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Chapter 8 – A Life and Death Struggle

Chapter 8 – A Life and Death Struggle

The Midnight Demon Cat suddenly tackled flinging aside Sleeping Moon. It clawed at the nearby party member Fallen Sun.

“AH! So sorry!” Fallen Sun was by himself. How could he have avoided the swift attack? Only then did Sleeping Moon hastily apologize. This was all because Sleeping Moon had taught these three newbies all along the way. He had definitely taught them the chance of an OT[1]!!” mistake could not be blamed on the MT[2]!!”.

“Stop. Don’t attack it.” Sleeping Moon told Fallen Sun to immediately stop attacking. He rushed up to aggro it again. Who could know that after clawing at Fallen Sun a few times, the Midnight Demon Cat would pounce towards a different party member.

“F*CK, a chain OT!” Are you kidding me?” Sleeping Moon angrily roared. The party member that was being attacked just stood there confused. He was also a mage wearing cloth armor. Being clawed by the berserk Midnight Demon Cat was disastrous. His life crashed down, but Ye Xiu reacted beyond fast. He immediately ordered Lord Grim to begin casting a heal. But some things couldn’t be solved relying on skills. A cloth-armored mage resisting a berserk hidden BOSS’s attack, how long could he keep him alive?

The answer came quickly: seven seconds. Lord Grim’s Heal was still on cooldown. And the berserk Midnight Demon Cat tore him apart smoothly. Sleeping Moon pounced over to rescue him, but couldn’t aggro it back fast enough and the mage died.

In Glory, when a player died in a dungeon, he would be forced to leave the dungeon and wouldn’t be able to come back. In other words, the original five member party became a four member party.

“F*CK, Lining up to OT. You guys are KILLING me!!” Sleeping Moon crumbled. After the mage died, the Demon Cat did not get aggroed back to him and instead sharply clawed at the third member.

The third member was also a cloth-armored mage but this time, Ye Xiu didn’t order Lord Grim to heal him and instead healed Fallen Sun.

Using Heal could only save him from death for seven seconds, but these seven seconds were crucial to Fallen Sun. This was because other than the attack speed and damage increase from the berserk status, the Midnight Demon Cat also had an additional ability: Bleed.

The Midnight Demon Cat had unfortunately made Fallen Sun bleed. Ye Xiu had payed attention to his declining life bar. Even if he healed the mage, it would only be for seven seconds. In these seven seconds, not only would the mage die but Fallen Sun would die too. He might as well try to save one of them.

Ye Xiu had lost faith in Sleeping Moon and directly abandoned the mage to heal Fallen Sun. This sudden act made Sleeping Moon extremely angry and he roared: “WHY ARE YOU HEALING HIM?”

Ye Xiu didn’t reply. Without assistance, that mage collapsed in an instant. While Sleeping Moon angrily cursed at him, the Midnight Demon Cat pounced onto Fallen Sun without hesitation.

Fallen Sun, scared witless, meekly asked: “Attack?”

“HIT HIM YOU F***ING IDIOT!” Sleeping Moon complained without knowing why. He swore while chasing the Demon Cat to pull aggro.

Thirteen seconds.

Ye Xiu calculated a time. He couldn’t tell if Fallen Sun had bad luck attached to him. Right when the Bleed status wore off, the Midnight Demon Cat swiped at him again causing him to Bleed yet again. These types of status inducing attacks only had a small probability to appear. But it seemed as if someone added a 100% percent probability halo around Fallen Sun. Cursed, Bleed, every status effect that the Midnight Demon Cat could give, he possessed.

Thirteen seconds. This was the amount of time Ye Xiu could keep Fallen Sun alive for. In this time, Sleeping Moon could pull aggro and save him. But what was Sleeping Moon doing?

That sharp Sleeping Moon that began the battle was now always hitting as if his hands kept slipping. Slice after slice, his sword hit nothing. In the middle of his cursing and yelling, Fallen Sun finally collapsed.

The Midnight Demon Cat finally attacked Sleeping Moon. Lord Grim was considered the least threatening because Ye Xiu’s skill was too good. He didn’t make any unnecessary operations so the aggro range only covered a small circle.

“Brother, stand your ground! Do you still have mana?” Sleeping Moon encouraged and welcomed him.

“You should be the one to stand your ground.” Ye Xiu typed out.

“Don’t worry. Us two match well. Beating it down won’t be a problem.” Sleeping Moon heroically said. In the end, his hands slipped again and the sword hit air. The Midnight Demon Cat clawed at his face.

“ADD ADD, ADD, ADD, ADD!!!” Sleeping Moon wildly howled.

No response. Lord Grim had been healing promptly and well the entire time. But at this time, he didn’t cast a Heal onto his body.

“I can’t add. It’ll OT.” Sleeping Moon saw what Lord Grim typed.

“You… …” Sleeping Moon suddenly turned his head and saw Lord Grim leisurely sitting under a big tree and coldly looked at him. Sleeping Moon realized the situation wasn’t looking too good. This Lord Grim wasn’t a newbie. It was still early for it to go OT. How could he have made such an error?

“It won’t go OT. Hurry up and add.” Sleeping Moon could only yell this. But in the end, there still wasn’t any reaction.

The Midnight Demon Cat had already reached him. Sleeping Moon’s reaction suddenly quickened. He sliced horizontally and blocked the claw. He immediately leapt and began skillfully attacking as he had been when he first began the battle. Sleeping Moon suddenly stopped missing.

But this time, his combo hadn’t been as smooth because it was a berserk Demon Cat this time. Sleeping Moon’s movements almost couldn’t keep up with its increase in attack speed and damage. After leaping up, his combo attack finally missed and the Demon Cat bit down.

“HURRY UP AND ADD!!!” Sleeping Moon was worried now. Although he could fight better than the cloth-armored mage and Fallen Sun, he wasn’t unequaled.

“Add what?”

“Add life!”

“What does add life mean? I only see that you’re bleeding.”

“You… …” Sleeping Moon was beyond angry.

“What a pity, if you only you could fight the hidden BOSS. Then, you could’ve rotated the party order and leader. That way, team members wouldn’t leave their posts and the hidden BOSS would’ve been yours.”

“Only how regretful. Your skill isn’t good enough, so you needed to rely on others to kill the BOSS. As a result, you deliberately aggroed it properly at first and then let the BOSS OT at the right time. The other team members would have been wiped out leaving you with a low-health BOSS to solo. The items also would have certainly been yours. Whether or not you could finish the dungeon wasn’t important at all compared to the hidden BOSS.”

After Lord Grim sent out these two messages, Sleeping Moon’s forehead broke out in a cold sweat. He didn’t think that this guy, who had only said a single sentence along the way, had seen through his entire plot. Correct, he had let the Demon Cat OT onto the other three members to kill them. His original plan was while the healer was still frantically healing the other three members, he would have the BOSS aggro onto him. But he didn’t think that Lord Grim would suddenly give up healing. Could it be that this guy had seen through his own own plan at that time? That guy he knew that he couldn’t save anyone else, so he deliberately controlled the aggro so that it wouldn’t fall on him. Could it be that he wouldn’t heal him and let him die under the Midnight Demon Cat’s claws?

“Brother… …” Sleeping Moon saw that this person wasn’t a virtuous crop and immediately began trying to persuade him: “For now, let’s not argue about this matter. It’s not like you know those three players. Let’s team up to beat this Demon Cat. We’ll each have a 50% chance of getting each of the items, isn’t that pretty good?”

“50%? I like 100%!”

“Fine… …” Sleeping Moon grinded his teeth, “Materials won’t usually be the only drops. When the time comes, you first take your pick and I’ll give up on it. Everything else, let’s roll die for. I can give all the equipment to you too.” Without the assistance of heals, Sleeping Moon knew that he definitely wouldn’t be able to beat the BOSS. He could only say this.

“This, who could believe this!”

“Then what’s your proposal?” Sleeping Moon immediately answered. His life had already dropped to half. He couldn’t deal with the Demon Cat after it turned berserk. Having to negotiate with Ye Xiu only made it more difficult. He had already secretly written down Lord Grim’s name. He swore that he would definitely humiliate this guy one day.

“You don’t need to worry about what I’m thinking. Be at ease and drop dead!”

“You… …You’re crazy. If I’m dead, wouldn’t you be dead too? Then, no one would be able to take the items.” Only a quarter of his health remained.

“Friend, there’s no need to get into a life and death struggle!!” Only a fifth of his health remained.

“You’re an idiot!” A seventh.

“Lord Grim, you haven’t gone mad have you? Do you know my Full Moon Guild’s strength?” One ninth.

“You’re finished!” One hit point.

“F*ck… …” The Midnight Demon Cat clawed down and the world turned quiet.

Lord Grim had not moved up until now. But he also hadn’t escaped. After settling the matter with Sleeping Moon, he immediately pounced over.

Ye Xiu laughed faintly. His left hand flew across the keyboard hitting a few keys and his right hand moved the mouse. Lord Grim brandished the Thousand Chance Umbrella and opened it. Furthermore, he opened it extremely exaggeratedly and the umbrella actually flipped the other way. He retracted the umbrella a bit and now the Thousand Chance Umbrella looked like a lance.

The lance-like Umbrella had already whooshed towards the Midnight Demon Cat.

Battle Mage Skill: Dragon Tooth.

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