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Chapter 23 – Ye Qiu’s Retirement (2)

Chapter 23 – Ye Qiu’s Retirement (2)

The Club was able to invite Sun Xiang, this type of new generation expert, that news helped uplift the mood. But the king of the first generation? He could only endure the wearing of time alone and sadly depart.

He walked free and easy, but in his heart he was absolutely unhappy. He still wanted to struggle. He still hadn’t thought that his professional career had reached its end. But he already had no choice. Accept the conditions and become the Club’s training partner? This would be a humiliating choice. But Ye Xiu could see through their tricks. He knew very clearly that the Club was certain that he wouldn’t resign to this sort of humiliation and would definitely choose to leave.This was why they had given him the choice. If he had unexpectedly accepted it, then the Club would look for other methods to forcefully make him leave.

Although this was extremely cruel, from a business standpoint, this was the only choice. Because of the Alliance’s commercialization, the Alliance had already turned merciless.

Ye Xiu hadn’t reached retirement age yet. In fact, the Club also understood this point. Their option of retirement was their way of proving this. They not only wanted to get rid of this baggage, but also feared that a competitor would take this chance to grab him and easily become strong. They would rather thoroughly eliminate him than make him their future enemy.

Thus, forcing Ye Xiu into retirement was a result of their thinking. They undoubtedly succeeded. Ye Xiu saw through this, but could only follow their script and leave. A life and death struggle? He didn’t want that because he still had another road to follow. Retiring for a year, this wasn’t necessarily a bad situation. Going back a step opened up boundless opportunities. Although this step was bit big……

“Let’s call it a day……” When the screen rolled over this caption, Ye Xiu finally couldn’t watch it any longer. This sort of program deliberately tried to stir up emotions making some of the people in the Internet Cafe directly burst into tears. But the sad, reminiscing, miserable feelings, among everyone, who could compare to him? Ye Xiu squeezed out of the crowd. He stood outside of the entrance and let out a sigh. But to his surprise, he heard a sobbing sound spread to his ears. He turned around and looked. Unexpectedly, it was Chen Guo hiding alone outside the door. Her eyes were also crystal bright.

They both saw each other. Not greeting didn’t seem like a good choice, so Ye Xiu called out: “Boss, you’re crying?”

“You beast. You don’t even have this sort of feeling?” Chen Guo said.

“Too much, if it wasn’t held back, wouldn’t it have burst out by now?” Ye Xiu said.

“Die!” Chen Guo cursed, “Do you have any paper?”

Ye Xiu searched his body from head to toe: “Will a cigarette case work?”


“I’ll go get some.” Without waiting for the boss’s response, Ye Xiu promptly ran back to the Internet Cafe to look.

The sound of weeping grew loud, both males and females cried. This time, Ye Xiu couldn’t hold back the sadness in his heart. He knew exactly who these people were crying for. Thinking of this, his eyes couldn’t help but begin to tear up. Ye Xiu hastily went to the front desk and asked for a bag of paper napkins. Rushing out, he stuffed them into Chen Guo’s hands. His back against the wall, he fished out a cigarette and lit it.

“What are you doing? Are you going to cry too? Do you need some paper?” Behind him, Chen Guo seemed to sense it.

“How could it be? How could I cry?” Ye Xiu turned his body and conveniently puffed out a mouthful of smoke towards Chen Guo’s face.The tears that had just been wiped away reappeared because of the smoke.

Chen Guo waved her hands to get rid of the smoke. Unexpectedly, she didn’t say anything and stuffed the paper napkins back into Ye Xiu’s hands. She turned around and went back into the Internet Cafe.

Ye Xiu leaned against the wall and silently smoked his cigarette. He took out a napkin and then wiped away some mucus. He then walked towards the small restaurant nearby.

After Ye Xiu, with a toothpick in his mouth, ate his fill and returned to the Internet Cafe, the special commemoration movie of Ye Qiu had ended. But the atmosphere inside the Internet Cafe still hadn’t cleared yet. Many people’s eyes were still red. Most of the people there were like this, so there was nothing to be embarrassed about. On the contrary, people like Ye Xiu, who held a calm expression on his face, were easily viewed as heartless beasts by everyone else. If you didn’t explain that you didn’t play Glory, then you would feel quite embarrassed when greeting others.

He didn’t know where Boss Chen went, so Ye Xiu went to the front desk to ask around. Mainly, to ask about how this special broadcast came to be.

It turned out that whenever a Glory competition took place, the Internet Cafe would put on this sort of special live stream. Originally, there wasn’t a competition today, but for this type of big event like Ye Qiu’s retirement, the e-sports stream would also quickly make this type of special program. As a result, the Happy Internet Cafe would also show the stream as if it were a competition.

In the past, when the competition stream ended, everyone would be burning with anger and rush to play the game with unprecedented enthusiasm. It directly caused the Internet Cafe to be packed with people and their revenue that day would rise sky high. But today, after this stream, the Glory players were all in a rare gloomy mood. Some even left at once to return home and cry into their pillows. Some went to three or five of their good friends and drunk together. Of course, there were people that continued to play games in the Internet Cafe. After all, not everyone were fans of Ye Qiu. There were always a few people that didn’t care about his retirement. But the overall atmosphere did infect them. Although they continued to play, they did feel somewhat listless.

The entire Internet Cafe seemed very quiet. If it were an ordinary day, all the Glory players would definitely wear their headphones or shout with energy. The Cafe would be bustling with noise and excitement.

Ye Xiu was currently thinking of what to do when he saw Chen Guo come down from the second floor. He hurried over and called out: “Boss, do I officially start working today?”

“Okay.” Chen Guo said, “But when you’re working, you can’t just casually sit down somewhere. You have to keep watch at this counter here.”

“Can I play games?”

“You can. Just use that station.” Chen Guo pointed to the computer that was currently being used to watch K-Dramas by the little sister at the counter.

“Can I smoke?” Ye Xiu asked.

Chen Guo looked at him in the eye and helplessly nodded her head: “You can smoke. You can smoke. But when I come over in the morning, there can’t be any smoke smell or any cigarette ash.”

“Understood.” Ye Xiu said.

Soon after, Chen Guo taught Ye Xiu how to turn on and shut down the computers for guests. In the end, she said: “Truthfully, at this time, most of the guests pull all-nighters. At 11 o’clock, all the guests should have all arrived and their computers will automatically shut down at 7 in the morning. There’s really not much for you to do. Just you being there is good enough. If the guests have any issues, they’ll ring a bell.”

“What happens if a computer malfunctions?” Ye Xiu asked. Although he wasn’t computer illiterate, he still didn’t have the skill to fix a broken computer.

“Restart it.” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu wiped away his sweat: “And if restarting doesn’t work?”

“Switch computer stations.” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu started sweating again. Right when he was about to ask again, Chen Guo had already said: “You’re on the night shift. There will be plenty of open computers, so you can just choose a random one. But write down what the computer’s problem was, I’ll look for a technician to come look at it the next day.”

“Okay. Understood.” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

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