useless. You guys take it!” After Ye Xiu looked at it for a bit, he decided to renounce it. He also renounced the Spider Venom and Chestnut Boots and completely kept his word on their previous agreement.

“Brother expert, you should still take them!” Seven Fields said honestly, “If you didn’t carry us, we wouldn’t have been able to see these things!”

“Ha ha, if it weren’t for your formation, even I would have trouble killing the Spider Emperor!” Ye Xiu said.

Everyone stared blankly.

Did they hear that correctly? He didn’t say he wasn’t able to, he only said he’d have trouble.

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