The Laid-back Life in Another World of the Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned out to be a Cheat from Level 2

Chapter 98


Quiet Days and Limit LOVERS

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◇◇Houtau's Magic School ◇◇

The Mage Berano could not help taking a step back to the strange scene that was unfolding in front of her.

There were numerous students with their eyes glued on her.

Most of them were male students, however, there were still a considerable number of female students, however, each and every one of them watched her while they snorted loudly with their nose. Berano couldn’t help feeling embarrassed while she was being watched by them.

Berano had tried to escape from the place, however, the group of students quickly surrounded her with a human wall in which there was no hole or any other escape route in sight.

Then, one of the Students, whose face stood out from the "wall", turned to Berano and shouted, 「Berano-sensei, did you participate in the Fashion show that took place recently!?」

The Fashion Show

It was a show during which a large number of clothes were exhibited, which was organized by the Variety Store Ûgo the other day, in which Berano was forced to participate as one of the models due certain unforeseen circumstances.

One of the reasons why Berano’s classes were popular was because they were short, however, part of its popularity was also due to how easy to understand were them.

But, what most caught the attention of the stundents was Berano herself… who due to her small body, was forced to move a stool from side to side with all her strength to be able to write on the entire board.

「Ah? What kind of adorable creature is this?」

That’s right, that was the main reason why her classes had become incredibly popular among all the students.

All the students who were surrounding Berano right now were members of the “Berano's Fan Club” which of course, had not been officially approved . At the end, all the members of her class had been completely captivated by the Berano's figure, who in addition to her black mage robe, always wore a large wide-brimmed hat and a one-piece dress with frills, and although she was feeling constantly embarrassed while walking around the school, she always taught everyone with an incredible spirit from beginning to end.

「Sensei! Please do your class while wearing the clothes you wear in the Fashion Show! I'm looking forward to see you wearing those clothes!」

「You looked so cute!」

「Please become my little sister!」

「Become my daughter-in-law!」

「Wha-! Who said that!?」

Berano had no choice but to stand still while she was the target of the numerous voices of the countless students who surrounded her while she covered her face.

… Whoever… sa-save me, please ~ …

Far East of Houtau City, inside one of the cabins in the middle of the Arnps Mountains • Night

「Oh dear-oh dear, poor me… Today I had a terrible day」, said Slape, who was lying on the couch in the living room, while letting out a sigh.

「Slape-sama~, are okay~?」, said Bireri, with a worried tone of voice, while massaging Slape’s back with all of her strength.

Furio had given her a strengthening ring, so the effect of her massage was completely different from yesterday, and as proof of that,

「Oh~, there is, there is! It feels so~ good」, said Slape with a cheerful voice.

On the couch next door were Garyl, Elizabeth and Risley, sleeping soundly due the tiredness they felt from having been playing all day with Lys.

Lys, who had been watching all three, soon fell asleep shortly after sitting next to the three.

「The children looked really happy, but I think the one who felt the happiest was Lys」, said Furio, with a kind smile on his face, as he watched Lys’s sleeping face.

Lys, as a member of a warrior race, grew up while training for combat since childhood.

Because of that, she had never experienced any kind of 「Game」 before started living with Furio.

Because of that, after starting to live with Furio, Lys used to get quite excited every time she experienced some kind of game, and this trip was not different at all.

「Umu, honestly, I would never have imagined that I would see Lys having fun like this before」, said Gozaru, the former Demon King, while remembering the time when Lys still was called Fenlys.

「Well, the Demon Army at that time was also quite severe nya. All because of a certain too-strict-person nya」, said Uliminus, who was next to the smiling Gozaru.

「Is that so?」

「Yes nya」

Gozaru closed his eyes and began to delve into his memories with his arms crossed after hearing Uliminus’ words.

Meanwhile, Uliminus, who was watching him with a mischievous look, began to prick his face with her index finger.

「Well-well, if you asked me, I would say it is much more surprising to see the previous Demon King and his friends having fun in this way together」, said Slape, one of the previous Four Heavenly Kings at the service of the Demon King, while laughing.

「For me, seeing you all acting this way is normal」, said Furio, looking around with a smile on his face.

「What happens? Were you talking about something interesting?」, said Barissa, who entered the living room while carrying a tray with drinks for everyone that she brought from the kitchen.

At that time also arrived the Majin of Light and Darkness and (omitted), Hiya, who came behind Barissa.

「Not at all, we were just chatting. Come on~, you two, join us」, said Furio, with a smile on his face, as he approached to help Barissa with drinks.

「I appreciate the offer, but I have to train with my "dear companions" today, so I will have to retire」, then, immediately after saying that, Hiya disappeared.

「I don’t know what kind of training is she having, but Hiya-dono doesn’t skip it any day」, said Barissa, with an impressed tone of voice, as she looked at the place where Hiya was just moments ago.

At the same time, Furio and Uliminus, who were aware of the type of training she was doing, had no choice but to laugh with irony.

It should be noted that Gozaru continued to rummage through his memories with his arms crossed.

The group planned to return to Houtau tomorrow.

Since this one would be the last day they would spend there, everyone gathered in the living room and they continued talking late at night.

「… Oh?」

In the middle of that, Furio stopped, interrupting their conversation as he looked through the window.

「Hmph, did you feel it too, Furio?」, asked Gozaru, who was next to Furio, while holding a glass of alcohol.

At that moment, Slape also looked away at the window.

「A great army of demons is mobilizing nya… what will be happening nya?」, said Uliminus, who after noticing the strange situation, also turned her gaze to the window.

◇◇Deep in a Certain Forest ◇◇

「Yorumeet-sama, this is where the wave of evil magic power came from」, said Stake as he looked around after landing.

After that, numerous members of the Demon King’s Army, including Yorumeet, began to descend.

「… Indeed, even I can feel the waves of evil magic power from here」, said Yorumeet while looking around as she felt the waves of evil magic power crashing into her skin.

… What is that?

Yorumeet approached a certain place where a deep hole had formed.

It seemed as if some kind of building had been blown to pieces, simply leaving a large hole and a few fragments of what the building was scattered like dust around.

「Where is the Wicked we are looking for 'pon?」 Said the Makai Neko(Hell Cat) Pon, while spreading his claws ready to attack at any time.

「Buddy, don’t hurry up so much zukizukizuki! Let me give you some support at least Zuki~ 」, said the Demon Parasite, Ganmên, whose face had emerged from the chest of his guest, the Makai Neko(Hell Cat) Pon, while laughing inappropriately.

「Yes, I’m counting on you, Pal」, said the Makai Neko(Hell Cat) Pon while smiling directed at his partner while hitting his chest.

Then, the Demon Army began to check the surroundings,

「Damn Bastards, could it be that you're looking for this Blond Hero• Yûsha •!?」

Said the Blond Hero• Yûsha • as he appeared with his right hand raised.

「You!? ¡¡Golden Hair Braveman!! Finally, it been centuries!」, said The Tengu Ebisu after noticing the figure of the Blond Hero• Yûsha •. Then he rushed towards the Blond Hero• Yûsha • from the sky.

「Your special movement<Traps> is useless against this great me!」, said Ebisu with a triumphant tone as he rushed against him.

However the Blond Hero• Yûsha •, with a satisfactory smile, pointed his Drill Drill Bulldozer Scoop Legendary Item and said.

「Fool! Did you think that this Blond Hero• Yûsha • would not try to overcome his weaknesses! 」. Then, he began to dig around him at incredible speed,

「If you’re not going to fall into the hole, then I just have to throw you into it!」. Then, soon after, the Blond Hero• Yûsha • built a huge wall of dirt in front of him.

「Wh-What !?」. Due to the sudden appearance of that wall, Ebisu did not have time to stop, and ended up hitting the wall.

Ebisu, stunned by the impact, began to slowly fall to the ground.

Then, at the moment when Ebisu touched the ground, the place where he fell collapsed.

Immediately after, Ebisu fell into the hole that the Blond Hero• Yûsha • dug before they arrived.

「Umu, as expected of me, said the Blond Hero• Yûsha •, while laughing with his arms crossed, after confirming that Ebisu had fallen to the bottom of the hole.

「Yo-You!」. At that time, the other members of the Demon King’s Army surrounded the Blond Hero• Yûsha •.

「Stop」. However, at that time, Yorumeet, who was leading the army, ordered the members of the Demon Army to stop just before they launched themselves against the the Blond Hero• Yûsha •.

After confirming that all members of the Army had stopped, Yorumeet turned to the Blond Hero• Yûsha •.

「Our mission is to eliminate the Wicked who has appeared here. Won’t you know anything about that?」, said Yorumeet as she pointed to the Blond Hero• Yûsha • with the index finger of her right hand.

「Ah? What's a Wicked? Hey, answer me」, asked the Blond Hero• Yûsha • as he turned around.

Then, Tsuya, Ririanju and Valentine appeared from the shadows of the trees answering his call.

Then, the Demon Army began to stir due to the appearance of Ririanju and Valentine.

… the Wickeds

… So those are the Wickeds we were looking for

… We must finish them before they realize our intentions

While that exchange was taking place, Yorumeet watched Ririanju and Valentine, then turned her gaze to the Blond Hero• Yûsha •, and ask, 「Those two over there, aren’t they the Wickeds we’re looking for?」

In response to Yorumeet’s words, the Blond Hero• Yûsha • said, 「These are my Followers number 1, 2 and 3」, while crossing my arms.

Not only the Demon Army, but even the three girls in question were surprised after hearing that statement.

However the Blond Hero• Yûsha •, ignoring the everyone's surprised look, said, 「Did you hear me? These are my Follower 1, my Follower 2 and my Follower 3! There is no Wicked here!」, while laughing out loud.

Everyone was speechless before that scene.

Then, after a while.

Yorumeet looked at Blond Hero• Yûsha •, who kept laughing, and said, 「… I understand, so they are your followers」, and immediately afterwards she turned her back on her.

「Yo-Yorumeet-sama!」. The Demon Army began to rampage the moment they saw her act that way.

「There’s only the followers of thar man here. I’m going back home」, she said as she rose to the sky.

The members of the Demon Army were still confused, however, they still rushed to follow her, quickly leaving the place.

NT: … … … Seriously, what kind of weird crappy-skill did that Blondie received? Some kind of mind control skill that makes everyone believe the nonsenses he says or something like that…?


After the Demon Army left,

The Blond Hero• Yûsha •, who continued to laugh non-stop until the Demon Army disappeared from his sight, suddenly stopped laughing as a cascade of cold sweat began to fall all over his body at the same time as he collapsed.



「You idiot! I started acting in that ridiculous way just to gain time for you to prepare to escape from here at full speed with us! Why the hell did you do nothing! I thought I was going to die!」

「Eh?…. Errrm… I-I’m sorry, it’s just, I just looked at you, Blond Hero• Yûsha •-san and…」

「Okay, I understand, I’m too cool for you to ignore me! But you better get used to it soon! 」

Valentine couldn’t help tilting her head again and again in front of the Blond Hero• Yûsha •, who was yelling at her, whilr still lying on the floor, with his legs kept shaking.

Seeing that, Ririanju, the former Valentine’s Family, thought.

… U-Um… I could never have imagined that I would see the proud Valentine-sama prostrating in that way…

「Okay~, okay~, we are all safe, so everything is fine~, isn’t it~?」

At that moment, Tsuya’s voice, who was trying desperately to intervene among them, echoed throughout the whole place.

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