The Law of Webnovels

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Chapter 11


His name was Eun Kyum for real? Wait, he literally had the name that appeared so commonly in web novels?

Then I realized he would not remain as an extra. He would take a bigger role sooner or later. Eun Kyum! His name alone proved this hypothesis to be a fact! It seemed he would be the villain. The worst of them all! The final villain ever.

I looked at him from head to toe. I was shedding tears and biting my lips tightly. They looked so confused as I cried out. I couldn’t blame them. He gave his name after a girl asked it, then she suddenly began crying. I was, however, very serious.

I, of course, knew this would happen someday. The day when I would drearily walk off the limelight as my body perished by the villain’s blade…

Disregarding Ban Yeo Ryung as she held my hands disconcertedly, I kept crying and asked, “Will I be beaten up to death?”


“Ban Yeo Ryung is pretty, so she would be overlooked. I’d be beaten up to death in front of her for not being obedient, though, right?

“W… what?”

“Then the four guys would come here to save us at the last minute, but I am already lifeless on the ground after you guys knocked me out, right? Will they have their vague smiles while they will look at Yeo Ryung saying, ‘It’s okay… you… you’re safe,’ and lose their minds?”

“What is she saying?!”

“Dude, is she possessed or what? I’m freaking the fuck out right now.”

Whether they talked in whispers as they gazed at each other or not, I stopped talking and raised my head filled with tears.

I then gave a wry smile to stop my tears from flowing and continued, “Yeo Ryung… I bet when I die she’ll tell me, “I’ll avenge you” while holding my hands tight, right? Would it be okay for me to calm down knowing that?”

“Dude did you… you… said something wrong…?”

“Is your name, Eun Kyum, the same as the name of her dead brother?”

I wiped out my tears, ignoring their confused mutterings. Oh, but my life was quite successful if it meant I would get beaten by a guy named Eun Kyum. After all, that was the name often used plenty of times for the main characters.

As I nodded and wiped my tears off my cheeks, I saw an illusion of an angel flying up from beneath the dark swirling waters.

The angel who spread out the splendors of the radiant sun and flew over to me had his hands on my head and smiled gently. It seemed as if he was saying to me, ‘Good job, it was worth the trouble.’

I grinned. It was at that moment when I raised my head to follow my destiny.

Someone’s hand was on my head.

I looked back with surprise and found Kwon Eun Hyung was looking at me with a smile.

As I glanced back, I found out that the road up towards the convenience store was empty, without anyone around like a barren wasteland. They sent Kwon Eun Hyung, the best fighter among them.

As I looked back at him, Kwon Eun Hyung was smiling, but his lips were clenched tight. The guys whom Eun Hyung’s locked his gaze upon stared at each other in a dither. They might have thought why Eun Hyung was being so confident when he’s just a lone fighter against their overwhelming number.

As they were in total confusion, Kwon Eun Hyung turned to Ban Yeo Ryung and asked, “Yeo Ryung.”


“Why is she crying?”

Ban Yeo Ryung blinked her jet-black eyes twice. Then her face stiffened like Kwon Eun Hyung. When her red lips opened, I was surprised.

“They called Donnie as Hyang Dani.”


“Then they said they would knock Donnie out as an example for being disobedient.”


Wait a minute, I thought I said that and not the other way around. I looked at Yeo Ryung with wonder, but the look on her face did not change.

As I was about to tell Eun Hyung the truth, he opened his mouth after a moment of silence.

“Okay, thanks.”

Kwon Eun Hyung then glanced at me. He applied pressure on the hand lying on top of my head. After a few seconds, he took it off.

As I wondered and looked up at him, he said with a smile, “Hold on.”


“Hold on for a minute. It’s revenge time.”

His voice was so soft and sweet as if he intended to melt his words from within my ears. His smile was also the most generous one I had the great fortune of seeing. Therefore, I thought if he spoke to the girls with that face, no one would be able to resist themselves from falling in love with him.

Eun Hyung stepped forward with a gentle smile to the man in front. He hastily grabbed his collar and threw a punch at him both at the same time. Bam! Thus, with that sound, the guy collapsed.

The rest of the six boys looked at each other in panic. They dashed towards Eun Hyung in unison with a concentrated roar.


“Hee ya~!”

As I looked at them vacantly, Yeo Ryung ran into me immediately. After I saw her nonchalant face, I spoke the words I wasn’t able to say earlier.

“Yeo Ryung.”


“Those guys… they didn’t say that. It was me who said about it.”

Ban Yeo Ryung blinked her eyes once and tilted her head. Then she spoke, “Didn’t they say those words to you using telepathy?”


“Or else the threat wouldn’t be that specific.”


I turned my head to the six boys Eun Hyung was beating up to death.

Yes, they said a lone man couldn’t win against such a sheer number of enemies, but this was a novel. No wonder Eun Hyung’s amazing roundhouse kicks knocked the guys out in a matter of seconds. It made me feel a little guilty watching the scene.

As I looked back at the voice calling from far away, there were Eun Jiho, Yoo Chun Young, and Woo Jooin holding their cup noodles carefully and walking towards us.

Eun Jiho shouted, “Hey! Kwon Eun Hyung! Are you all done!”

Kwon Eun Hyung responded with a refreshing grin.

* * *

Eun Hyung, who knocked out the seven guys just by believing what Ban Yeo Ryung said, was also scary. However, what was even more frightening was that although the guys he beat up grabbed their wounds and ran away yelling out the clichéd lines of ‘We’ll be back,’ the Four Heavenly Kings did not give a shit. They merely wanted to eat the cup noodles over here after seeing the fine view.

I meant, wouldn’t normal people leave right away after hearing ‘We’ll be back!’ to avoid any additional fights? That was what I thought, but I realized that they were the Four Heavenly Kings. Not to mention, they had the female protagonist alongside them. Applying the same criteria used for ordinary people to them were, therefore, a great discourtesy to ordinary people.

With that in mind, I received my cup noodles from Yoo Chun Young. We sat down on the newspaper Woo Jooin brought and ate with our chopsticks.

When I looked at the ocean, the clouds were slowly moving in from the opposite direction in the sky. They did not seem like rain clouds.

As I stared at the ocean for a while, Yoo Chun Young was looking at me as if he saw my weird face. I could not tell what he was thinking, but he had his eyes on me. He then stretched out his pale fingers towards me. I looked at him with a baffled expression.

He asked, “You cried?”

His voice came out through his face mask, so it kind of sounded mumbled, but it was not that hard to understand his words. I stared at his blue eyes and responded with a nod.


“Anywhere hurt?”


He then tapped my head. It was what Ban Yeo Dan oppa did to me often, but I had no idea if he really intended to pat me or to hit me.

As I glimpsed at him with curiosity all over my face, Yoo Chun Young looked at my side and stretched his hands to Ban Yeo Ryung.

He pulled the gray scarf layered on top of Ban Yeo Ryung’s red scarf and questioned, “Why are you wearing two scarves?”

“Oh, d… don’t take it off!”

Ban Yeo Ryung pulled the gray scarf, looking abashed. She pulled it out off Yoo Chun Young’s hands. I just watched their exchange with much puzzlement. The gray scarf was mine, and I put it around Yeo Ryung’s neck.

As if Yoo Chun Young also knew that the scarf belonged to me, he opened and closed his empty hands in the air and glimpsed at me.

He then asked, “Is it taken away? Should I do the same?”

“Hey! No, it isn’t!”

Ban Yeo Ryung yelled at him and threatened Chun Young as if she was about to kick him in the shin.

She, however, stopped the gesture thinking how Yoo Chun Young began his modeling career recently. Instead, she looked at me and pouted her lips.

She said, “No, Donnie put it around me. Right, Donnie?”

“Y… yeah.”

Her eyes turned a little red with the response. I wondered why. What’s going on? Based on her tone, she might either be shy or delighted. She looked cute while she’s touching my gray scarf repeatedly. However, isn’t that a little dangerous…? As I thought it that way, my eyes met Yoo Chun Young’s.

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